swasan ff: broken wings… fly again???( episode 3)


hi guys.. hope you all remember me.. I’m very lazy.. so i decided to update it tomorrow.. but when i saw your comments i became very happy and decided to update today itself.. so please comment like this guys.. it will encourage me a lot..

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here we go..

Sanskar come back with a bottle contains water.. he saw that swara was trying to wake up.. he ran towards her..

” swara .. what happened to you? are you alright? ”

swara felt a little concern in his eyes..

” I’m feeling very weak sanskar.. let me take rest”

her sound was dull and weak.. he felt bad for her..

” yes swara.. take rest.. if you feel dizziness again.. then call me.. i will take you to hospital..”

his words touched swara’s heart.. he is not that much cruel.. he has care for me.. it gives some relief to her mind..

sanskar make her sleep on the bed and give a warm blanket to cover her body..

he slept in couch..

swara was trying to sleep.. but her heart was paining.. she dreamed a beautiful marriage life with a kind hearted husband.. who loves her unconditionally.. she always wanted a husband who respect women.. but.. she was crying.. she bite the blanket for not letting out her sound of sobbing.. she was broken badly..

sanskar also had a sleepless night.. he thought he will get a wife who will obey him and follow him as a shadow.. he thought that she will open her mouth for uttering the word ” yes” .. he never thought that his wife will say ” No ” to him.. in his dreams he never thought that his wife will question him.. it us true that he care his wife.. because he thought that it is the duty of husband to care his wife and save his wife.. but he was not in love with her.. and he was not ready to see her equal as him.. men rule this world.. and women have to follow them.. he thought that only men could take decisions.. woman should accept their decisions.. but she his wife stabbed his pride.. this thought made him restless..


swara wear a jeans and kurti after bathing.. she was drying her hair .. sanskar wake up.. he saw her in jeans and kurti.. he got angry..

” swara”

” sanskar you wake up? did you want coffe? let me bring coffee for you..”

she was about to go.. he held her wrist and pulled her towards him..

” swara change your dress.. wear a saree”

” for what sanskar? i’m comfortable in this dress and i don’t like saree”

” swara just do what i said.. i don’t want you to wear these type dress.. change it”

” but i don’t know to wear a saree”

” what is wrong with you swara? you are always making excuses.. fed up with your nonsense.. stay here.. i will ask maa to help you in wearing saree.. remember one thing. . don’t use any other cloths except saree.. and cover your head using pallu. ”

sanskar leaves the room.. swara feels very sad.. she always wear jeans and kurti and she was very much comfortable in this.. she can’t imagine herself in a saree and pallu that for her whole life..
she was learning the fact that she was in a golden cage.. her freedom and her life locked inside that big mansion..

after sometime Annapoorna maheswaro ( sanskar’s mother) came in to the room..

swara tried to give a smile to her.. but her mother in law was a woman who gone through the same phase in which swara is going through.. she could understood swara well..

Ap: ” beta.. i will help you in wearing saree..”

swara” thank you maa”

Ap: ” swara did you like wearing it?”

swara didn’t answer..

Ap:” beta .. i can understand you.. sanskar is same like his father.. they think that women should obey them.. our likes and dislikes not a matter to them.. I’m suffering these from 30 years.. we can’t do anything beta.. our society give all priorities to men.. men rule this society.. they are not ready to give any freedom to women.. if we raise our voice against this we will be called as feminist . and society will blame us and sometimes call us spoiled.. we can’t do anything beta.. majority of women facing the same problem”

swara don’t know what to answer.. but she took a firm decision in her mind..

dining table..

sanskar, dp and sanskar’s elder brother adarsh was sitting.. and women are serving to them.. sanskar admired swara in saree.. she covered her head with her pallu..

adarsh: sanskar did you decide honeymoon destination?

sanskar: no bhai..

swara excited by hearing this.. because she loves to travel( not because of honeymoon)

swara: i love to visit Agra..

sanskar: “did anyone asked your opinion? swara you are my wife.. i will take the decision and you should obey.. not needed to make suggestions.. bhai we will go to Kerala. i have many friends there..”

swara embarrassed by his statement.. she felt sad.. but she was not ready to step back.

swara: ” waw.. kerala.. i just love that place.. my childhood friend nivin is there.. i will call him.. and tell him this superb news.. ”

sanskar shocked and frustrated by her answer.. nivin.. so she have boys also in her friends list.. damn it..

sanskar: bhai we will go to paris.. it is the best place..

swara was laughing in her mind..

swara: paris.. waw.. i love paris… my bestie karan is working there.. i want to go there. he always says that paris is the best place..

sanskar hell shocked.. he looked his wife with anger..

sanskar: i don’t want to go for any honeymoon.

he leaves the place angrily.. dp was about to scold her.. but swara started her drama.. swara srarted crying..

swara: oh god.. what did i done.. i’m the worst wife.. god punish me.. my husband.. my sanskar.. he is my life. i make him angry.. what will i do now.. punish me god.. let me die..

all family shocked and worried for swara.. sanskar also hear the sobbing.. he felt strange.. he don’t understand what was going on..
he tried to console her..

sanskar: don’t worry swara.. i’m not angry.. please don’t cry..

swara: promise me sanskar you will never let me cry ..

sanskar: ok. ok.. i promise.. now stop crying..

swara stops crying.. she was laughing im her mind..


sorry guys for a small update.. i will try to update long.. don’t get much time.. and please say me how to upload cover pic? I’m using a phone and when i try to browse to cover pic a failed msg showing. please help me.. how can i update pic?

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. Wow swara is a drama queen …. Her acting was awesome…..I loved it….plz update soon….

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  10. Its awesome….n swara is such a drama queen …perfect for MCP like sanskar…swara hi sankar ko sidha kar sakti h…..hahaha….n plz a bit longer update nxt time

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