swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 2


hi guys.. I’m back with another update.. sorry guys i did a mistake.. actually i wrote prologue for my story.. but it published as episode 1.. sorry for that..

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swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 1

This is the starting of story and it started from the first wedding night of swasan..

first night..

swara was sitting in the king sized bed .. in her bridal attire.. she was little tired .. and shy also.. she was wearing a veil.. sanskar step in to the room.. the room was decorated with beautiful jasmine flowers and rose petals.. he saw the gorgeous girl sitting in the middle of the bed.. he sat beside her..

” swara” he called her in his manly rough voice..

swara’s heart beat increased.. she clutches her dress with nervously..

sanskar removes her veil.. her beautiful moon like face was glowing.. he mesmerized by seeing her. her eyes was magic.. he forgot everything by looking in to it.. he caressed her cheeks.. damn.. it was very soft.. soft like a baby skin.. current passed through his body..

she felt divine in his touch.. she had goosebumps through her body..

her expression made him crazy.. he had a sudden urge to kiss her unconditionally.. his heart desire to hug her tightly..

he slowly placed his fingers on her pink luscious lips.. he feels like caressing a soft rose petal.. his fingers traced the outline of her lips..

swara shivered by his touch.. she was completely melted in it..

it was a rainy night.. sound of a thunder strike brings her back to sense..

” sanskar” she called in her sweet melodious voice..

sanskar also came to his sense..

” ha swara.. ”

“sanskar i want to speak to you”

” now? it is nightht 11.30 pm.. and today is our first night.. you want to spoil it by talking? no way swara.. i will not leave you today”

he stated in a funny note..

” i want to speak something very important sanskar.. it is related to my future”

“swara from today onward I’m your future.. and I’m well settled.. so don’t worry about future.. worry about this night.. ”

he began to remove her earrings.. swara wanted to speak about her further studies. but he was full on mood of romance.. she felt a bit disappointed by his behavior..

he is not more than a stranger to her.. only speak twice in phone.. that of one or two words.. and they are meeting in the wedding venue.. and now he is going to make love with her.. he not even ready to talk with her.. strange..

swara pushed him from her body..

” sanskar i want to talk to you.. she said in a screaming voice”

he feels irritated.. his face turns red in anger..

” what the hell.. how dare you to push me?”

he caught her hand tightly.. and shaken her..

” it is paining sanskar.. ”

” you deserve this pain.. what do you want to talk? ha? what is more important than our first night.. damn it.. answer me”

swara scared by seeing his anger.. but she regain her courage and looked straight to his eyes..

” who are you”

sanskar shocked by her question..

” I’m your husband”

” you are my husband.. you married me today morning.. and is marriage means a permission to rape a girl?”

sanskar hell shocked by her question.. his grip in her hands loosened..

” what are you saying swara? why you are behaving weird? are you all right?”

” sanskar it is true that we are married.. but do you know anything about me? you know that I’m a middle class girl and mu father works in your office.. do you know anything more? do you know my likes? my dislikes? my ambitions? my weakness? my strength? my needs? No.. you don’t know anything about me.. and i have to ask you one more thing..

Do you love me? ”

sanskar stunned by her questions.. he didn’t get any words.. actually he didn’t expect this courage from a middle class girl.. and her words hurt his pride.. but he controlled his anger..

” swara you are my wife and that is the truth.. you should obey me.. and you have no right to question your husband.. I’m your god.. don’t think much.. come to me.. we can enjoy this night..”

his words made a scar in her heart.. she looked him with amusement.. is he living in 21 st century? she get the fact that he have no respect for women.. she glared to his face to read what he is..

” sanskar I’m not your servent.. I’m your wife.. i want rights and respect of a wife.. ”
sanskar totally frustrated by her stubborn behavior

sanskar hold her waist and pulled her towards him..
swara tried to push him.. but her efforts go in vain .. you are looking hot .. how can i waste my night by talking .. i want to enjoy this night..

he take away her heavy dupatta.. now she is wearing a blouse and skirt.. her milky waist is visible to him..her beautiful curvy figure make him more mad.. she saw him staring her.. she feels disgusted.. she turns her face away.. he looked her top to bottom and enjoy her beauty..

” swara.. you are a wonderful creation by god.. anyone will fall for you.. you are truly a heavenly beauty”..

swara was thinking about a plan to escape from him.. suddenly an idea hit her mind..

” aaahhh”

she screamed and fainted..

” swaraaa” sanskar shocked .. he sits down and pats her cheeks.. no reaction.. sansnskar looks for water.. water bottle seems empty.. he go out to take water.. swara slowly opens her eyes with a smrik..

swara(monologue) i will not let you win sanskar.. to get my body you have to win my heart.. i will teach you what a wife means.. wife is life partner sanskar.. not a toy you can play with or not a slave who just obey your orders without uttering a word… i will show you what women means.. women is not just a body.. we are also human beings.. we also have hopes.. desires.. ambitions.. you will understand it one day mr. sanskar maheswari..


so how was it guys.. ? don’t you think swara needs love and respect from sanskar? comment guys

Credit to: Jwala

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