swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 1


sanskar’s POV

I’m sanskar Maheswari.. 25 year rich spoilt brat. . completed MBA from landon.. next week i will fly to india.. next month i will get married.. Arranged marriage.. girl is swara gadodia.. a middle class girl.. her father works in our company.. some of you may have confusion that why I’m marrying a middle class girl while my father is a rich business man.. it is so simple.. i want a wife who obeys all my orders.. who do all works for me.. who nods yes in all my statements.. who never questioned me back.. she have to do whatever I’m ordering to her.. a girl is suitable only to kitchen and bedroom.. women doesn’t needs independence.. she should be always depends on her husband.. wife is a servant without salary.. and rich girls are good only for dating.. for marrying middle class girls are perfect.. and her father is our employee so she would obey my orders as a dutiful wife.. that is why i selected her.. and she is very beautiful also.. she will be just perfect wife for me..

sanskar’s POV ends..

swara’s POV

I’m swara gadodia 20year old simple girl.. my marriage is fixed.. I’m not happy with this marriage.. because i wanted to study.. I just completed my degree.. i want to study more.. and want to became a fashion designer.. but my parents force me for this marriage.. not their fault.. i have 2 younger siblings also. and my maa is a heart patient.. so my baba agreed to this proposal.. he is the son of Durga prasad maheswari.. my baba working in their office as accountant.. we were shocked when this proposal came.. i don’t had any interest in this proposal.. but everyone said that I’m lucky so that I’m getting such a golden proposal.. and i will be the biggest fool on earth if i denied it.. my parents also forced me.. then i think i can study after marriage also na.. durga prasad uncle.. sorry papa is a very caring person.. i asked him about my studies and he said that after marriage i can take any decisions with my husband’s support.. if my husband agree i can continue my studies.. I became happy.. my future in laws are very nice people.. i hope he ( sanskar) also will be a nice person.. i saw his pic.. he is so innocent and cute in that pic.. I’m sure he will help me to full fill my ambitions.. i want to be a successful fashion designer.. successful women.. i want to show the world that women can also shine in this world.. women have their own existence.. they are not just a shadow of their husband.. women should get freedom and joyful life..

POV ends..

so guys. how is it? did you like it? if yes i will continue for sure..

Credit to: Jwala

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