SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Prologue


Beep Beep!
Urrghh go away she threw her pillow aimlessly.
Beep Beep!
She shifted angrily placing another pillow against her ear to block the irritating sound disturbing her sweet sleep. Suddenly she jerked awake with wide eyes and hit herself on her forehead
“Oh Shit Swara tu phirse late ho gayi, chal beta jaldi ready ho ja warna aaj toh teri job pakka gayi”
She quickly scrambled off of her bed and got ready. She wore a tight blue skinny jeans, a body hugging white tee and slapped some lipstick and blush on. Her boss had specifically asked her to dress as a college going student and she had no idea why but still did as he had asked her to do.

She quickly reached her office and even she was not sure how many traffic rules had she broken to reach on time today. She was immediately asked by the peon to go to the boss’s cabin and that he was waiting for her. Swara rushed to the cabin and knocked for the permission to enter. When the voice on the other end asked her to enter she quickly walked in and closed the door behind her.

“Sit down Swara I see you are late as usual” Her boss Adarsh aka Addy said that in a fake mocking disapproving tone to which Swara’s brows quirked
“Oh come on Addy you so knew I would
be late and that is the reason you called me an hour earlier than I was supposed to come and since I am an hour late that means I am here on time”

Adarsh’s mouth curled up in amusement and he grinned, “that’s what best friends are for Swara”
“So can I know why I had to dress up like a college going girl?!” Swara inquired in a serious tone. Adarsh’s expressions turned grim so quickly that it scared her for second in the past six months for which she had known him she had never seen him this serious he had always been jovial in nature. Quitely she shook herself out of her thoughts and tried to focus on what Addy was actually saying as he explained further.
“Swara do you know about the increasing attacks in Canada?!” when she nodded he continued, ” Here in this file there are photos of the attacks the local police has not been able to find out who or what is doing all this” Swara picked up the file and started turning the pages and horror filled her eyes “This is insane, what kind of animal or cult is draining the blood of humans, Addy these bodies are bloodless”
“We know that Swara on the last page there is all the information we could gather from all the different hospital” Now this confused Swara why was she been given all this info
“Addy I know all this is horrible but why are you telling me all this?!”

Her question made him grimace in response, “Err.. the point is Swara that Dad wants you to go undercover as a student to University of British Columbia because majority of the victims are from that Uni and to find out who is doing this and prepare a full report” Swara stared at him open mouthed then closed her mouth and gulped, “Have you lost it Addy I am basically a fresher I have no experience in undercover operations and you are sending me to this” Adarsh sighed “I am sorry Swara but these are the orders from Dad and no one can go against his orders” but Swara being Swara had to argue further, “You know this could be a cult trying to pay homage to their lord” she said in mock horror “or this can also be a psychopath,which would make my going in as undercover as totally useless” she said shuddering but one look at Adarsh and she knew she had lost the round letting out a loud sigh she nodded and got up to leave.

But Adarsh continued “All the things that you will require have been sent to your desk and a dorm has been provided to you under your name you will have three more room mates and your majors will be explained to you as you get there, oh and Swara sweety take the rest of the day off” once again Swara nodded and left.
She just picked up everything placed on her desk and left for her home wondering how she was going to tell her family that she was going to college…Again.

She came home with her mother greeting her with a smiling face but she could not even manage a weak smile for her, throwing her bag into a corner she flopped down on the sofa leaning on her elbows and palms placed over her forehead worriedly trying to massage herself to relieve herself of the mild headache she was developing. Sharmishtha went up to her and placed her hand on her back in a motherly way, “What’s wrong Swara?” She enquired calmly. “I have been given my

first assignment mom about which I can’t tell you anything as it is an undercover mission all I can tell you is I will have to leave for a few days maybe even months and I can’t stay away from you all” she explained quietly.
Sharmishtha smiled and encouraged her “Beta this is what you always wanted to do na so don’t let us come in the way of your dreams go live your life and will be waiting for you here with our arms open to welcome you back and congratulate you on a successful mission” she winked and left Swara to ponder over what she just said. Swara had suffered from a major accident 6 months ago and since the day she had recovered she had wanted to work as a reporter as it had been through a reporter that her life had been saved, each and every reporter dreams about working as an undercover and this one looked like those ‘one in a million’ case and here she was getting a chance to prove herself and she is being stressed about it.

Later at the dinner table she informed about all this to her dad Shekhar and her brother Shaurya, “Thank God you are leaving for a while phheewww I will enjoy the peace for a while” Shaurya exclaimed dramatically at which Swara threw an apple at her brother “What the fu…” “Shaurya you are not allowed to cuss at the dining table” Shekhar said calmly. “Sorry Dad” He mumbled. “Swara you go pack your bags you have to leave tomorrow morning.” He said to his daughter smiling encouragingly.
She went upstairs and started packing her bags; her wardrobe mostly consisted of jeans and a few dresses and slept a restless night.

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