SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 9

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Chapter 9 – Fresher’s Party

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists… When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.

-Edmond de Goncourt

Swara was busy eating lunch with her new found gang. Finding about those murders pushed further back in her mind. With these people even she felt like she was one of the students.

Yesterday morning after leaving from Sanskaar’s house they had both agreed to meet tomorrow after freshers party at the library to study poetry.

“Thank you soo much for helping me out yesterday night, I don’t know what I would have done if I had been stuck alone in the storm” Swara started saying her eyes starting to tear up even she din’t know why she was feeling so emotional.

“Stop your over dramatics Swara” She mentally chided herself.

“Mention not Swara, in fact I am glad I was with you but even if I wasn’t I am sure you would have found a way out for yourself. You are strongest most bravest woman I have ever know” Sanskaar said truthfully.

Swara was dumbfounded at his revelation. Her mouth fell open and she openly gaped at him.

He chuckled and placing his index finger under her chin closed her gaping mouth bringing her back to reality.

“Umm.. never the less Thank you soo much for having me at your home and for the breakfast too”

“I already said mention not, you don’t need to thank me again and again” he mumbled.

“It’s because you are being too kind and seem to be helping me out whenever I need help” Swara said smiling at him.

He returned her smile but it did not reach his eyes not meaning to pry more than necessary she let it be.

“Umm… actually I needed one more favour from you?!” She said after hesitating for a moment.

“Becoming more and more demanding day by day aren’t we, Miss Bose?” He said wiggling his brows.

Swara stuck out her tongue at him and he let out a throaty laugh making Swara pout.

“Giving ourself too much importance, aren’t we?” She retorted back.

“Missy I think you need some help if you are not forgetting?” He said narrowing his eyes playfully.

Swara gulped but smiled at him sheepishly. “voh… I need your help with my Poetry assignment” she asked nervously.

“Ahha finally I can blackmail you for something against this favour” he said smirking.

“Ohh please, let it be.. my mistake I should not have asked for your help” She said and turned to go away but Sanskaar caught hold of her hand and pulled her to him.

Inches apart Swara wishes she could kiss him. So many almost kissed but still she did not know how he tasted. Her breath hitched. ‘Oh how this man tempted her one minute and infuriated the other.’ she thought.

He gently brushed aside a stray strand of hair from her face. “Day after tomorrow after class meet me in the library” saying this he loosened his hold on her hand and moved a bit away.

For a second she wondered what had just happened one second he infuriated her to no extent and the other second he was barely an inch apart from her and about to kiss her.

“Control Swara Control” he said to herself and took a deep calming breath. 

Nodding she again thanked him for everything but this time a little bit too formally and left leaving there Sanskaar alone about all the equations changing again. Shaking his head he too left.

“Hola Swara, In whose thoughts are you lost?” Kavya said snapping her fingers in front of Swara.

Swara shook her head to clear out her head. She had soo been zoning out. Here she had come out with her friends for a nice meal and spending quality time with them but she could not stop her thoughts from thinking about Sanskaar and the oddness surrounding him.

“So Swara what are you going to wear today evening?” Ragini asked trying to strike a conversation with her.
Yesterday had been awkward to say tue least after she had returned to her dorm she had been bombarded with tons of questions.

“Where were you?”

“Whom were you with?”

“Why did you leave the club yesterday?”

Swara just smiled broadly at them, kissed her palm and threw a kiss and ran to her room.

“I just found a perfect little red dress yesterday while shopping and also brought a matching crown and tada I will be ready as a princess for the night.” Swara said smiling.

“What are you wearing?” she inquired.

“Ohh I just hired a jasmine costume from a local shop” she said smiling back.

“Can I dress as a gothic chick pretty please?” Kavya jumped in.

“Kavya why don’t you dress up as a joker, I don’t think we have called for one tonight and you might just be the best candidate” Laksh teased his sister.

Kavya hit her brother on his chest and Laksh fake grunted making everyone burst out laughing.

“Please you are just jealous I am going to rock my gothic chick costume” Kavya said. Laksh just shook his head at her in a way that said ‘yeah she is my sister I know she is just unbelievable’

“Awww don’t worry Kavs you will rock your costume” Swara said making Kavya narrow her eyes at her playfully.

Continuing with their playfully banter they all returned back. Swara just excused herself she felt so tired as if ran over by a train. She din’t think she rested properly last light.

“Can I eat you?” She had asked him in her drunken state.

The thoughts of last made a blush creep up on her cheeks.

Suddenly her phone rang bringing her out of the trail of her thoughts. She quickly checked the caller id it was Addy… Oh God! so much had happened with these few days that Swara had made absolutely no progress in her research about the attacks and murders.

She quickly answered the call.

“Where the hell have you been Swara?” Adarsh’s voice boom through the receiver.

“What no hi, hello, is this any new way to greet someone?” Swara joked trying to calm him.

“I don’t care about f*cking manner Swara.” He cursed sounding worried.

“Chill out, will you! I am fine just alot going on” she replied.

“No thats it Swara I am sending Pari to you she will have your back and what’s the progress report?”

“Voh… ummm…”

“Progress report Swara?”

“The thing is that things here are a little complicated. Though I think it’s a female.. but give me a little more time for this Addy”

“Okay! Okay! But you take care Swara and I am sending Pari and it is not negotiable”

“Okay! Bye take care”

And ending she call she fell on her bed that was calling out to her.

*Knock Knock*

The light knock at the door woke up Swara. She felt like she had been sleeping for ages. She looked at the watch she had been sleeping for 4 hours. Sighing she got up and walked to open the door.

It was Ragini. She had already done her make up but was yet to change into her dress. It seemed like she had been successful in recreating the whole Jasmine look from Aladdin.

Suddenly Kavya came into her view. She was skipping as usual.

“OMGEE Kavya I cannot you are actually gonna dress as Goth chick” Swara said laughing a little.”

“Listen here you missy, I rock okay!” Kavya said narrowing her eyes at Swara and pressing her index finger on her nose. Swara was still laughing but she stepped back and raised her hands in ‘I surrender’ manner.

“Why are you here Kavya?” Ragini asked shaking her head.

“Shh you like my company, I am the best and by the way I am here to help miss sleeping beauty to get ready for the night because we are supposed to be leaving in half an hour.” Kavya said smirking at them both.

Her smirk made her look so similar to Sanskaar that she suddenly recalled that they were siblings and Kavya had never told her about it but she was not sure if Kavya wanted to reveal about it to Ragini so she kept her mouth shut. She could always ask her later.

Ragini and Kavya started working their magic on Swara and and then she carefully changed into her dress and quickly tied her hair in a low bun leaving two strand from the sides out and curling them loosely. They met up with the guys and left in Laksh’s car with Ragini and Kavya with Sam, Rajat and Sahil following them in Rajat’s car.

The venue of the party was college ground in front of the forest back entrance but that entrance had been blocked the authorities din’t want students to wander into the jungle at this time. The ambience just screamed fairytales to Swara. Decorated with fairy lights, Fire flies roaming in the air.

“I am so not dressed for this” Kavya muttered.

“Aww don’t worry Miss. Tomboy you’re rocking it anyway” Sam said pinching her cheeks.

Others just coughed at them covering their laughter making Kavya glare at them all. Swara just felt Sam had a little soft corner for Kavya but Kavya seemed oblivious to it. Sam was trying his best to woo her but Kavya was Kavya. You could not interpret her moves.. She was an extrovert. She behaved tue same way with everyone.

All just left to mingle around with others. Swara was getting a little bored. She joined Rajat and his group of friends from his other class. They danced quite alot.

Swara felt tired so she took a beer and sat about alone in a corner noticing everyone. “Not enjoying?” She looked around and her eyes widened.

“What are you doing here?” Swara asked in a flat tone.

“What aren’t teacher’s allowed to party?” he asked in mocking hurt tone.

Swara arched her brows at him. “Okay okay! We teachers are here for supervision not restriction don’t look at me like I killed your cat” he raised his hand in I surrender manner.

“If this was a joke you don’t see me laughing and if this was sarcastic then Ha Ha Ha” She said sounding bored but her heart was beating erratically.

“Sanskaar grinned, “What can I say you bring out the best in me”

“Okay I’ll just leave then” she stood up but Sanskaar was in no mood to let her go he caught hold of her hand and pulled her back to sit.

“Okay okay! I promise to try not to piss you off than you already are. Pinky promise”

“How old are you 12?”

“I think I already told you how I am”
Swara gave him a sarcastic smile.

“So are you really going to help me tomorrow?” she asked nervously.

“Ofcourse I will Swara”

“But why… why do you want to help me?” She asked genuinely curious but Sanskaar’s eyes turned full back. Swara did not know what happened one second he was normal and the other his eyes turned to be one like a predator’s. Placing her palm on his cheek she snapped her fingers in front of him that brought him back to his senses.

He saw Ram and Durga calling him so he quickly excused him self.

“Ahh see over there Ram and Durga are calling me I think I’ll leave… see you tomorrow at the library… bye Swara” He said and whispering the end part in her ears. She blushed he chuckled and left. Swara looked to make sure no one had seen them. Thankfully no one had.

She walked upto the beer counter for another drink when she heard a scream.


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