SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 8

Blood Bound
Chapter 8 – You smell delicious?

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. The odors of fruits waft me to my southern home, to my childhood frolics in the peach orchard. Other odors, instantaneous and fleeting, cause my heart to dilate joyously or contract with remembered grief. Even as I think of smells, my nose is full of scents that start awake sweet memories of summers gone and ripening fields far away.

-Helen Keller

Sanskaar made his way towards the kitchen with a tipsy Swara towing behind him. Halfway during their walk to the kitchen Swara climbed on his back and made him carry her to the kitchen. Resting her chin on his shoulder. Sanskaar was savouring tue moment because he did not know when would such a moment with Swara would return.

“SansCaaaaarr can I ask you something?”

“Should I be scared of your question” Sanskaar chuckled.

“Ummm I don’t know maybe yes maybe no”

Sanskaar pretended to think quite seriously whether to say or no and tapped his index finger to his forehead but smiled and nodded. Swara’s heart fluttered seeing him flash dimpled chin.

“Why do you smell so nice?” She asked cutely.

Sanskaar stilled and Swara felt him stiffen at once at her question. He had obviously not liked her question but why. Sanskaar had been transmitted to an old memory.

“Why do you smell so nice Sanskaar?” She asked.

“To attract innocent and alluring pret’s like you, my dear.” He replied playfully with a hunters intent in his eyes.

She hit him lightly on tue shoulder to show him she was not scared of him, his eyes returned back to normal and he chuckled.

“Why aren’t you scared of me?” he asked almost scared of her answer. Her answer could make or break him. If she was indeed scared of him he did not know what he would do…

Cupping his face gently she closed her eyes and lightly pecked his lips. It was so light and gentle that Sanskaar wondered whether it was a real or a fragment of his imagination.

Slowly she opened her eyes and said, “It’s because I trust and adore you and I know if it is within your power you won’t ever let me get hurt” Stroking his jaw she continued, “But it is not possible for you to protect me from everything and so you have to let me fight my own battles” Sanskaar sighed but nodded.

Sanskaar felt someone grab his ass and squeese it hard and roared his laughter.

“Tell na Siiiirrr, why do you always smell so nice?”

“Ummm because of my perfume?” he said more like asked because even he knew it was not the right answer.

“It smells like chocolates. I just love chocolates. Can I eat you?” Swara said hurried but then realised what she just said and gasped. Sanskaar laughed all the more loudly and Swara giggled uncontrollably “ooopsss” she said.

“My turn” Sanskaar said and seated her on the kitchen counter.

He leaned towards her face and brushed a stray hair strand from her face. Seeing the effect he had on her he smirked and stepped back a little. “Why do you smell soooo?”



Swara’s eyes popped open. Her big brown eyes looking at him so innocently that he just wanted to take her in his arms.

“Uummm must be my new perfume, I saw it in the mall yesterday. Victoria’s Secret Aqua flavour, it smells soooo amazing. I just had to buy it. Actually I just love fragrance I have Armani, Gucci…..” Sanskaar placed his palm over her mouth to stop her from talking.

“Bas…. Bas… How much do you talk! Can’t you stop yourself once you start talking?” He asked in a fake disapproval tone.

“Actually I am a little nervous siiiirrrrrr” Swara said pouting.

Sanskaar quickly made poured some water in a jug and squeezed some lemon in it also added a pinch of salt, ginger and green mint leaves also being carefully not to add any sugar in it. Mixing it all nicely he poured out some in a glass and gave it to Swara.

“No I dun wunnnaaa have Nimbupani…. I waaaannnttt chocolatessssss” Swara said loudly.

Shaking his head Sanskaar made her hold the glass and drink it..

“yuuuummmmm Ssiiiirrrr this is sooooo yummyyyyy…. I loveeeee it, what haave yoou added to it?”

“Love” he whispered in to the air but then quickly covered saying about his secret formula.

“I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you” He said looking serious.

Swara looked at him and burst out laughing making him laugh too.

‘What you do to me, love’ Sanskaar thought shaking his head.

“Chalo enough now it’s time to sleep” Sanskaar instructed strictly.

Swara got off the counter and lost tue balance while doing so. Sanskaar held her and helped her stand and when she regained her balance she saluted him “Aye Aye Captain” Sanskaar shook his head and picked her up bridal style and took her to the guest room.

“Baaa baaa blaaacckkk sheep have you any wool…..” Swara started singing all the nursery rhymes she knew.

He gently made her lie on the bed and covered her with a blanket leaning towards her he kissed her forehead. “Good Night Love” He whispered and left before he could not stop himself from ravishing her.

Swara sleepily woke up from a deep slumber and quickly looked at tue clock on her wall. Not finding the clock where it should have been her eyes widened and all the events from yesterday’s night came rushing back to her.

“Her meeting Sanskaar at the bar…. Dancing with him sensuously… Walking out of the bar with him… Storm… coming to his house… changing clothes… Why do you smell so delicious…” Swara groaned loudly holding her head. Atleast her head was not paining anymore. Thank God Sanskaar had made her drink Nimbupani and not let her eat chocolates.

But it was morning now and Swara wanted her morning dose of caffeine. She needed her coffee for her brain to function properly.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Swara quickly adjusted the clothing she was wearing.


Sanskaar walked in with two mugs in his hands and gave one to her.

Swara was thoroughly embarrassed. She did not even know how to face him. It was impossible for her to look him in the eyes but she quickly took the mug he offered and muttered a quick thank you.

After mustering up her courage she began, “I am sooo sorry for yesterday”

Sanskaar placed his index finger under her chin and made her look at him.

“Swara no need to be embarrassed, it’s totally fine you were intoxicated and so I am not going to take it as an offence.”

Swara sighed loudly and nodded but still she should not have drank if she could not handle her drink. Sanskaar knew she was still feeling guilty for not being in her senses last night so he suggested,

“Breakfast?” to take her mind off it.

“Laksh I am worried about Swara and Sanskaar” Ragini exclaimed.

“What Sanskaar did was not right” Kavya added.

“Kavu, Rags relax okay? Trust Sanskaar. He knows what he is doing. They are bound by blood promise. Even if he wants he cannot stay away from her and even if she does not know she will be super attracted to him. That is how the blood promise works it does not let you go away from each other” Laksh said trying to calm the two ladies.

“I had warned Sanskaar about this before… I had seen this but he was sooo happy at that time that I did not feel like breaking their bubble” said Kavya

“I just hope Swara will forgive him after she gets gets to know everything” Ragini finished worriedly.

As the storm had cleared already, Swara changed into her own dress and Sanskaar had brought her to a nice diner a little far away from their University again so that no one could recognise them.

A lean attractive looking waitress came upto their table to take their order. Sanskaar looked at Swara for her order.

“I’ll have cheese omelette, extra spicy” She said rubbing her palm on her tummy excitedly. She was glad finally she could eat something she was soo hungry that any time her stomach could have growled embarrassing her.

She looked to Sanskaar waiting for his order but she just shook his head indicating that he did not want anything.

“Oh wait, wait! Can you please add a Choco thick latte o the order list.” Her eyes shinning with excitement. The waitress nodded and left.

Sanskaar might not have noticed the waitress trying to flirt with him but Swara did and it did not sit well with her that much she was affected by some woman randomly flirting with him.

Soon their wish arrived and that shocked Swara because inspite of there being rush their dish did arrive sooner than she had expected.

The waitress saw Swara’s expression and chuckled, “This one here is a quite popular dish and so we have lots of them made in advance” Swara nodded not interested in the explanation anymore and dived into her omelette.

Sanskaar laughed at her reaction to food and shook her head her food did look delicious.

Swara saw the way Sanskaar leaned towards her food plate. She soo did not want to share it but it to offered him.

Sanskaar looked thoroughly embarrassed but he did want to try it and so took a bite. He liked it when delicious spices touched his taste buds. He started eating more and Swara huffed she so did not like sharing food.

Sanskaar called the waitress. “Can I get two more of what she is eating?” Swara’s mouth fell open.

“What I thought one more bite and you were ready to kill me so ordered more of them” Swara smiled at him.

After thoroughly enjoying the breakfast he ordered for the cheque. The waitress came with the bill and two fortune cookies.

Swara excitedly took her and bit into it and removed the fortune chit and read it aloud- “Your past is ready to come face you” Swara scrunched her nose but as it was so confusing she let it go.

“Sanskaar what does your cookie read?” she asked.

“You will have to pay for mistakes you made in the past” he said but his mind was somewhere far away.

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