SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 6


Chapter 6

His eyes are so intense I want to look away . . . or never look away, I can’t decide.

-Kasie West, The Distance Between Us

She quickly bought the dress and they both walked out of the mall in silence and a for few more minutes they reached a nice, less known and secluded cafe. They had to be careful, even though Swara knew that they both were adults and could have a coffee together having coffee with your professor just sounded wrong her for so many reasons.

So they had to find a place where they would not find many people around, as Swara was new to the area, Sanskaar suggested this place to which Swara agreed.

Swara ordered a full cream cold coffee and Sanskaar ordered for a black coffee. The girl taking their order was openly flirting with Sanskaar which was making Swara uncomfortable, she felt like pulling off all hair off the girls head but managed to not show any emotion on her face. When finally the waitress left without getting any response from Sanskaar.

“Yuck Black coffee” Swara said making disgusted face.

Sanskaar chuckled at her reaction.

“What can I say Miss Bose I have to watch my figure”

“How much more of a big line he wants behind him” Swara muttered under her breath.

And Sanskaar let out a throaty laugh.

Swara’s eyes widened ‘how did he hear that, she barely heard it herself’

“So what did you want to talk about?” asked Swara hoping that he would not mention what had just happened in the trial room.

“Umm so tell me what brings you here to this University?” He asked looking genuinely concerned.

Swara was in a big delimma, She did not know why but she did not want to lie to this man sitting in front of her but she had no option she could just not blurt out to him that she was here on an undercover mission.

So it was time for Swara to start lying, well in her defence she din’t have any other option.

“Well, we used to live in India but dad always wanted to work abroad so when he got a chance he just grabbed it with open hands and mom’s a psychiatrist so did not have any problem in moving around, well there will same rules to understand a brain in any place of the world.”

Sanskaar was listening to her intently with a small smile on her face. She wanted to blush under her intense gaze.

“And also this is one of the best universities out here so…” She shrugged.

“My Turn” She said hurriedly.

Sanskaar smiled and said, “Ask away madame”

“How old are you?” She asked

“25 years old” He said but there there was an old glint his eyes like he was uncomfortable or something.

“How old are you?” he asked turning the table.

“22” she replied. His brows raised. “Well then how are you still in your first year?”

“well I was not sure which subject to major in so had not decided and then I suffered from an accident 6 months ago, so almost a year wasted then.”

When she mentioned her accident she noticed his jaw tightening and his jaw clenching like it left a sour taste in his mouth ‘huh confusing much’ she thought.

“So yesterday in library you said reading poetry is your hobby?” she asked as if to reassure herself.

When he nodded and narrowed his eyes in question she continued, “Willyoupleasehelpmeinmypoetryassignment” “What?” he raised his brows in question.

“Will you please help me in poetry assignment?” she said waiting for his response nervously playing with the chain attached to her jeans.

He smiled a carefree smile and nodded happily. His smile was infectious she smiled back at him. She had never seen him smile in such a carefree way, he loved even more handsome than he already was if that was even possible with his smile on.

Before she could say anything her phone rang. Quickly excusing herself she answered the phone, It was Kavya.

“Hello my bae! Where are you?”

“What is it Kavs?” Swara replied half-exasperated at Kavya’s tone.

Kavya’s call had interrupted her small chat with Sanskaar. She did not want that but why did she not want that. ‘Oh good Lord she was in a big, big trouble’ She thought.

Sanskaar chuckled at her response.

“Mr. Baba today has predicted that we are going clubbing, so when are you coming back?” Kavya asked not affected by Swara’s tone.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes max” She replied and cut the call.

“I need to leave” She said.

Sanskaar nodded without any question and they left the cafe.

“I’ll drop you back, it’s quite pate for you to go back alone” Sanskaar said with a finality in his tone.


Before Swara could finish her sentence Sanskaar continued, ” Don’t worry, I’ll be careful no one will see you with me” After thinking on it she sighed and nodded.

“This is your car?” Swara exclaimed excitedly. Her smile so infectious Sanskaar could not resist smiling himself.

“Yes it is Miss Bose” He replied in a stern voice which broke into a grin when Swara raised her brows at him in question.

“Oh God you own Mercedes and that too my favourite version, that means you must a decent guy because this car is your choice”

“I am disappointed in you Miss Bose, you think I am a decent guy only because of my car” He shook his head in mock disapproval.

Which just made her smirk at his reaction.

They both seated themselves in the car and sped off and reached Swara’s apartment within a few minutes muttering a quick thank you and good bye Swara left.

“Hello guys” Swara chirped as soon as she entered her dorm. “So everyone’s ready?” When everyone nodded she continued, “Give me 10 minutes, I’ll get ready quickly, by the way where are we going?” she inquired.

“Does it matter Swara, we are going dancing that’s it” Laksh said narrowing his eyes at her.

“Okay, Okay! take a chill pill will you!” She said and went upstairs to get ready. Ragini and Kavya followed her.

“Do you have something s*xy to wear Swara?” Kavya asked.

“Ofcourse I have doofus wait”

Swara quickly changed into a s*xy backless black dress. Ragini helped her with curl her hair while Kavya dolled her up with makeup. Within 20 minutes she was ready and the trio walked down the stairs.

“Wow! you look gorgeous Swara” Sahil complimented her but Swara was still in her own dreamland about the smexy professor. She just said a shy thank you without really paying attention and so all of them quickly left locking the apartment.

They reached the pub fairly quickly, the ambience Swara felt was great. It was just gave you come and dance type vibes. She really wishes for certain professor to be here

‘God Swara just stop lusting after your God damn professor, so you shared a coffee with him so what!’ She argued with herself but no use it looked her heart as well as her mind were not ready to listen to her.

“What is everyone gonna drink, first round is on me?” Rajat said.

“What is the legal age to drink here, should even be allowed to drink?” Swara narrowed her eyes at him.

“It’s 19, no it’s not allowed but who cares! Laksh here is 24, so he can go up to the bar and buy the drinks” Rajat smirked.

“I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea” Swara said finally.

“I’ll just have a Tequila shot” shot Kavya.

“Beer for me” Ragini quipped in.

Laksh took note of everyone’s order and brought it.

Everyone was chatting up, Sam was flirting with girl. Suddenly ‘ I want you to know’ by Selena Gomez played Laksh asked Ragini to dance with him, she nodded shyly and both of them left for the dance floor.

“There is something definitely going on between these two” Swara muttered mostly to herself.

“Ofcourse there is but the challenge is when will they confess” Kavya smirked.

Both Swara and Kavya burst out laughing.

They both ordered another round of drinks for themselves. The music changed to a fast one.

Kavya pulled Swara to the dance floor.. Swara was resisting at first but when she started to enjoy the song.. she started dancing a little more free.. 2-3 songs played after that.

Swara was feeling a but tipsy and also tired after a while. She quickly excused herself and went to the washroom to freshen up a bit.

While coming out of the washroom, She heard a familiar voice,

“Missed me?”

She turned around quickly and her heart skipped a beat.

She saw him and placing a hand on her heart tried to calm herself.

“You scared me, I almost had a heart attack.”

There, there was that intense glint in his eyes again.. the one she had seen in the trial room today. He walked closer to her which made her step backwards..

He could see she was scared of him right now and so he tried to calm himself down. She was looking so alluring in the tight black dress.. he could not keep his distance, not today anyway… After a few calming breaths he asked,


She could hear the song had changed to a slow one… she nodded. He took her hand in his and walked her to the dance floor.. but a little far away from her little group of friends.

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