SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 5


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Chapter 5

The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Beep Beep

Her alarm shrieked to life.

She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms still yawning. She still felt so tired but strangely her head had stopped hurting and that too without any antibiotics, she should really go to a clinic to get herself checked out.

She checked the time it was 7 am and she had to meet Shaurya at 9 and so she quickly got off the bed, neatly folded her blanky, made her bed and went for a quick shower. She got out of her clothes and felt an instant shiver ‘man it is too cold today’ she thought but a splash of hot water could solve that issue.

She turned on the shower and turned the knob on the hotter side. She turned around to look at the mirror and noticed the scars on her neck and abdomen. The scars on her abdomen were due to her previous accident but since when was she sporting a scar on her neck? ‘Why was her life suddenly becoming a big question mark for her?’

After a hot shower, she wrapped a towel around her and stepped out of the washroom. She decided up on wearing a tight black tee along with her dark blue skinny jeans and boots collecting her coat from her cupboard so that she could wear it before stepping out of the house. It was warm in the house as they had an in-built heater in here.

She walked the stairs to see Ragini cooking some pancakes and the guys sitting at the table waiting for the delicious looking breakfast hungrily.

“Oh good Swara that you came or else these guys would have eaten your share of the breakfast too” Ragini said exasperated at the guys for finishing all the food.

“Thank you so much Rags, these pancakes do look yum but I have to meet my brother for breakfast and if I eat here, I will never be able to eat another plate with him there” Swara said while eyeing the pancakes sadly.

Ragini could see that Swara really wanted to try those pancakes. ‘Who wouldn’t this was her grandma’s famous recipe’ she thought and pouted at Swara,

“Come on Swara at least try one, I saved these for you with so much effort from these mongrels”

Swara licked her lips in anticipation. ‘One pancake won’t do any harm’ she thought and nodded and sat beside Sam with her share of pancakes and devoured them all one by one.

Swara picked up her empty plate and walked up to the sink, cleaned her plate and hugged Ragini for such a delicious treat.

“Thank you so much for such a yummylicious breakfast Rags. One day I will make my special dessert only for you, you have to taste it. You will lick your fingers after eating it”

“Sure Swara will be waiting for it” Ragini said while pinching Swara’s nose which in turn made Swara gasp and pout and Ragini laugh at her reaction.

“Ragini I am going to meet my brother, I don’t have any class today so will meet you in the evening” and left to meet her brother.

Within 30 minutes Swara reached her destination. She found Shaurya waiting for her so she walked up to him and hugged him tightly. Three days, it had only been three days but she had missed him dearly.

“Shaurya… I missed you soo much” She said hugging him.

“Swara stop hugging me in the middle of the cafe, I have a rep here you know” He boosted.

Swara swatted him lightly on his shoulder, “Shut up Bhondu, you are my little brother and always will be”

“Sheesh Swara I am only 2 years younger than you” he mumbled childishly.

Swara ruffled his hair. She never said it often but she was damn possessive about Shaurya. Nothing could ever harm him she would always stand before him like a wall. He had been a miracle baby. The very day he was born, a two year old Swara could have lost her younger brother as well as her mother but God had blessed them and both her mother and brother had been saved and from that day on she had been possessive about him.

They both sat at the table and ordered a Cappuccino for Swara and frappe for Shaurya.

“So kiddo tell me what’s the matter? you sounded worried on the phone yesterday”

Shaurya’s expressions turned serious in fraction of seconds.

“Urvashi maasi was attacked yesterday” Swara’s eyes popped out. Urvashi was Sharmistha’s sister. Both the sisters were so tight that the Swara believed one would never survive without the other.

“How is she now?” She enquired urgently.

“It’s bad Swara, She was so incoherent yesterday after she gained back her conscious. The way she was describing the attack it was like some person attacked her rather than it being some animal” Swara’s eyes widened.

“But the doctors have confirmed canine marks on her so it has to be some animal” he continued.

“How is mom taking it?” Swara asked her brother.

“Mom and Dad left for Detroit yesterday” He said helplessly.

“You will be fine alone right?” She was worried about her baby brother. He nodded.

He placed his hand over hers and squeezed them lightly, “Don’t worry she is fine now Swara, you concentrate on your work, okay sissy?” Swara sighed loudly and nodded.

They talked about this, that and everything for the next few hours and parted after a good emotional embrace.

“Don’t be a stranger Swara and don’t forget us. Please call us and let us know how you are whenever you can mom worries a lot about you” He said and hugged her as tightly as he could she hugged him back and kissed his cheek lightly.

“Yuck Swara I am not a kid anymore” He said acting totally disgusted. Swara laughed and said, “No not a kid anymore my baby brother has finally grown up”

“No more emotional talks, bye I’ve gotta meet someone” he winked and left Swara shaking her head.

Swara decided to check to out the mall next to the cafe she had buy a princess gown for the fresher’s night. After checking out many shops she finally decided to check out Forever21.

As soon as she entered the shop she gasped loudly as she saw the most beautiful red gown she had ever seen. It was a off shoulder gown with golden lace all over and heart shaped neck with fish cut around the hips and long and flowy from the length. It was just beautiful, mind blowing, extravagant, and all the other adjectives she could possibly use.

Swara sighed dreamily and taking the dress she walked in to the trial room but someone was walking out of the same trial room and dashed with her.

“Not again” Swara exclaimed when she looked up to see with whom had she dashed.

Sanskaar chuckled at her reaction. Suddenly in the next instant he pulled her in and held her against the door of the trial room. His hands and gaze both pinning her back against door.

“Sir What….” She looked into his eyes and lost herself in those blue eyes. He just stared at her intently and touched her gently forehead where she was sporting her brand new scar. She sucked in deep breath his touch was making butterflies dance in her stomach.

Suddenly he nuzzled his nose around her neck holding her gently as well as securely around her waist she gasped but soon lost herself in his touch. Her hands in his hair pushing his face more towards her neck, her head tilting sideways giving him more access to her neck. His supple lips touched the skin of her neck and it was pure magic.

Sanskaar could not believe he was this close to Swara. Oh how he had longed to touch her, feel her besides him. She was a breath a fresh air in his dark life. His life without her was empty, useless. Without her he was only existing not living.

He sucked on her neck as if he was feasting on it. Swara dropped the dress from her hand. The thud which resulted from the fall of the dress brought Sanskaar back to his senses. He rested his head against Swara’s head which made Swara realise what she had been doing. How could she lose control like this. This was so wrong. She lightly pushed him away.

“Please leave Sir” She said trying to find her voice back.

“Sanskaar” He said. “Huh” she gaped at him.

“Remember I told you I will tell my name if we ever meet again, it’s Sanskaar” He said extending his hand.

Swara sighed but shook his hand “Swara” She replied.

“Coffee?” he asked.

Swara pondered on it but agreed in the end.

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