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Chapter 4

“The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.” –The Prisoner of Azkaban

Her head spinning around and was paining so bad she thought she might have concussion. She might have to go go the hospital to get a check up done. Inspite of the pain in her head her mind was still reeling with what she had heard.

‘Was she hallucinating? Who was shouting at the top of his voice? Why did Ragini and Kavya sound scared oh him? Whom had she seen in the jungle? and who the hell had pushed her?’ All this questions were pounding inside her head.

“Aaahhh” she screamed clutching her head. The force of the pain was too much for her to take and she fell on the ground.

Her scream made Ragini, Kavya and Laksh rush to her. Laksh helped her get up and also helped her get back to the bed. Ragini and Kavya could not even look into her eyes. They were feeling so guilty that because the stupid plan they had suggested her life had been in danger.

“How are you feeling Swara?” Laksh asked her gently offering her a glass of water. She accepted the glass and nodding Quietly drank the water. Swara was still quite a lot confused so she decided as if to act as she dint know anything and find all her answers to her questions.

“What happened in the jungle guys?” Swara tried to ask them. Ragini and Kavya were still not looking at her. “Swara as per Ragini, you saw some wild animal, got scared and tried to run but slipped and hit your head hard” Laksh lied smoothly.

Swara nodded and noticed they were not in her dorm room looking at her confused face Kavya was the first one to answer her, “We are at mine and Laksh’s home, it’s close to he University and no mom and dad are not at home this moment” Swara again nodded to which Swara thought, this much nodding was sure going to make her sick. “Where is the washroom? She asked Kavya showed her the washroom and the trio left her alone.

Swara so wanted to look into the mirror her head might look like a a balloon right now urrgghh those ugly swelling you get when you’re injured but when she looked in the mirror there was only a light mark on her forehead.

She frowned, how was this possible she should have a giant size mark on her forehead by how much her head was paining but right now her injured mark was just looking like an old scar nothing more nothing less.

Swara had never felt so confused in her life before. She did not know what to do also she did not want to ask either Ragini, Kavya or Laksh because she was not sure what was cooking up between them. She was sure there was something wrong with them.

She quickly walked out of the washroom and suggested Ragini that they leave for their dorm as it was going to be dark soon.

Ragini nodded still not saying anything to her. Although Swara could feel Ragini was lying or was at least trying to hide something from her she did not like this quite Ragini and also it was her own fault because she had decided to go back not theirs and so placing her arm over Ragini shoulder she squeezed them in a friendly manner which said ‘everything will be all right’ Ragini gave her a small smile and nodded in response.

Within a few minutes they reached their dorm and were greeted by cheerful faces of Rajat, Sahil and Sam but their cheerful one soon looked evil to both Swara and Ragini and they both narrowed their eyes at them but those three were busy grinning.

Swara noticed that all the three are hiding their fists from them. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Ragini who also noticed the same thing.

All three of them threw colours at Swara and Ragini at the same time making both of them gasp in surprise at the suddenness of it all and they ran back to their room to hide their tans but their laughter rang in the house.

“Guys, What the hell mann! it’s not even holi today” Ragini shouted at the top of her lungs all three of them laughed heartily from their rooms and it was Sam who replied, “Oh come on Rags live a little, we were just having some fun”

“Wait I will show you fun” She muttered under her breath and went into the kitchen. She quickly filled the tub with cold water and went outside the apartment.

Since the guys were in all in Sahil’s room which was on the ground level, we quietly entered their room through his open window also they did not notice us because they were facing the door and their backs facing the window.

Swara and Ragini walked upto them and Ragini emptied the bucket on all three of them which made them squeal loudly because truth to be said the water was COLD! which made them shiver.

Swara and Ragini laughed at their expense and ran out of the window and locked the window after them. Not wanting to go back to the house just yet they went to a store to purchase some water to clean themselves up a bit.

Suddenly it was Swara’s phone which shrieked to life quickly shemoved aside to a corner and answered the call seeing the name flashing on her caller id. ‘Why was Shaurya calling her’ she thought.

“Hello! bhondhu whats up?”

“Swara can you come to this cafe zoe tomorrow, I need to talk to you” He sounded worried.

“Whats the matter Shaurya?” she enquired urgently.

“Just meet me there tomorrow” He said and Swara was sure he must have rolled his eyes at her.

“Do not roll your eyes at me young man” She said in fake anger. “Anyways how are mom and dad?” she asked she had totally forget about calling them up so much had happened in two days.

“Umm.. they are fine” he said but Swara felt that he was himself a little unsure. ‘weird’ she thought but let it go she would pry it out of him tomorrow.

“Okay by Swara, see you tomorrow sharp at Nine, kay?”

“Okay bye bhondu take care”

she cut the call and walked upto Ragini who was silently waiting for her to finish her call.

They finally walked back to their apartment after an hour or so of waiting for their guys to cool down after their prank.

Swara and Ragini warily entered their apartment but the guys were not there,
“Pheww Thank God they are not here or else they might have had planned a new prank for us” Said Ragini.

“Yes, I don’t know what’s wrong with these guys first they started the prank we just answered back with a prank of our own” Swara agreed and Ragini readily nodded.

Too tired to cook something up and even more tired to eat anything they just went upto their rooms parted with a good night.

Swara lied on the bed for a while even though she was too tired but sleep was far away she was far too confused about the events that occurred today, her encounter with Mr. Maheshwari in the library, they were so close that she could actually feel his lips on her, what had she been thinking actually she had not been thinking only.

She could only only see his deep eyes and some unknown but still familiar emotions flash in his eyes. But why?! Why would she see something like this in his eyes and why would his eyes flash such emotions.

And what about the female she had seen in the jungle while roaming around with Ragini and Kavya? and who the hell had pushed her?! till she remembered she was injured badly but then why was the injury mark so light as if indicating that it was an old injury. And whose voice was it? He was shouting as his life was slipping away from his hands?! ‘Arrrghhh all this is so confusing’ She muttered while gritting her teeth.

Slowly she took a deep calming breath and slid in a deep slumber. Tomorrow might just come soon enough to ponder on these things.

P.S. Thank you everyone for showering your love with your comments. Hope you love this update too. And also someone asked me to post precap too but sorry I dont instantly think of what the next update is going to be like.. It just flows out when I sit to type the mext update.

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