SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 2


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“Ragini hurry up! We are going to be so late and all because of you” Rajat whined and stomped his foot . “Stop whining Rajat, see she’s here now let’s go before we are too late to even attend our first lecture” Swara tried to diffuse the situation. Today was their first lecture and thankfully for Swara she had Ragini and Sam in her accounts class with her.

“Oh my God this campus is so huge” Ragini exclaimed while Swara was enjoying the weather and nature’s beauty and this campus had the best view- A paradise for nature lover’s. Swara smiled at Ragini’s kiddish behaviour.

The fresh wind touching her face and blowing her hair made Swara have a flash in front of her eyes and she felt like she was having a serious case of déjà vu but she tried real hard to ignore that feeling as there was no real reason for her to feel like this, this was first time she was seeing this campus but then why was she feeling like this.

It was troubling her so much this was the first time since her accident that she was having such feeling as though she is missing something, Something that is very close to her heart and mind but could not place her finger on it having no other option she tried to steer her mind back on the conversation her friends were having because there was actually no reason for her to feel like this, She had finished her masters from India and come here to work but unfortunately she had met with an accident and Addy had been the one to save her and offer her a job over here too. She shook her head to clear the direction of her thoughts and putting on a fake smile she turned towards Ragini and Rajat and tried to join in, in their conversation.

“Rajat please find a better topic to converse about” Swara added in supporting Ragini, which made Rajat pout and Swara and Ragini burst out in fits of giggles and hi-fied each other, Rajat joined them too.

Finally the trio reached to their class and seated themselves in the middle seats of the class. There was only three seats empty left so they quickly sat themselves before their professor could arrive.

Ten Minutes Later…

“I am so sorry class, I was stuck in an emergency meeting with the Principal so hey hello you all are free to blame him.” the professor explained and the class chuckled at him. Hearing this familiar voice Swara looked up at that moment to get a look at him and her big round eyes widened and she gasped.

“OMG! What is he doing here?! PROFESSOR! He is your professor damn Swara, first day of your college and you got saved by your blue eyed Professor.

“Oh! By the way Class I am Sanskaar Maheshwari your Accounts professor for the next three years.”

The girls sighed looking at him longingly while Swara tried to hide herself and also rolled her eyes at the behaviour of these girls. Swara was so embarrassed that she had developed a minor crush on her professor although she knew that she was not supposed to be stuck here at the University for the whole of 3 years but still it was so awkward when you come to think of it.. Swara tried to calm her mind, taking a few deep breathes she thought, ‘Okay Swara all you have to do is collect all the information you can about these mysterious killings sighted and run the hell away from here as fast as you can, yes you can do this’

“Melvin Arnold.”

“Here” a lean guy slightly raised his hand.

“Swara Bose” Mr. Maheshwari called out.

“Here” Swara raise her hand slightly hesitating.

That precise moment Sanskaar raised his head and looked at her intensely with those piercing blue eyes and then chuckled Shaking his head he turned back to the roll call.

“Ragini Gadodia”

“Right here” She replied funnily which made him smile and shake his head.

At the end of the class Swara shook her
head to make herself come out the X-Rated thoughts she was having about her so called professor. Sighing she picked up her books and was the last one to leave.

“Next time try to pay attention in the class Miss Bose.” Mr. Maheshwari smirked, “and also try blush a slightly lesser shade of red the next time”
Swara gasped loudly at his rudeness which made Sanskaar throw his head back and laugh out loud.

“I do what I want, SIR” Swara replied back arrogantly emphasising on the word ‘Sir’ and left leaving behind a goofily smiling Sanskaar.

She quickly covered the distance between her and her friends in long strides muttering under her breath, ‘God! He is so arrogant but s*xy, but oh so damn rude, Cute.. Oh no! Swara how are you going to survive his classes and don’t forget you are here to investigate more about those murders so keep concentrating on that and not the hot-shot professor.’

Reaching where wanted she saw Ragini and Sam talking to a guy about 5’11 tall and she dint know what he looked like because his back was facing her. Ragini saw Swara approaching and smiled and the guy she was talking to turned out.. ‘quite a looker’ she thought but nowhere near HIM arrgghh she felt like pulling her hair off as she could not think of anything but him.

The guy was looking at her a little weirdly but then flashed a brilliant smile and Ragini quickly introduced them. “Swara, this is Laksh Mahesh and Laksh, this is Swara my roommate and Swara he is with us in the Accounts class” Swara smiled politely and they shook hands. Swara felt like she knew him but thought that was impossible she or he would ofcourse remember if she had met him earlier. From the corner of her eyes she saw HIM but tried not to look, tried being the operative word and heard Laksh chuckle and also saw HIM smile at the same time and felt like pulling her hair off AGAIN. She was so attracted to her so-called professor though she might be of the same age as him and technically not his student but she was here under a pretence of being his student so this attraction to him is a big NO NO.

“Hey Rags!” A short girl about the same as Swara with a fair complexion called out.

“Kavya! What a surprise girl, you did not tell me yesterday that you too are in our Accounts class” Ragini said and halfway through pouted cutely at which Swara, Laksh and Kavya burst out laughing.

“Swara, this is Kavya I met her yesterday when I was roaming about the University, checking it out and Kavya this is my roommate Swara and you already know Laksh” Ragini again did the honours of introducing everyone.

Swara frowned curiously ‘how did she know Laksh?’

Kavya noticed her frown and explained, “Hey Swara, don’t look so confused this idiot here it my brother”
Not knowing what to say, the only thing which she said was “Oh”

“Hey guys Lets go and check out the University canteen, what say? and get to know each other well?” He said wiggling his eyebrows at Ragini to which she hit his shoulder lightly.

All agreed so they went, “Ragini is Rajat joining us?” ” No he went to see Sahil and few of his other friends” Nodding they walked upto the canteen.

“So are you guys excited to the freshers night?” Kavya asked chirping excitedly.

“When is it?” Swara inquired.

“This Coming Friday” She replied. “And the theme is fairytales” She continued excitedly. The twinkle in her eyes ever so evident. Smile crossed Swara lips as she saw the excitement on Kavya’s face.

Lost in her thoughts, she noticed Ragini, Laksh and Kavya already discussing the most awaited freshers night and also Laksh and Kavya looking at her a little weirdly.

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