SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 12


Blood Bound
Chapter 12 – When the Cupid Strikes

I will show you a love potion without drug or herb, or any witch’s spell; if you wish to be loved, love.
Charles Lindberg

“Swara I want cheese popcorn” Shouted Kavya.

“And me Caramel” joined Ragini.

“Uff guys I am not your servant get one for yourself if you soo desperately want one.” She said in mock anger.

“Please na Swara baby pretty please, we love you na” Kavya said and Ragini joined her too.

“Yes na pleaaaassee with a cherry on the cake!!!”

“Okaay okaay fine I will get it for you all stop your over dramatic filminess” She said shaking her head.

“One Cheese popcorn, one caramel and one cheese and caramel mix all in tub” Swara ordered quickly.

“$10 ma’am”

Swara quickly handed him the money and left with the popcorn tray.. On the way she felt like buying coke too and so she went to buy that too.

“One medium tube of Coke please”

The stall owner handed her the tube of coke and she happily skipped towards the theatre hall.

“Seriously Kavya Harry Potter?!” Ragini exclaimed placing her hands on her hips.

Kavya narrowed her eyes and glared at Ragini “Yes hunnybunns Harry Potter and if you dont like it….”
But before Kavya could finish her sentence Ragini joined her hands and continued, “aacha baba sorry, Harry Potter is the best and we will enjoy this rerun too, happy?”

“Very!” Kavya replied sarcastically.


“Okay why doesn’t Malfoy just kiss Hermione?” Groaned Ragini.

“Hello Miss obvious it’s because Hermione loves Ron and Malfoy is a blo*dy coward.” Kavya explained.

“But I love Baddy heroes and I have read so many fanfics on Draco and Hermione, So why cant they just end up together.”

“Listen you.. Harry loves Ginny, Hermione loves Ron… and they also end up getting married haven’t you seen the epilogue” Kavya said.

“Grrr guys! hate to break the party.. but the interval will last only for 10 minutes. Why dont you both go and buy what you want and I’ll quickly go to the washroom and come” Swara interrupted.

Swara went to to washroom but it was almost empty.. almost everyone was standing in the popcorn stall’s queue so she quickly finished her business. checked her self in the mirror and left.

She was pulled into a very empty bathroom. Males, she guessed. Her heartbeat increased. She was about to scream when a hand covered her mouth and muffled her screams.

“Sshhhh Swara it’s me” the familiar voice made her open her eyes and look up her heart rate still up and as soon as she looked into his eyes she lost herself in them. Their kiss flashed in front of her eyes. Not a feeling forgotten, not a moment.

Swara had tried her level best to take her mind off her very first kiss but after looking into his eyes and exploring those emotions she knew it would he futile.

“Sanssskar……” She whispered softly.

His name from her mouth sounded like a prayer to him. He was about to lose control soon and he so did not want to do it in front of her and scare her to death. Also he could not afford to show a weak will now. He had to stay strong… He had to stay away from her. He simply dint have a choice now. But then why did he kiss her yesterday?! some could argue that it was only to silence her but in his heart it knew it wasn’t true. He was playing a very dangerous game with fire he had decided to let her go but then why couldn’t he?! ofcourse he knew why! because she was the reason for his very existence, his next breath how did he even for a second think that he could survive without her?!

Her big eyes looking at him so innocently made him lose all his so called damn control. He pressed his lips to her neck and nuzzled his nose.

“Swara….” he moaned.

“Kiss me Sanskaar” She ordered.

“Is that an order Miss. Bose?” he smirked.

“Yes it is! so are you going to follow my order or not” She said without hesitating even a bit.

“As you Wish” he chuckled.

“Quoting Princess Bride is not going to give you extra points SIR” Swara emphasized on Sir.

Sanskaar let out a throaty laugh but started inching his face towards her making her lips part in anticipation. Swara could feel his hot and minty breath he was soo close to her that she could literally taste him on her lips. Sanskaar slowly placed his lips on hers sucking on her bottom lip and suddenly bit on it which made her gasp in shock taking advantage of her momentary shock he plunged his tongue into her mouth almost playing hockey with her tongue.. a fight for possession, a fight for dominion. While their first kiss had been a slow, simple and sweet one this one was the complete opposite, Hungry, passionate, ravenous like they couldn’t get enough of each other, like if they let go the other one might just disappear into thin air.. it was almost a kind of desperation. When both of then felt the need for air their lips parted and they gasped for air.

Sanskaar could almost feel Swara already trying to fight her feeling and also trying to hide her confusion about her feelings but Sanskaar had had enough of trying to fight his feelings for hers and he was no longer going to do it and now the only thing left to do was convince her.

“Why…..?’ She asked confused.

“What why?” he replied.

“Don’t try to act stupid Sanskaar, what are we doing and why?”

“Swara, I dont know what and why alp I know is I am unable to fight this attraction any more”

“Attraction!!!!” she squeaked. ” No this must be some sort of lust.

Sanskaar gritted his teeth, “So you think what’s between us is merely lust?” he spat.

“See I dont mean to offend you but attraction, lust whatever it is we can never act upon this so it’s better this never happens again Sir” She said with and tried to leave.

“Never say Never” Sanskaar said with a tight smile and left her there alone to fight a strong urge to stop him and wrap her arms around him.

Swara returned back to the company of her friends but her mind was occupied somewhere else.

“Where have you been Swara, yo missed soo much after the interval” Kavya whined.

“Don’t worry I have already seen the the movie more times than I can count on my fingers” Swara replied half heartedly.

Kavya narrowed her eyes but she let it go. Swara’s eyes where trying to find him everywhere but due to the darkness it was impossible to do so.

The movie ended after what felt like an eternity to Swara.

“So should we go to Subway for food?” Ragini asked.

“Guys I am not feeling too well and I am not even that hungry you guys go and eat I’ll meet you’ll at our apartment.” Kavya and Ragini felt something odd but let it go.

“Okay! bye Swara.. see you later hon” and she was left all alone with her traitor thoughts.

‘She had asked him to kiss her and she was evenly attracted to him so then why did she throw such a hissy fit inside and why did she feel like what she did was wrong’

“Aarrggghh these thoughts are giving me a frigging headache.” she muttered but before she could further ponder on her thoughts she saw a young boy entering the prohibited forest area.

“I should stop him from going inside.. who knows what kind of animals are lurking around” determined she ran behind the boy but what she saw was,
the boy sitting near the pond and it looked like he was talking to someone.

“Did you find her?” she heard a voice but could not pinpoint at who was talking but it was a female voice.

“No I am unable to trace her” she heard him say.

“Not finding her is not an option”

“I know to remove you from this hell we need her for the reverse spell….” but Swara’s foot on the leaves alerted him that someone was hearing him but afraid of the situation now Swara just started running.

‘Who was that boy talking to?’
‘Spell??? Reverse Spell??’
“Talk about weird level on the weird-o-meter” she muttered running as fast as she could but was halted to a stop when banged into someone and screamed her lungs out.


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