SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 11


Blood Bound
Chapter 11 – Dreams Or….. Memories

My whole being was seeking for something still unknown which might confer meaning upon the banality of life.
C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Swara skipping happily reached Sanskaar’s classroom and opened the tight classroom door with a forceful thud and merrily sang “SANSKAAAAAR…..” but noticed that there were still a few students sitting in his class.

‘What the hell! he told me he had lunch break at this time but then why are there students present here?! This is soo embarrassing, Think Swara… think something fast everybody is looking at you weirdly’

Sanskaar looking at Swara’s face and expression could barely suppress his laughter but the murderous way Swara was looking at him right now it was better not to laugh at her cute looks.

“Errm Sanskaar Sir, May I?” She said finally composing herself.

Sanskaar suppressed a smile and nodded.

“Have a seat Miss. Boss, let me just clear these few doubts for them and then I will help you with yours.” Swara nodded and waited for him to finish patiently.

“Siiiirrrr will you please help me with this one doubt” One of his students said while trailing her fingers up his arms. Swara felt a surge of jealousy ‘How dare she! How dare she flirt with my Sanskaar. My Sanskaar! where the hell did that come from Swara… He is not yours control.. control take a deep breath’ she thought while exhaling deeply.

“Ms. Laura I suggest you keep your hands to yourself and leave I think your doubts have been solved” Said Sanskaar sighing.

Laura and her group of girls left after being embarrassed.

Sanskaar smirked at Swara and locked it his classroom from inside so that no one could enter unannounced. Swara’s eyes widened and she gulped.

“So Miss. Bose let’s start” Swara nodded and took her notes out.

“Mrs. Angers has given us a new project will you help me prepare dialogues for Romeo and Juliet play??”

Sanskaar nodded, “I would be honoured to be your Romeo, my princess” he mock bowed.
Swara stuck her tongue out at him which made Sanskaar laugh.

“Let’s begin with the poetry first we have to make a short one para poetry in the abcd format which means there can be no rhyming words and the topic is heart/love” Sanskaar nodded and started racking his brains.

“My heart beats for you, Day and Night it weeps for you…
My eyes are the window to my soul,
Look into it and you will find a well of emotions.
I can die a thousand deaths for you if it means you will be mine for all the lives after.”

Swara intently listened to the words and by the time he finished she clutched her head and fainted.

“Jaan lets play a game we will create a poetry one line you then one line me and repeat, Okay?”

“Your wish my command” he fake bowed.

You start the female pouted.

“As madame wishes” he said and kissed her pout making her giggle.
‘Oh how he loved that sound’

“My heart beats for you, Day and Night it weeps for you..” he said looking into her eyes.

Blushing she replied, “My eyes are the window to my soul,
Look into it and you will find a well of emotions”

Smiling he continued, “I can die a thousand deaths for you if it means you will be mine for all the lives after”

The girl just smiled and kissed the male with such intensity that even in her dream Swara felt like she was intruding on in a private scene.

Slowly Swara opened her eyes feeling light tapping on her cheeks and saw relief shining in Sanskaar eyes. “What is it with you and fainting Swara?! It’s hardly been a week you’ve been here and you have fainted for more times can I count” Sanskaar said shouting a little.

“Jeez Sanskaar calm down will you?! If I had a choice I sure as well wouldn’t be fainting.” She said trying to get up but Sanskaar was holding her so tightly it was impossible for her to do so.

“Don’t scream Swara I am saying all this only because I care for you” He looked like he wanted to say something else too but chose not to and Swara in this condition dint feel like dwelling on it so she let it go”

“Why?” she asked simply.

“What why?” he asked back.

“Why do you care what happens to me? I mean we have just met you possibly could not care that much right”

Instead of replying to her question he simply pressed his lips to hers just a little peck and placed his forehead leaning on hers. Swara’s eyes widened what was wrong with Sanskaar he was her teacher for God’s sake they could not go around kissing each other.. it was soooo wrong ‘but then why did it feel so right?!’ her heart argued. Oh for f**k sake so what we both are attracted to each other and we both are legal so why not!

Swara just grabbed the collar of his shirt and pressed her lips to his. She sucked on his lower lips he bit her lower lip hard which made her gasp and just then at the perfect opportunity his tongue entered his mouth for what seemed like an eternity their tongues played hockey with each other. When they both felt the need to breath both of them came up for air.

As soon as their lips parted Sanskaar seemed to cone back to his senses his eyes widened as if he was horrified by what just happened.

‘Way to go Swara he just seems disgusted and so your first string of kisses go down the drain.’

Sanskaar quickly muttered some excuse and left as fast as he could.


Swara was reading her favourite genre ebook on her laptop – ‘Vampires’

She just loved reading those Vampire and Human love stories. How those Vampire heroes pledge their undying love to their heroines and those heroines sacrificing their human souls for them. How she wished if she could find a vampire boyfriend too and instantly her thoughts ran towards her s*xy professor ‘Don’t go there Swara’ she reminded the look on Sanskaar’s face after their kiss and shook her head to herself of his thoughts.

Instantly a thought to research popped up in her mind and she thought ‘why not, it would be so much fun’

So she opened her browser and typed Vampires but what all she found was quite boring so she kept on scrolling down but she suddenly noticed ‘Attacks in Canada’ ‘Pixies’ ‘Werewolves’ related searches but the attacks one piped her interest and which seemed like it was related to her report so she opened the link.

‘Certain accidents have been reported near the forest area in Canada about some mysterious attacks. No Victim has survived till date and their bodies have been found drained of blood. Some people claim noticing someone lurking around in the jungle area and some claim them to be Vampires. We thereby warn and request you to not go into the jungle area alone or at night time’

There was more written but Swara stopped reading after this para yesterday night she had found Rajat in the same condition as described in this article but Vampire seriously she could not grasp the concept of Vampires lurking around in Canada or in fact anywhere outside here romance novels.

Was it really a Vampire or some wannabe serial killer but then why would they drain the victims of their blood. Shit! this was even more dangerous and mysterious than she thought. She had to inform Adarsh about this.

She quickly picked up her phone and dialled Addy’s number but just then there was a knock at the door promising herself that sue would call him later she set her phone down and opened the door.

It was Kavya and Ragini. “Come on in” said Swara and opened her door wide for them to enter. Ragini noticed her laptop on her bed

“What were you doing Swara?”

“Oh nothing much just researching about Romeo and Juliet play Mrs. Angers’s new assignment aarrgghh I would love it if she would magically disappear”

“Ohh come on Swara she can’t be that bad”

“Ohh trust me she is the worst person on this planet” Suddenly Swara noticed Kavya was too quite to be herself today.

“Oh Hello madam what’s wrong with you today? why are you sooo quite?”

“Nothing Swara its just.. nothing let it be.. I am fine.. everything’s fine” Kavya sulked.

Swara and Ragini looked at each other and shrugged. Whenever Kavya was ready she would tell them what is wrong.

“Guys has it ever happened to you that you had a dream but you felt it was just like a memory” Swara asked trailing a little.

Kavya raised her brows.

“Ahm ahm something you want to tell us Swara darling”

“No its just something I heard today and then I fainted and had a dream.. I could not see the faces of the people in my dream but it was a couple and very much in love spending sometime together”

“what about it is troubling you so much Swara?” Ragini asked.

“I dont know it’s just that thinking about it fills me up some strange kind of longing like I am missing something like something is very wrong but I dont know what” She grumbled holding her aching head.

“It’s okay Swara if it’s really some memory some or tue other day your memories will clear the fog” Said Ragini trying to console her.

“And if it’s a dream try to finish watching it tonight” Kavya added with a wink.

At which both Swara and Ragini looked at each other discreetly picked up a pillow respectively and started hitting Kavya.

“Okay Okay thats enough I apologise” They stopped hitting her and burst in fits of laughter. Kavya narrowed her brows threw pillows at them each ran downstairs to save herself locking Swara and Ragini in Swara’s room.

Swara and Ragini laughed at Kavya’s antiques and hi-fi’ed each other. After a few minutes when their laughter died down and they had calmed themselves.

“Aacha Swara get ready we are going for a movie tonight” Ragini informed her.

“And you are telling this to me now?”

“Yaa well me and Kavya had come to inform you about that only we but as you know we got distracted at which both of them smirked at each other.

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