SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 10

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Blood Bound
Chapter 10 Danger

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but
for the heart to conquer it.
Rabindranath Tagore, Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore

Swara ran in the direction from which she heard the scream past caring about what must have caused the scream if someone was really in trouble she could not leave to tend for themselves that was just against her basic nature. Swara couldn’t not help a person when they needed help.

Without thinking she just ran and ran into tue jungle it felt like an urgency that she had to reach there soon no matter the cost and what she saw there sent chilled shivers down her spine. Rajat lying there almost bloodless. Swara let out a loud shout her eyes widened i surprise, shock and fear to see her friend in that position.

She heard some ruffling of leaves same like on the day she had been attacked and could see the shadow of a person and so like she also does without she followed that person because she was sure sue had screamed loud enough for people at the party to hear and so someone would definitely come and see Rajat and help him in time but right now she had to find that person.

“Hey you wait there! come back” Swara shouted at the shadow of that person and ran behind it.

It is often said that people take right decisions when they have less time to ponder over their decisions and so without thinking much Swara just followed that person believing that if anywhere there is a God he would surely protect her.

Swara ran wildly behind the shadow she had seen but to her it felt she would not be able to keep up with their speed and also she hoped that till now someone must have come to help Rajat. She din’t know if she was right in leaving him behind injured but she did what came to mind.

Thats when she noticed how much of a big mistake she had made. She stepped on a big rock in an awkward position and slipped over it hitting her head hard on some sharp rock pieces.

Bad Luck? clumsiness? twice Swara could not believe her luck this was the second time she hurt head this weak running behind some mysterious shadow and today, today she could have caught them but here she was injured and she did not even know if someone would come and help her or even if someone had helped Rajat or not. She prayed for someone to come as she knew she was in condition to get up and reach the party area.

How hard would it have been to think before she had just mindlessly run into the forest but no if she hadnt run Rajat could be dead if she would have not reached on time. ‘Who was that person? Why was he/she trying to kill people in the forest?’ Whith these thoughts in her mind she was finally feeling like just closing her eyes and sleeping for a very long time that’s when she felt someone shaking her hard and when she forcefully opened her half closed her her eyes only noticed one person – Sanskaar.

He held her as gently as possible and placed her head on his lap slightly tapping her cheeks to make her come to senses but she was far more seriously injured.

Sanskaar had heard her scream and noticed that it had come from inside the forest and so he, Ran and Laksh had run into the forest when they noticed an unconscious and pale Rajat lying on the ground. Ram took his responsibility and took him out of the forest as quickly as possible it looked like Rajat had lost a lot of blood and he was in dire need of blood. Whereas Sanskaar without caring for anything ran further inside the forest in search of Swara with Laksh towing behind him.

His heart had been beating frantically. Swara was in some danger and every passing second was increase the danger for her thats when he saw her half unconscious on the floor and big gash on her forehead which looked like it would need several stitches.

He tapped on her cheeks again.
“Swara, Swara please listen to me. Please don’t close your eyes, Please” he said.

Swara tried very hard to keep her eyes open.

“I… can….’t … I am feeling… too sleepy, please uhh let me sleep now” she tired to say but it was becoming very difficult for her to say anything.

“Noo! please no Swara don’t close your eyes, Please keep them open for me?”

Swara tried to smile even though it hurt like hell to even work up a smile. “Trying to order me even now, Sir?” but Sanskaar could see she was losing the battle and closed her eyes. Sanskaar and rushed her to his house as fast as possible while Ram was already waiting there for them with Durga and Annapoorna tending to an injured Rajat.

Sanskaar was sitting on the rocking chair in the great hall of his home sweet home next to the fire but the fire did nothing to calm his nerves. He had done all he could to save her and she was fine now but still unconscious and Sanskaar felt like he was dying every moment she was unconscious.

Here Swara opened her eyes to a somewhat familiar environment.
“Not again” she groaned. This was the third time she was waling up in this house in a week. ‘Way to go Swara’ she muttered to herself.

She noticed she was not wearing any bandages but she clearing remembered hitting her head to a rock or something similar and who had been that creature which had attacked Rajat so viciously.

‘Rajat’ She thought and her eyes widened and within a fraction of second she scrambled off tue bed and tried to rush outside to check up on Rajat’s condition. He had been almost near death but as soon as she got up she almost fainted and was about to fall but she felt string secure arms wrapped around her and tried to flutter her eyes open and saw a pair of blue eyes staring right back at her.

Sanskaar picked her up in his arms and placed her back on the bed before she could protest.

“What is wrong with you Swara?! First of all you had to rush into a forest in the middle of the blo*dy night and then you go and get yourself injured and may I add again! What is it with you and forest?!” He screamed at her his eyes jet black his blue eyes lost somewhere. Swara did not recognise this Sanskaar and it scared her.

Swara got teary and when Sanskaar turned back and noticed her tears and sighed and tried to calm himself down.
His eyes turned back to his normal ones. Swara was safe but he had damn near lost her again.

“I am sorry Swara I don’t know what happened to me and I lost control and shouted on you so badly, I am sorry” he said. Swara bit her lips and chewed on them but nodded any which ways.

“How is Rajat? Where is he? I want to see him!” She enquired.

“Rajat is absolutely fine Swara and he is at your apartment but you are not going anywhere till I check you up again and give you a green signal”

Swara narrowed her eyes at him. There, he was his bossy self again. “I am going to check up on him that’s it” she stated.

“Even if you try to step one foot out of this bed and I will not hesitate to tie to this bed and do not take this lightly I will if I have to”

“you wouldn’t!” horrified she tried to test the water.

“Do not try my patience Swara. Your nearly died yesterday night and you need bed rest and you are getting one at any cost”

Swara huffed and stuck her tongue out at him.

“I suggest you keep that tongue to yourself unless you want me to suck on them and let me tell you Swara, I wouldn’t mind doing so” Swara gasped and muttered under her breath “blo*dy arrogant” and crossed her hands over her chest which made Sanskaar let out a throaty laugh.

After a long minute if silence it was Swara who broke it.

“How did you find me in the forest Sanskaar?”

Sanskaar stiffened it had been one of the most terrifying moment if his life. “Me, Ram and Laksh were discussing something and walking along the boundary of the jungle when we heard you scream. We ran as fast we could and found Rajat lying on the ground Ram took him back and me and Laksh ran to find you” Swara shivered at the intensity in his tone.

“You were still conscious when we found you but you were slipping into unconsciousness fast and so we rushed and brought you here.” His mind faraway.

“Why here and why not a hospital?” She asked.

“Did you really want a police case in your plate Swara?” He asked in a duh-uh tone.

Swara sighed but shook her head and thanked her lucky stars that Sanskaar had come on time and saved her she guessed she owed him her life.

Sanskaar gave her a heavy dose of medicines so that she would sleep and rest. After a few hours of more resting he took her back to her Apartment. He wanted to come inside and settle her in but he knew her other friends must he here too and since he was her teacher he would have no way to explain what was she doing with him.

“Your friend Rajat is already inside and doing fine. Please do not go into tue jungle alone again” he said with sincerity in his voice.

She knew he was worried about her so she agreed.

“I wont promise Sanskaar but one thing next time I will be very careful. I know you saved my life. If you hadn’t reached on time me and Rajat would would have died”

Sanskaar stepped closer to her and brushed a strand of hair away from her cheeks.

“you are the bravest woman I have ever meet” Swara breathed heavily his closeness affecting her. His lips inching closer to hers. she was awaiting it finally she would be able to taste his lips but surprisingly he moved passed her lips and kissed her cheeks lightly and pressed his forehead to hers, sighed and left and little confused Swara.

Swara entered the house and quickly went to check up on Rajat. He was still a little weak but a lot better than how he was looking last night. He had a little colour back on his face.

Rajat caught hold of her hand and thanked her.

” Thank you so much Swara, I don’t know what would have happened if you had not come there on time”

Swara shook her head. “It was Ram Sir who saved you”

“But if it wasn’t for your scream they would have never come and I would have died there and because of me you could have also died there”

“Just forget about it Rajat and take some rest” she said and she left to rest for a while in her own room. She decided to skip her lectures for today.

At around evening time there was a knock on her door. It was Ragini.

“See Swara I have brought some soup for you it will help you recoup.” Ragini said.

“Thank you Ragini” she said and started eating the soup.

“You scared some serious shit out of us Swara, what was the need to rush inside the forest alone. we could have had lost you” Ragini said sobbing.

“Please Ragini not you too I am fine and see if I hadn’t gone then Rajat could have died. Let’s just thank God that me and Rajat both are safe and sound and move on” Swara pouted.

“Okay! Okay! I wont hassle you about it anymore” Ragini sighed and left her to have her soup in peace.

“Laksh I am worried about her, her being in constant danger was one of the reason for Sanskaar to do what he did and now that finally their destiny is giving them one more chance all this is happening again.” Ragini said worriedly.

“Rags I know you are worried about them but they have to fight this battle in their own. Sanskaar has to realise that fighting together is better than fighting alone and also I don’t know what will be Swara’s reaction after knowing the truth”

“I hope she will forgive him due to blood promise their bond is growing stronger and stronger each day, she won’t even realise and they will have a created a bond deeper than life and death.”

“I know Ragini, I am worried for Sanskaar and Swara after so many years Sanskaar has finally found peace and happiness I don’t him to lose it all over again.”

Ragini sighed and kissed Laksh to calm his nerves. Ragini prayed just like how she had found happiness Swara would too.

After a good night’s sleep Swara felt well rested and as fresh as a daisy. Today she had poetry class and she was dreading it like no other.

“So class I have already decided your first assignment for this year” Mrs. Digger their teacher said with an almost evil smile on her face atleast that is what Swara felt.

“You will have to perform on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and though it’s a drama rather than poetry this assignment will carry 40 marks from this semester.” Swara’s eyes widened. ‘Great now dramatics along with poetry, can I just kill you Addy!’ she thought sarcastically.

She had called up Sanskaar yesterday night and asked him to meet her in the library during his free period but he had asked her to collect all the books she might need from the library and meet him in his classroom.

Swara felt someone pull her into an empty classroom she was about to shout but when she saw who it was her face immediately broke into a smile and hugged Parineeta.

“Ohh God Pari! What are you doing here?! Oh silly me Addy had informed me he was sending you here? but how did he agree to let you away from him?”

“Bas, bas enough of you interrogation Swara atleast take a breath in between oh and by the way he din’t agree but you know papaji once he says something thats suppose to be final so how are you?! Adarsh has been so worried about”

“I am fine Pari I seriously am. Please tell Addy not to worry about me and I will create a sensational news on this report but just that I will need a little more time than I initially thought I would require”

Parineeta hesitated but nodded and left.

Swara remembering that she had to meet Sanskaar happily skipped towards his classroom.

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