SwaSan FF Blood Bound – Chapter 16

Blood Bound – 20 Questions
Chapter 16

You know when you think you know someone? More than anyone in the world? You know you know them, because you’ve seen them, like, for real. And then you reach out, and suddenly they are just… gone. You though you belonged together. You thought they were yours, but they’re not. You want to protect them, but you can’t.
Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead

Swara and Sanskaar were nicely seated on the large sofa in Sanskaar’s living room their legs stretched on the sofa Sanskaar leaning against the headrest with his eyes closed while Swara sitting on his lap leaning against him.

“Sanskaar?” she said sleepily.

“hmmm” he answered his hands on her waist and holding her as if his life depended on it… it had been soo long and was yearning for her love, her touch, her care and he had lost all that because of his silly plan of trying to stay away from her.

“I was thinking how little do we know each other” she said.

“I know you better than you think I know you, little one”

“Really, you think you know me so well?” she asked her brows raised in question.

“I sure do honey!” he said a small smile playing on his lips but his eyes were still closed.

“Okay then let’s play 20 questions, what say?” she got up from his lap excitedly.

“And I liked you sitting on my lap better” Sanskaar said with a pout.

“And I could feel your buddy’s excitement there” Swara said pointedly with a smirk and Sanskaar actually looked a little embarrassed looking down at himself.

‘Way to embarrass ourself buddy’

“Well I was just kidding Sanskaar” She said acting like she was actually thinking about it ” Naah I think I feel special that looking at me could do this to you.. you’re in for a cold shower honey” she added smirking full on.

“How about we skip the cold shower and you could maybe do something for it” Now it was Sanskaar turn to smirk and Swara’s face had turned even more red than a tomato.

“How about you get me something more comfortable to change into and I cook us dinner till then and then we can play twenty questions?” Swara said but now her confidence gone and she was blushing profusely fidgeting with the end of her dress.

“Okay.. Okaay” He raised his hands in I give up manner and kissed her on the cheek while Swara was still blushing hard.

Swara was in the kitchen busy preparing some noodles and pasta for them when Sanskaar returned with a large oversize shirt of his.
Swara looked at him questionably.

“Sorry this is about the only thing I could find that would fit you” for which by the way he din’t look sorry at all.

“And you din’t have any pyjama’s that could fit me?” she asked narrowing her eyes at him.

“Na most of them are soo oversized that they would fall off your hips not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it but I din’t think you would enjoy it” he said with a shrug.

Swara stuck out her tongue at him and taking the shirt from his hand went to change into it.

“I wont mind if you’d rather change here” he shouted after her.

“Sanskaar if you keep up with those I might just end up murdering you tonight”

Swara could hear the sound of his laughter as she entered his room to change.

Swara and Sanskaar were comfortably seated on the dinner table eating the delicious noodles and pasta prepared by Swara and sipping onto the wine Sanskaar had removed from his wine collection.

“So shall we begin?” Swara asked clapping her hands excitedly.

“You first” Sanskaar said nodding.

“Your favourite colour?” She asked grinning.

“wait wait let me guess that one” Swara said quickly not giving Sanskaar a chance to say anything.

“Go ahead Ms. Bose” Sanskaar said in mock exasperation.

“Black?!” She said guessing.

Sanskaar rolled his eyes “How did you ever guess”

Swara tapped a finger on her chin, “Well let me see.. you mostly wear black clothes, your car is black and also most of the furniture in your house is black”

“Acha now my turn, your favourite colour is blood red am I right?”

Swara’s smile vanished “Yeah it is but don’t ask me why because I don’t remember why” Ofcourse Sanskaar knew why but it was not like he could actually tell her so Sanskaar he placed a hand on her shoulder “It’s okay Swara don’t stress about it” Swara smiled back at him shaking her head.

“So the next question, your favourite food?”

Now it was turn for Sanskaar’s smile to vanish he so did not want to lie to Swara but now was not the time.. he could not actually tell her everything she might suffer from a rush of memories and he din’t think that was a safe option so he decided to lie atleast for now’ he thought.

“I love Indian cuisine”

Swara’s smile widened “Ditto”

“Your turn” said Swara.

“How about we keep these questions aside for now and I kiss you senseless instead!” though it sounded like Sanskaar was asking her about it he did not let Swara think or even answer back because as soon as those words came out from his mouth he slammed his lips to hers.

Swara forgot to breath for a second every time he kissed her it felt like the first time. His kiss never did leave her mind capable of thinking anything else.

Sanskaar stood up with Swara in his arms and she instantly wrapped her slender legs around his torso. Suddenly the clothes between them were too overrated he carried them over to the sofa and placed Swara on it all the while on leaving her lips even for once hungrily kissing her essence. He let go off her lips but only to remove his shirt and continued kissing her right away.

His hands roaming over her legs and then he suddenly clutched her thighs which made Swara moan out loudly. It was taking all his self control not to just take her right now, right here and he groaned in response.

“Swara… we.. uhh … need to stop” He said in between their kisses.

“Stop?” she groaned. “Why do we have to stop ?!I love kissing you”

“While I do agree.. but you are not ready for what’s next I think we better stop before you little minx make me lose my control” he said chuckling.

“Okay” Swara pouted “but you soo have to cuddle me… that’s your punishment”

“hmmm… I think I love this punishment” he said and slept besides her taking her in his arms and cuddling her just like she want wanted. His chest touching her back and his face in her hair.


“Stop shaking your leg Swara” Sam said irritatedly.

“Why aren’t Lakshya and Kavya here yet?” Swara asked Ragini ignoring Sam and his glares.

“I don’t know Swara! just that this morning Lakshya said that they had some family emergency come up this morning and they had to go”

“Maybe that’s why Sanskaar’s class was cancelled today” Swara thought.

Ragini clicked her fingers in front of Swara “Hello where did you go again.. back to Earth Madam” Swara just shook her head.

‘If there was any family emergency why din’t Sanskaar tell me anything about it this morning’ she thought. ‘There’s definitely something fishy going on between these Maheshwari’s even Sanskaar’s friend Ram Sir was missing’ She shook her head and thought about a quick trip to the library to finish her assignments.

“Hey where are you going?” it was Sahil who asked her. Swara din’t know why but she seriously din’t like Sahil nosing around in her business.

“Just going to the library to finish up my assignments”

“Wait I’ll accompany you” he replied.

“Hey I thought you had football practice in 10”

“Oh yeah” Sahil faked a smile. “Sorry go ahead Swara.. see you around later.”

“Miss where can I find the accounting books?” She asked the librarian.

“Go straight, 3 row from your right” the stuck up librarian said uninterestedly and went back to her business totally ignoring Swara once again.

Swara threw her a dirty look and went about her way.

But on her way she saw mystical section and the looked so much more interesting then accounts right now that she walked towards that isle.

A book fell down and she bent forward to pick it up and a letter fell out from it. Swara picked it up and opened the neatly folded paper to read it.

I saw them.. I saw them… they suck out the life out of people. They would have killed me too if I had not agreed to give a little of my very rare blood. You see I am diabetic and a diabetics but manna for them. ‘Them’ you might be wondering who is this them.. They live like us, amongst us.. they are vampires.. though I am very sure creatures like werewolves, pixies, witches exist too.. you see they survive on human blood. They have been lurking around this university seen years… and impersonating humans. I lived with them for a whole week supplying them with my blood obediently so that they would just let me go. The pain I felt felt when he bit me.. it was excruciating.. I couldn’t bear it.. I wanted to kill myself but my will to live was much more stronger. I am writing this experience that one day some one would read it and these creatures could be exposed to the world for them see and come out from the bubble they live in.. I don’t have the courage to do it.. Hoping someone else has it. For I know my days are numbered.

It was dated 6 months back. Swara wanted to investigate more about it but this sounded more like someone’s imaginary story but hadn’t she com up with same results when she was researching about the recent attacks.

‘uff Swara you are no longer working on it.. infact Adarsh himself said his dad made up the case’

Suddenly her phone rang cutting through the silence in the library she quickly answered her phone and stepped outside to talk.

“Swara.. your brother.. Shaurya.. he fell down from the school building.. He is in the hospital please come fast”

Swara quickly left for the hospital.

There lay her brother unconscious looking so pale from the loss of blood by bleeding it all out by his fall from the building.

“How is he now dad?” Swara asked tears leaking from her eyes.

Shekhar rubbed her back trying to calm her.

“Hey.. baby doll he is fine.. he is quite a strong head.. just lost a little blood other wise he is fine”

Shekhar din’t know how to tell Swara that her only surviving relative, her brother was attacked by some ferocious creature.

Though Shaurya and Swara were not their kids but in these past 6 months they had grown up on them and now they were just like their own kids to them and seeing Shaurya like this was breaking Shekhar and Sharmishtha and they vowed to break the bones of whoever tried to mess with their son.


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