SwaSan ff : Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna.. ( Episode 3 )

Hello everyone.. Hw r u all? M sry I knw m very late.. Bt I was ill so couldn't post.. Now I'll try to post regularly all my stories if possible. Here's link of last epi –
Episode 2

It's another morning, good or bad, we never knw.. Swara was sleeping on couch itself.. hell tired.. Sanskar come out of his room.. He looked at her.. for some time.. And moved towards kitchen. Hearing some sounds from kitchen,  swara's sleep got disturbed. She woke up.. And saw Sanskar doing something in kitchen.. She gets up quickly and get inside kitchen. She saw Sanskar grabbed some food for him.. She tried to talk..

Swara's POV –

I saw him grabbing some food for him.
"Do you want me to make something for you?" I asked. I felt like making him food so we could have breakfast together. It was just a small gesture.

"I don't want anything from your dirty hands.. And what the hell happened to your face. Look at yourself! " He said looking disgustful at me and walked out of there.. I felt tears prickle my eyes but they were already gone before even falling.. I was used to these words so I wasn't shocked when he said it.. And besides, why should one cry because of the truth? I smiled sadly at myself and made my way to the bathroom.

When I stood infront of mirror, I got what Sanskar meant! I was looking horrible. Eyes were all swollen and red due to crying.. dark circles under eyes.. kajol and liner was all spreaded.. messy hairs.. Of course! He was right.. I walked back to his room and grabbed my clothes out of closet. I took shower and come out wearing my clothes. He was doing breakfast silently.. When I reached near table he got up from his sit and said, " I'm going.." without looking at me and went out.. I sighed and made my way to kitchen to make something for me to eat..


Unknown pov –

Everything would have got ruined yesterday, dammit!!! Wat the hell.. wat I thought and wats happening.. Now I shd be careful while taking next steps.. I have to execute my plan soon.. I have to talk to them as soon as possible.

Unknown person : Hello..

Opposite person : ………..

Up : We hv to be extra careful..

Op : ……….

Up : we'll meet him in Cafe Lemon at sharp 6. We shd finalised our plan..

Op : ……….

Up : Okay.. ( call ends ) Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! Get ready.. ( smirked )


Sanskar was sitting in his office all lost in his thoughts..

Sanskar's POV –

Life is so unpredictable.. Me, The Sanskar Maheshwari! No. 1 business tycoon in kolkata. Instead of having parents, an orphan.. who vowed not to marry ever.. now married. Who used to hate girls.. wait.. Did I just said USED TO? NO!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING.. I STILL HATE GIRLS.. ALL GIRLS ARE SAME.. U CAN'T FALL WEAK SANSKAR.. NOO!!! ( he took the glass placed over there and throw it on floor making several pieces )

Later in evening –

Swara was sitting on couch watching tv.. Though she was in no mood but she didn't have any work. So to divert herself from all kind of thoughts and most importantly, from her past, she kept on seeing tv while changing channels.. But, as we all know, the more we tried to divert our mind, the more we cm near to that topic.. all over again.. Finally she switched off tv and rested her head on couch closing her eyes..

Swara's POV –

It was nearly evening.. I didn't have my lunch..  Well, it was quite common for me.. I used to get little food for breakfast and sometimes not even dinner.. So I always sneaked out in the middle of night to eat some leftovers.. Gini secretly managed to keep something for me to eat.. And I used to eat whatever I get while Gini used to keep an eye on everyone if any1 coming to kitchen or not.. I felt some tears on my cheek remembering those days but I wiped them and proceed towards kitchen for dinner..

When I was about to proceed to bed I heard front door. Someone stepped inside and I thought it was Sanskar. Then I heard something breaking so I made my way over to it. I was shocked to see the scene.. Sanskar almost fell down and the smell of alcohol hit
me like a truck. It was so disgusting and it made me remember my past memories.. He was drunk!! Now he was going to punch me, beat me.. I knew it.. It is what my brother and father always did.. My hands became sweaty but I ignored it. He looked at me for a long time and made his way over to me.. I started moving backwards unknowingly.. He looked at me with wide eyes before smirking.. " Aren't you thinking that I'm gonna beat u?" He said,still smirking.. I was confused and scared.. I stood still.. I dint move. Scared that he would expload.. If I moved or said anything, he would start it.. That was always what happened with me earlier..

" Say something.." He said, wanting to take some reaction out of me.. tears began to blurr my eyes.. I let out the breath I was holding..

" What do u want me to say..?" I asked quietly.. He looked at me for sometime and then tried to make his way to his bedroom but he fell.. I sighed and helped him up and brought him to his bed. I was scared that he would do something to me but he didnt. I took his shoes off, covered him with a blanket. After that I went to my bed and slept..

When I was in deep sleep I heard voises. Someone was actually screaming.. I woke up trying to figure out if it was real or in my dreams.. I listened closely and then realised its real.. Infact, it was him.. SANSKAR!!! I rushed to his room. Thankfully he didn't locked it. I opened the door and was shocked..

He was having nightmare.. He was all sweating.. He was throwing hands in air like he was fighting with someone.. I went near him and grabbed his hands..

" No.. n.. no.. don't! " he was screaming the whole time.. I was trying my best to make him awake.. but it didn't work.. I was shaking him taking his name, hoping he could open his eyes.. but no response! " Sanskarr.. Sanskaarr.. !" I shaked him.. But he was only screaming NO all over again and again.. Then he said something that caught my attention and stopped me from trying to wake him up..

" Shreya.. please..!!! " He said.. Who was SHREYA? His girlfriend? And what was he seeing??? So many questions popped up in my mind..

Episode ends.

Precap : What do u think?? ?


Here comes another twist!
Who's shreya?
What's her relation with Sanskaar?
Hehe.. keep thinking..

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