SwaSan FF – Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (part 1) (By ZuZu)

# Aur_Pyaar_Ho_Gaya

# part_1 – # Entries

Location # Bulgaria

Time – 2:30 pm

Noises from d crowd

“Rockstar” “Rockstar”

Atmosphere was totally filled with d noise of crowd..
“Rockstar” “Rockstar”

A boy playing guitar… turned face towards d crowd…

Boy had a dazzling personality…. with a great attitude… Wearing a red jacket n a black jeans with a really hot hair style suited to his personality… with a electric guitar in his hands…

As he turned audience were full in cheerful mood to praise him..
“Sanskaar ” “Sanskaar” “Sanskaar”
The crowd was mostly filled with girls… N y should not be.. He is so handsome and dashing.. Even am a very big fan of “Rockstar Sanskaar”

Rockstar made d crowd silent by showing d hand..
As der was silence from audience the concert been on air..
He began to sing… with so much of love n passion.. This was d main thing d girls falls for him the most… his charm.. voice..his dazzling eyes..hotness with lots of cuteness..

? Labon pe baat thi reh gayi
Zameen thi adoori beh gayi
Wo..u wo…..ho…wo..u wo
Khoya tu rah kho gayi
Dhoondu tujhe mil jaa kahin
Lafz de thoda thoda vaise detaja…
Yaad de thodi thodi jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri mere jeene ki dua ?

He was singing with lots of attention closing his eyes…

? Tujh bin.. khali din khali khali dhadkanein
Tujh bin khoye khoye
Feeki feeki khushbuein aake dekh tu
Tujhbin kaise hum jiyein
Yaadon ke nishaan
Apne seene mein liye
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki duaa
Yaadein teri…
Yaadein teri..!! ?

As soon as song completed…
Sound buzz in d air “Once more.. Once more.. Once more”

Another melodious song got started….

? tanha na ghooma, galliyan sehar
aaya khyal tera, aayi na tu nazar
aayi na tu nazar, aayi na tu nazar…
is dil ki aaj mai lelo khabar
darde isse hai jaano mai kya
dhoonde jise hai meri nazar
koi to deda uska pata
Oh meri jindagi
takra ja tu mujhse kahi
Oh meri jindagi
takra ja tu mujhse kahi
mujh se kahin Oh meri jindagi
takra ja tu mujhse kahi
Oh meri jindagi
tu hai meri awargi
jis din tu mujhe mil jayegi
thum jayegi meri awargi
Awargi. .. Awargi. ..!! ?

He was totally enjoying his talent n seeing d fan following for him…


Location – # Mumbai_India

Time – 5:00 pm

A girl was waiting for taxi out of her collage…

As soon as she can get d auto she was surrounded with group of her friends..

Neha – ” Swara kaha jaa rahi h”

Swara -” ghar neha air kaha”

Avinaash-” Common swara bhul gai aaj hume bahar dinner k lie jana h”

Swara – “bt Avi Aaj hume assignment mila h how can we go?”

Rhiddhima-” Kya swara hamesa book worm bani rhti h..”

Swara – ” Ridz tuje b pata h am not a book worm bt jitna jaldi assignment khatam ho utna acha hoga na”

Niel -” Haa SWARA I Knw Dat BT Aaj Hume jaana Hoga Plzz No mat bolna”

Samrat-” yes swara they are ryt we have to go Dats itt”

Swara – ” Ok ok hum jaa rahe bt abi it’s 5 to nly na hum abi toh ghar jaa kar phir milte h mai frsh b ho jaungi”

Ridz- ” Ohk we will pick u at 8 ok”
Swara – “Ohk Ridz ”

Location – #Bulgaria

After some spontaneous hits concert came to an end…

Sanskaar left d stage went back stage to his green room… with his PA Sidharth (Sid) less PA more best friend…

It was almost 5:00 in balgaria…

Sid -” Sanskaar kya performance dee h tune Awsm… Kitni ladkiyan marti h tuj par..”

Aanya -” Woh toh h sid… Mera sanskaar h hi esa…”

Sid-” Aanya tum wht a pleasant surprise”

Aanya goes to sanskaar n hugs him…

Sanskaar face is towrds sis.. Aanya is facing his back to sud while hugging sanskaar…

Sanskaar hugs her back bt in pressure so dat she dnt feels bad.. n looks at sid in an expression like “Wht dude ek musibat h ye”

Sid expression back to him like “Wht can I do yaar” (Helplessly)
Dey break hug…

Aanya (Aanu)-” Congratulations baby”

Sanskaar gives a friendly smile..
Aanya gets a call and she leaves d place to attend d call…

Sid-” Sanskaar tuje aanya achi nai lagti h kya?… I think she loves you”

Sanskaar – ” No dude not like dat… She is my cousin…I donno weather she loves me or not bt I don’t love her n she is not of my type.. Hamesa esa lagta h j se vo sabke samne show off karna chti h ki she is with me.. not me actually with “Rockstar Sanskaar maheshwari”

Sid-” Hmm donno dat… bt dude tuj pr itni saari ladkiyan marti h bt tu kisi ko b like nai krta kya ??”

Sanskaar -” No dude sab muje nahi meri position…mere status se pyaar krti h..dey love me coz am famous..”

Sid-” Ohk..Tuje k si ladki chiye ?”

Sanskaar – ” Ek esi ladki jo mujsy pyaar kare.. mere paiso status..name fame se nahi”

On other hand in Mumbai swara is getting ready…. as its 7:30 she have to go for dinner with frnds..

Sid-” Aur ?”

Sanskaar – ” Jo modern b ho.. bt sath me sanskaari b ho”

Swara wearing A bueatiful red long frock

Sanskaar – “Jiski aankho se uski achai dikhai deti ho”

On the other hand swara is applying kajal to her eyes… which makes her doe eyes more pretty… her eyes reflect how innocent she is..

Sanskaar – “uski muskurahat dekte hi saare gam bhul jaun”

Swara applying lip gloss to her lips…

She den took her Mobile and purse and left….

She saw some poor children’s haven’t ate frm 1-2 days

Sanskaar -” Jo dusro ki madad kare ”

He is saying all dz smiling… Sid was very happy dat his bst frnd have not became arrogant being a Rockstar

she feels pity on dem n takes them to a wada pau stall n buyed Dinner for dem… dey thanked her..

Sanskaar – “Jiski hasi ki awaz se meri zindagi haseen ban jaaye ”

Swara shakes hand to dat children’s n laughs…

Later she calls… Ridz

Swara – ” Hello Ridz… tu muje lene mat aa I’ll come der in my car.. Papa ne bataya car repair ho gai h so abb me khud aa sakti hu ”

Ridz-” Ohk thik h bt come fast ha plz”

Swara – ” Ha ha ok ill b der soon bye ”

Ridz-” Bye ”

On other side

Sid -“Sanskaar bt esi ladki milegi kaha aaj kal k zamane me? ”

Sanskaar – ” zaroor milegi hogi kahi na kahi jo mere lie bani hogi..”

Sid – ” Let’s c… bt Abi cale van me ..tu rest kr thodi der ok”

Sanskaar – ” ok chal”

Dey went to der Van..

In Mumbai swara took her car n Drove to d place where she n her frndz were planned to have dinner…

Precap-” Guess guys…Tell me wht u want in next part??”

*******To Be Continued*******

So guys here d part 1 is completed… Hwz itt guys…Shall I shud continue or stop itt ?? Plz do tell me Tq


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