SwaSan FF – Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (APHG part 03) (By ZuZu)

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Recap:” Swara got a message on her Fb.. notified Message from Sanskaar Maheswari…
Swara was on dinner with her gang of frnds..
(So guys don’t get confused.. Nw it will b in chats so…)


Swara opens d messenger…
She see d msg..

In Chat:-

Sanskaar – ” Hiii ”

Swara thinking who is he ..

Swara- “Who are you?? Do I know you ?”

Sanskaar – “No I donno you nt I got a message frm u so I replied”

Swara – ” Wht bt I dint sent any of msg to u..den hw can u get ?? (Confused)”

Sanskaar – ” Bt I got so I did.. chk ua inbox”

Swara – ” O Mr der is nothing lyk dat I’ve not sent any.. i checked first itself ”

Sanskaar – ” No am saying truth I got one ”

Swara – ” What nonsense I knw guys lyk u do such tricks n all to talk with girls (Irritated) ”

Sanskaar – ” Wait miss Swara ill shw u d proof den ull come to knw (In anger) ”

All swara’s frnds were having desert..swara was also having it bt her full concentration was in phone..All her frnds were Bzy in talking n fighting to decide where to go for ride…

Der swara was Bzy with her frnds….

Neha saw swara was mind absent n body present sitting der..

Neha took d phn frm her closed it and kept with her….

Swara was shocked by her sudden action..

Swara – ” Kya kr rahi h neha.. give my phn back to me ”

Neha-” Esa b kya h swara ki tu pagal go rahi h phone k lie ?”

Swara don’t want to tell cz she thought this matter has nothing to be shared..so she kept quite said..

Swara – ” Kuch nai h..bt phn to dede”

Neha – ” No abi de dia den fir se ull b lost in dz.. so me tuje phn last me hi dungi…”

Swara – ” Ok thik h”

Bt in Swara’s mind it was running to sout out dz matter..

Due to grabbing of phn by neha frm swara it went to silent mode…

On d other hand sanskaar took d snap shot of d cht where he received msg first frm swara..
He sent it to Swara … bt swara was not able to receive itt cz d phn was with her frnd neha…

Sanskaar – ” See dz picture… n say ki kisne first text kia tha.. me uss typ ka ladka nai hu.. plz dnt misunderstand me”

Sanskaar was waiting fr reply for 5 mints.. bt when he dint received any he thought.. i think must have went offline….

Sanskaar to him self…-“M so tired.. i need rest chl sanskaar thodi der so jaate h”

He went to sleep as he was tired vry much by his buzy schedule…

Der swara n frnds had der deserts n headed to cars for drive..

Neha gestures Niel to do something so sat Sam n swara can go together alone..

Niel-“yaar Hum sab ne toh bikes layi h we can go two two on each abb..We have 3 bikes ”

Avinaash got d point n said -” koi nai sab 2 -2 beth jaate h n swara let ua car b here n neha n Ridz ua also”

Ridz as dumb she said -“Koi baat nai Avi me or swara car ne aate h”

Neha…Niel..n Avinaash gave a anger glare to Ridz..

Then Ridz k dimag ki Batti jali ?

Ridz -“Acha toh n n nai thiiikk h..”

Sam n swara was standing n listing der convo…

Swara – ” Jaldi decide karo guys..tum log b ”

Avinaash – ” Ok toh decided Me n Ridz on one bike…Niel n Neha on one n Sam n swara on one bike (Giving a naughty smile to Sam)

Sam thought-” Oh toh ye in sab ka plan h bt me kya karu am so nervous”

Soon all agreed n Went ro bikes… They all went through d roads which dint have much traffic.. n went on speed..

Sam n swara was on one bike… Sam was expecting her to keep her hand on her shoulder bt she dint do dat.. Sam got sad…As dey were driving fast Sam n swara was first n der frnds were at back..Bike was on high speed a puppy came in middle of road n Sam had to give a quick break…

Due to dz break Swara fallen on sam’s back.. catching his shoulders her hair were dancing on Sam face due to d sudden brk n air too.. Niel..Neha..Avinaash..Ridz came n stopped der n saw dem lyk dat n Winked at each other..

Sam was not in his sense swara was trying to sit her self properly again bt her efforts were in vain as she tried to set her self she again landed on his back..

Neha said to avi in slw voice-“Jo kaam hum nai kar sake ek puppy ne kr dia ”

Avi smiled..

Avi looking at Sam n swara -“Aahem Aahem”

Sam came to his senses n looked at avi …Avi gave him a naughty smile.. Sam helped swara to sit properly..

Swara – ” Am sorry”

Sam-“It’s not ua mistake don’t b sorry plz ”

Dey went all around d city where all d was Sam was seeing swara via bike mirror.. while Swara was enjoying d ride n weather….Seeing her smiling he flt vry happy..
As soon as d ride was completed it was 11..dey went back to restaurant n took der cars..

Neha-“Swara ye le tera phn..”

Neha gave swara’s phn back to her swara took itt n dey wished each other gud ni8 n left…

Swara reaches home n got freshen up.. she went to her bed took her phn..

She saw 2 new msgs frm Sanskaar.. she remembers all dat cht n opened d msg…

Der in Bulgaria sanskaar to got up frm sleep n Took bath to get frsh..
It was nearly 9 in Bulgaria..

Swara saw d picture (Snap of cht) n was surprised.. n confused too… den she thought Bro must have did dz he was playing with my phn in morning n i scolded so much to him (sanskaar) fr d mistake hi did not do..(She felt bad with her behaviour towrds him n thought to apologise him)

In Chat:-

Swara-“Am sorry..i think my bro have did itt n whn i checked d cht it was not dat..Mene buri tarah baat ki tumse am so sorry..”

Sanskaar was out of washroom n he heard his phn beep of msg he opened..He saw notification msg frm Swara Raichand

He thought -“so she is back ”

He rd msgs n smiled

He replied

-“it’s ok”

Swara – ” Tq ”

Sanskaar – ” Thank you fr what ”

Swara – ” For forgiving me ”

Sanskaar -“Oh Dont Be..Acha u replied so late I thought u went cz snt d snap n u dnt wanna reply for dat as u have to apologise..”

Swara – ” No it’s not like dat I was out with my frnds on dinner later we went fr long rides so my reply was late..n apologise toh krna hi tha na.. as I did a mistake n Mafi mangne se insan chota ya bada nai ho jata so ”

Sanskaar was quite impressed by her he wanted to talk her more.. so he replied -“Oh wow rides with frnds must b Amaizing”

Swara became frndly to him n replied -“Yeah n u knw wht a puppy came in frnt of our bike”

Sanskaar – ” R u alright na..In front of bike means u went on bike bt with whom ?”

Swara – ” Yeah am absolutely fine.. We are six na so 2 -2 on each bike I was with Sam..He made a sudden brake bt we were safe”

Sanskaar feel uncomfortable by hearing Sam..

Sanskaar – ” Oh Sam ua Boyfriend ”

Swara – ” No yaar we are just frnds..”

Sanskaar became happy.. As she was sharing her life with him..

Sanskaar – ” Oh ok..So kya hum frnds ban sakte h?”

Swara – ” Yeah y not sure ”

Sanskaar – ” Tq miss swara”

Swara -” Oh hello Mr..don’t talk to me (In anger)”

Sanskaar (Confused )
-“Wht happend all of sudden nw u said we can b frnds”

Swara – ” Dats y am saying dz … Friendship me no sorry no thank you got itt”

Sanskaar laughed -” Ok ok madam no sorry no tq”

Swara – ” Acha Sanskaar listen it’s late nw c u tmrw gud ni8 sd tc”
Sanskaar – ” Oh ok Gn sd tc by c h den ”
Dey both went off ..

Sanskaar got engaged in his work n swara went to sleep ..


Precap – ” Conversation continue”

To Be continued…

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