Hello everyone…
Happy Diwali in advance…
I m Manasvi. I was a silent reader but now can’t resist myself from writing. Writing is my passion. And after all this useless talks, I m just going ahead for the story…

A short extract:
It is a story of a girl named SWARA SHEKHAWAT. So here we go with the prologue

Scene 1
A girl is crying in a boy’s lap. He is carressing her hairs and consoling her:
Boy: Shona, be calm. Don’t cry dear… He din’t knew anything…
But the girl is continuously crying placing her head in the boy’s lap.

Scene 2
Girl 1( the girl in scene 1) is talking with a boy and a girl on a video call. She was sounding too happy..
Boy: Devil see we both are going to come
Girl 1: Its ok my cutie, I will take care of that..

Scene 3
There is a big party going on. The host comes upon the stage and says
Host: This party is organised by Mr. Randhir in order to celebrate the success of his son… ( His sentence is interrupted by a girl)
Girl: What success party? His son is a devil.. He forced himself on me and shows some fake proofs..
Mr. Randhir mistrusts his son and slaps him hard… He tells his son to leave their house as soon as possible…

So guys here it is the prologue
I hope you guys will like it
Btw I m Manasvi Maheshwari and this is my first attempt of writing story on any such platform… So need your support…

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  1. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks rabia dii…

  2. nice..continue soon..

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear… But what may I call you???

  3. A.xx

    nice i think there will be some revenge angle in this ff as she showed fake proofs,,
    waiting to know more.xx

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear.. You will get to know soon…

  4. Mica

    uwwoow ,… wander what happen next…

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks for your sweet comment dear…

  5. Pari123

    Wow choti you rocked it haan it seems mystery good job and continue soon and don’t forget to inform me

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks a lot dii… I will post the intro as soon as possible…

  6. Abirsha

    Wow its awesome

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dii…

  7. Manasvi

    Thanks rabia dii…

  8. Go ahead

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear…

  9. Arshaanya

    Continue soon
    Happy diwali

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dii..

  10. Vyshu10

    nice start chotu girl

    1. Manasvi

      Thank you so much dii…

  11. Kakali

    Manasvi !!! u r new to this site rit…. welcome dear..

    Waaa !!! interesting teaser … continue soon…Thnk u… ;-*
    have a happy n safe Diwali… ;-*

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear… Welcome☺

  12. Shrinjal

    Nice dear ?

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks for your love, Shrinju☺☺☺

  13. Fanficoholic

    Nice start. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt episode. Well a lil perplexed wth the plot. Hope the mystery clears soon. Update asap

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear…

  14. Mahavir

    oohhh finally i also get some to call me as a di…wowwwww u know what u r 2 yrs younger than me so frm today u r my choti ok done na ???? and to the story nice start dear keep going stay blessed…

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks a lot dii… I m very blessed to get such love from you all…

  15. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice concept dear… Plz continue.. Waiting for the first part..??
    Take care
    Keep smiling??

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks for your sweet comment dear…
      I have submitted the character sketch right now…
      I dont know when it is going to be uploaded…

  16. Komaljanu

    Its great eagerly waiting for ur first part manasvi. Loved it….?

  17. Manasvi

    Thanks dear…
    If i m not wrong, you write an ff on udaan???

  18. Mahjabeen

    Hey dear i thnk u r wriitng frst time so u r welcome here..nd da prologue ws awesome…continue soon
    Stay blessed
    take cr??

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks a lot dear…

  19. Seems intrstng…

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear…

  20. Shivika22kapoor

    So finally I could not stop myself from at least having a sneek peek of your ff.
    So coming to the prologue

    It’s more than amazing sisoooo
    You are really an outstanding writer and you know very well how to make your readers to stay glued with your ff which undoubtedly an amazing thing
    And I loved your prologue and surely I will get back to you tomorrow and comment on your all the parts for sure.

    Luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuu loadssssssssssssss sweetheart ????
    May God bless you ?
    And keep going.

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks a lot my sweet dii…

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