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Recap: Vrushika and Laksh’s introduction..
The episode starts at some another mansion. It was morning. A couple were sleeping with a small girl in between them. The girl was about two years old. The woman wakes and sees the girl and man sleeping peacefully and smiles. She pecks on the girl’s forehead. And turns to leave. When she turns, the girl shouts mumma and the woman picks her up. She takes her and says,” Chalo, we will take a bath” and takes her. After sometime she takes her out and made her wear the dress. She sees the man and says,”Mr. Sleepy head, are you going to wake up or not???” The man says in a sleepy tone,”hey meher let me sleep. It is a sin to wake up someone from sleep and that too early. And for me waking up before nine is illegal. (Actually its my rule) saying this he covered himself with blanket. When two lil hands stopped her. He sighed and took her in his lap and said, “You are my princess, right?? Then why are you doing like this, kaira.. Let me sleep no.. Plz”
Kaira: No you promised that you will take me to the ice cream stall. So get ready soon.
The man: Okay my princess. (The man is vk)

SS mansion:
Swara was in her room. She was getting ready. At that time, Sanskar comes at that time. Swara was wearing her watch but it was just slipping from her hand. She looked irritated. Sanskar saw this and smiled seeing her struggling like this. He knocks on the door and Swara says,”Come in” Sanskar enters in the room. Swara was still struggling with her watch. Sanskar asks softly,”May I??” Swara was not able to react. She nodded because she was getting late for work. Sanskar took the watch from her hand. He started tying the watch. Their hands touched each other’s and they felt a strange current passing within their bodies. They shared an intense eyelock. But soon Swara realized their position and breaks the eyelock. They both were feeling awkward. To avoid the awkwardness, Sanskar starts the conversation:
Sanskar: Vaise, tum toh bologi nahi, mai hi bol deta hun you’re welcome.. (Btw you won’t say, so I will only say that you’re welcome.
Swara understood what Sanskar wanted to say: Thank you Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: ( making faces ) what is the problem with you?? I told you many times to call me Sanskar or Sanky.. My friends call me with that name only..
Swara: Friends??😱😱 Seriously???
Sanskar: Okay, it means you have not accepted me as a friend..
Swara: …. ( no reply )
Sanskar: Okay so I m asking you… Will you accept my friendship??
Swara: Listen Mr. Maheshwari.. I m really not interested in friendship with you.. Sorry if it hurted you, but the fact is that I don’t have any place for friends in my life…
Sanskar: And why is that so???
Swara: Listen Mr. Maheshwari.. Its my personal matter…
Sanskar: What about Shantanu??
Swara: (shouts) He is my best and a real friend Mr. Maheshwari.. And one more thing don’t you dare to interfere in my life.
Sanskar felt hurt so he moved from there.

What is happening to me?? Why am I feeling hurted when I shouted on him. He was trying to interfere in my life. How dare he?? I don’t want to make new friends to get ditched again. Whatever may be the reasons but I cannot.. I cannot…
In the drawing room:
Sanskar and Shantanu were sitting in the hall when suddenly Shantanu starts laughing loudly. Sanskar gives him a death glare and asks him,”what is so funny??😑😒
Shantanu: ( still laughing ) just see this joke.. Its really funny..
Sanskar: I’m not in a mood.. So just shut up.😒😒
Shantanu: Achchha baba, thik hai.. Gussa kyun ho raha hai… ( Okay, okay.. Why are you getting angry?? )
Sanskar: Not interested😑😑
Shantanu gives a confused expression, just then he sees Swara coming down from her room…
Shantanu: Shona..
Swara: Haa Shan… What happened?? Are you ok??
Shantanu: Haa Shona.. I’m fine..
Swara: Then??
Shan: Arre, my sweet friend.. I was just saying that where are you going today?? On such an important day??
Hearing the word friend Sanskar looks towards Swara..
Swara notices Sanskar and says,”What important day and Why you didn’t went to your company today??
Shantanu hits his forehead in a playful manner and says,”You forgot, he is gonna come today.”
Swara widens her eyes in a state of shock. Then she says,” how can I forget that?? But he didn’t even called to inform me. That isn’t fair.”
Swara: But I cannot wait.(looks at the watch) Sorry.. I have a very important meeting. So sorry!!
Shantanu: But SShona.. Listen na..
Swara: Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry.. Shan.. Say sorry to him too…
Saying this Swara runs from there.
Shantanu: Shona bhi naa..
Precap: Can’t tell!!!
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  1. Shivika22kapoor


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    Another awesome epi. Sweetie you leave me in a confused 😖 state today but I will 😊 try telling the name of person opposite to swara later and now coming to the epi.
    It was amazing swasan part was cute and I really loved sanky’s sweet behaviour but he was left heart ♥ broken.
    New entries are too good
    Waiting for a longer epi. And post asap and keep going you are too good sweetie pie 🍰
    Love ❤ you loads

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous… Feeling bad for sanky… Loved it dear… BTW you can choose Karan tacker or arjun bijlani for swara.. Bcz they have same height… Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  3. xavia

    It waz damn amazing dear…..n i just luv swashan bond…..n abt new entry…wt abt shakti arora…sidhant gupta or arjun bijlani ….
    Biee take care….

  4. Mahavir


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    cutiee….!!! really sry for the late comment dear….and this epi it was awesome,and about new entry…..ummmmm hmmmm haan idea what about arjun bijlani….¿¿¿

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