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motivation to write… So here we go with the ff..
Recap: Sanskar-Shantanu talks..
The episode starts when Shantanu cuts the call with Swara and completes his dinner.. He goes to his room and shows Sanskar his room.. After about half an hour, Swara enters and goes to her room.. She goes to Shantanu’s room and greets him and goes off to sleep. She enters her room and reads some files and then sleeps…
While sleeping she gets flashes of a lil girl and a boy playing together. The girl was laughing happily and running here and there. The boy was running after her and shouts,”Angel!! Angel!! Stop right there… I’m tired.. The girl stops and then the boy catches her and says,” I caught you angel” the girl shouts,” this is cheating”. Swara gets restless and wakes up with a jerk. She starts crying badly.. She goes out from her room and goes to another room.. She opens another room and switches on the light. The room was filled with photographs of the same boy and girl and some other boy too.. She shuts the room door and then looks at the photographs and starts crying… She takes the guitar and starts playing it roughly.. Her fingers get cuts and blood oozes out from her finger.. But she doesn’t care and starts crying.. She goes in the garden of her house and sits on the swing.. Shantanu sees all this from window and goes downwards. He sees blood on her fingers. He takes her to her room and first aids her finger.. After doing first aid of Swara, he makes her sleep in his lap.. And Swara starts crying. She cries bitterly. Shantanu cars her hair and says,”Shona.. Its okay. Don’t worry. We will soon find him.” And make Swara sleep. After Swara sleeps, he goes to his room and calls someone.
I guess today Shona again saw that dream. Why this happens with her God?? She was so sweet girl, but today you had made her the most arrogant girl. Why are you doing this with her?? She didn’t even hurted anyone. Then why??

He calls someone
He: What happened Ajay?? What is taking this much time??
Ajay: …..
He: What the hell is this. I want his information at any cost. I don’t even care whatever happens.
Ajay: ….
He: Okay.
Shantanu: don’t worry Shona. I will soon find him and the culprit too.
Swara goes for her jogging and goes to a nearby public garden. She sits there and sees many children there. The children are playing happily. She was about to go when she sees a man going to them and starts playing with them. A slight smile appears on her face. She sits there and sees the man playing. The man sees her staring him while playing and they both share an eyelock. He was not able to read her eyes. Happiness and sadness both are seen in her eyes. Swara saw an innocent spark in his eyes. There was just happiness in his eyes. She realizes what she is doing and breaks the eyelock. The boy was also called by the children so he also went. After playing for a while, he bid bye to the children and goes towards the place where Swara was sitting. He goes there and finds no one. He smiles and goes towards his home.
Swara while going towards her house was just thinking about the deep brown eyes of the boy. She thinks,” How deep his eyes were!!! They were too attractive” She goes to her mansion. She sees Shantanu awake in drawing room and sees him with wide eyes and says,”who are you?? What are you doing here?? Where is Shan?? I will break your each and every bone. Juz tell me fastly” Shantanu sees her with wide eyes and says,” Shona its me only. Why are you speaking like this??”
Swara mockingly says, “ Waah you woke up. Its kinda gift for me. Thank you.”
Shantanu: Its not because of you.
Swara: Then??
Shantanu: Its because of Sanskar. At least you used to wake me up after you come from jogging. But he woke me up before jogging..
Swara: So you also had a good exercise today, right??
Shantanu: No he just wanted me to make a protein shake for him. So that he can drink it after coming from jogging..
Swara: Great. Now I’m going to freshen up. After that I will join you and Mr. Maheshwari at breakfast itself.
Shantanu: Okay.
After Swara left, Sanskar enters. He drinks his protein shake and asks Shantanu, “ where is your Shona, I mean Swara Shekhawat??
Shantanu: She has gone to her room. She will come after after getting freshen up.. You also go and fresh up.. Till then I will also fresh up.
Sanskar: (Salutes Shantanu like an army cadet) Yes Sir.. Command accepted.
Shantanu smiles and goes. Sanskar also goes.

After getting ready Swara sits on her bed. She sees the cuts on her finger and starts thinking.
For the world, I m SWARA SHEKHAWAT, the owner of the best cosmetic company of India. An arrogant businesswoman. Who don’t shows mercy on any of her employees. Who doesn’t knows to be happy. But this world is merciless. First they snatch our every thing and then tells us to laugh. They just know how to hurt people. I don’t show my sorrows, because I don’t want him to know anything. No, he should not know anything. Her thoughts were broken due to Shantanu’s shout.
Shantanu was yelling both Sanskar and Swara’s name.
Swara says, coming
Swara goes towards the dining table and sits on her place. She takes the newspaper and starts reading it. The newspaper was wide so Swara’s face was covered. Sanskar came and sat for bf. He was not able to see Swara’s face but said,
Sanskar: Hii, Myself Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara: Swara Shekhawat and removes the news paper from her face.
Seeing Swara, Sanskar knew that she is the girl in the garden. He smiles a little and says
“Nice to meet you, Swara”
Swara: Nice meeting you Mr. Maheshwari.
Hearing this Sanskar jaws touched the ground, because there was no girl who used to call him in that way. Every girl wanted his friendship. But Swara..
Sanskar composes himself and says,” Its okay. You can call me Sanskar or Sanky.”
Swara: Its okay Mr. Maheshwari. I’m comfortable with it. Sanskar’s smile fades away, but he composes himself.
After having her bf, Swara leaves from there giving a side hug to Shantanu and bids bye to both of them.
After Swara left, sanskar says, “how arrogant she is!!! Huh”
Shantanu smiles and says you can work on your project, I’m going to my company. I will be back at seven.
Sanskar: Okay bro.

Precap: New character revelation. Keep guessing..
• Who is the new character??
• What is his connection with Swara-Shantanu or Sanskar??
• Who are the three children in the pics of Swara’s another room??
• What is the reason behind Swara’s arrogance??
Keep guessing my sweet friends and diis… Love you all a lot.. I was busy with my school work but still wrote this episode.. I hope its long enough… Please pour your precious comments.. Silent readers please.. And all my sweet friends and diis who had commented on my previous episode or any episode, THANK YOU….
And yaa if you all have any problem with my way of writing or description plz do tell me through your comment.. If you all find any mistake or have any doubt you can tell me…

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    Ok now coming to guess work I think
    1. Vk and meher + vrushi are the new entries.
    2. No idea about their connection.
    3. Three children hmmmmm may be Shona, Vk and Shan.
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