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Recap: Shan’s lil outburst on Swasan.

The episode starts.
Swasan enters in Swara’s room with Shan. They gets shocked ?? seeing Arjun sitting on Swara’s bed with finger on his lip sitting like a baby.
Sanskar: Why are you sitting like this Arjun?
Arjun just sits there like a baby who will get punishment if he will remove the finger from his lip or say something.
Sanskar: Are you going to say something, Arjun?
Arjun just signs both Swasan with his eyes to a direction. They both saw and were shocked to see VruShan sitting there with an angry frown on their face. They both were throwing daggers at three of them. SwasanArj gulped in fear.
Shantanu: So, is there anyone who can explain me? ?
Swara: M so sorry Shan. I was going to tell you about… (interrupted by Shan)
Shantanu: You know what Swara. You never thought me as a friend. You hided not only one but two facts with me which I should have known.
Vrushika: You didn’t told me too?
Swara: I’m so sorry Vrushi. *holds ears*
Swara goes to Shan and hugs him. She was saying, “I’m so sorry Shan. Plz forgive me.”
But Shan didn’t reacted till he felt his shirt wet. He was startled and he parted the hug. He cupped her face and said;
Shantanu: Shona. (Swara was not looking at him)
He again says,” Shona, listen. Look here”
Swara looks at him.
Shantanu: Shona I know you are thinking that I’m getting angry on you because you didn’t told me about you both being together. But the fact is that I knew it.
Swasan and Vrushika looks at him shocked.
Shantanu continues: I was angry on you not becoz you both were together. But you also know what I’m talking about.
Swara nods her head.
Sanskar understood and so to divert the topic he said;
Sanskar: Shan, how come you know about me and Swara being together?
Shantanu: Iss duniya mein aankhein naam hi cheez mujhe bhi mili hai. (I also got eyes in this world)
Sanskar: But how?
Shantanu: Its simple idiot. Firstly the day you came. At that time, Swara was normal. You were talking with her but still she acted normally. If there would have been some other person, then I can’t even imagine what would have happened.
Sanskar: But it doesn’t mean that we both love each other.
Swara: Even it can happen that at that time my mood was good, so.
Shantanu: Even I felt that same. But it was the beginning only. Your fight with Sanskar on dining table during bf. Then, your fight with Laksh. And when Sanskar slapped him, I wasn’t able to think anything. Then, your concern for Sanskar when he was not normal after his fight with Laksh.
Swara: (interrupts him) Hey. Wait a minute. How come you know that I was worried for him?
Shantanu: At that time, when he was sitting silently on dining table and you were looking at him worried.
Shantanu: And do you both know, that day, when Swara was running after Sanskar. I understood that there was something b/w you two. But wasn’t sure regarding it. And when Sanskar got angry on me only because I was just asking silly questions when she is hurt, I understood that he loves you. And at the midnight, I understood everything. His eyes reflect his love for you, Shona.
Arjun and Vrushika: Midnight??
Swasan starts coughing and Shantanu starts stammering..
Shantanu: Vo..vo..
Arjun and Vrushika: What vo..vo..?
Swasan: Ohh leave that. The thing is that you both came to know about us.
Sanskar: What was the second thing you were talking about?
Arjun was drinking water.
Shantanu: May I know who is your business partner in this deal?
Arjun starts coughing hearing this.
Swara rubs his back.
Swara: Mr.. Mr.. (stammers)
Shantanu: Yes, say.
Swara: Mr. Ma.. Mayank Ga.. Gan.. Gandhi.
Shantanu: Exactly. Why the hell are you dealing with that blo*dy man? He is a demon.
Arjun got teary eyed hearing this.
Swara: But Shan, nothing is gonna happen to me because.. (she hears some voice)

All gets startled hearing the voice. They all runs outside and sees that a voice near to that room was broken.
Swasan becomes tensed. Suddenly Swara sees something and smirks. Sanskar follows her gaze and smirks more evilly.
They all go back in the room.
Swara: Ohk Shan. I guess we all should continue our works now.
Shantanu: What about Laksh and Ragini, Shona?
Swara: (trying to hold her tears back) why will they.(interrupted by Arjun)
Arjun: Sorry to interfere dii. But Laksh also deserves to know all these. He was just a lil irritated with something and that’s why he burst out his anger on you. Otherwise you also know that he loves you a lot dii. Plz don’t do this with him. He was just brainwashed by some people. And you know what dii, Rago is just too sweet. She is really quite matured and can handle him perfectly. So don’t worry for Laksh. He did that only because Kavya brainwashed him. Plz dii. And that day also he was hell worried for you after the party.
Swara: Arrey, calm down babu. I’m not angry on Laksh. I know you love him a lot. And I hope he understands it soon. But still I don’t want to drag him in this matter. Even you shouldn’t work in this plan babu. Its dangerous.
Arjun: Nothing is gonna happen to me; dii..
Shantanu: But plz take care..
Arjun: Ohh my sweet bhai!! Don’t worry yaar.. Just chillax..
Vrushika: Okay, so now what I want to know is who Mayank is?? And why do you hate him this much??
Swara: Its a long story Vrushi :-I
Vrushika: And I love hearing long stories..
All gives her ‘you are impossible look’ and she grins widely..
Swara: Hmm.. (she wasn’t looking comfortable)
Vrushika sees this and says, “ohh leave that, I will listen after sometime, right now I’m having work.. So bye..”
Shantanu also goes behind her..
Arjun: Dii, I think we should tell Lucky and Rago about it..
Swara: Call him soon.. (thinks something) Okay wait lemme call him myself..
Saying so, she left the room..
Swara was about to enter in Laksh’s room, but hearing something she stopped and hid beside the door and started listening Raglak’s talks..
In room:
Laksh was crying in Ragini’s lap.. He was crying. Ragini was caressing his hair and trying to stop him..
Laksh: ?Ragu, I cant bear her ignorance.. She knows that I love her to the core but still she is not listening to me once..
Ragini: Laksh.. She is hurt.. She will surely listen to you once she will think bout everything calmly.. In fact, she is your elder sister.. And do you know what is the meaning of having an elder sibling??
Laksh looks at him puzzled..
At that time Sanskar comes to see Swara as she didn’t went to the room.. And he saw Swara standing beside Laksh’s room’s door.. He taps her shoulder..
Swara turns and finds Sanskar and gestured him to keep silent and hide and listen to everything carefully..

In Raglak’s room:
Laksh: What Ragu??
Ragini smiles faintly and says;
“Having an elder sibling is just like having another mother or father.. You know Laksh, when in childhood I used to cry due to teacher’s scolding, Bhai always used to cheer me up.. He always took me for having ice cream and chocolates.. You know Laksh(starts caressing his hair again and gets teary eyed) whenever I used to miss my parents, Bhai used to console me.. You know Laksh, he is an angel in my life..”
Her voice starts breaking hearing while saying all this.. And outside both Swasan were teary eyed.. Swara hugs Sanskar and says, “Sanskar, Ragu is perfect for Laksh.. I was right.. She is the torch bearer in my Laksh’s life..” Sanskar hugs her back..
After a few seconds, both broke the hug, Swara goes in and hugs Ragini..
Raglak were puzzled.. Swara holds Ragini’s hand and said, “You are perfect for Laksh.. Only you can take him on the correct path.. Will you hold his hand forever?? This idiot is never going to understand anything..”
Ragini smiles and hugs her even more tightly.. Sanlak smiles seeing Swaragini’s bond..
Sanskar: Sweetu, its late.. I guess we should move now..
Raglak: Sweetu??:-O
Swasan laughs and says: We will tell you all later.. Till then bye..
Raglak bids them bye..
Swasan goes..

Precap: What should I write?? Swasan’s love story or Swara’s past?? *confused* tell me soon guys..

How are you all?? Huhh, meeting you all after such a long time.. *giving a tight hug to everyone* missed you all a lot yaar?
I will read all the ffs soon and comment too.. And yeah I’m thinking to write a os.. Should I post it or not??
Love you all..
Take care..
Keep smiling ?

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