Hello everyone.. Its me Manasvi back with her ff.. First of a big sorry for not replying to any of your comments.. A big thank you to all those who commented and to all the silent readers too.. Try to comment.. And I’m really sorry for being too late.. Hope you all remembered the story.. Actually I was too tired due to lot of writing works and then came to know that my exams are on the way.. So wasn’t having any mood to write after that.. Ohk so enough of my crap..

Ohk now I also wanted to tell you all that the voice is Sanskar itself.. I’m giving a clear explanation regarding it.. Actually you all knew that voice didn’t knew that Laksh isn’t Swara’s own brother.. There were only three boys who didn’t knew that I.e. Arjun, Sanskar and Laksh himself.. Now the voice had asked, “why you didn’t told me that Laksh isn’t your own brother??” If it would have been Laksh, then he would not have asked like this.. Now left are Arjun and Sanskar.. Now, in one of my epis, Swara was with the voice along with Arjun in a garden, so left is Sanskar only… I hope I’m clear…

Recap: Sanskar and Shantanu talks..

The episode starts in the morning.. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining brightly.. Swara was in her garden.. She was too angry.. It seemed as if she is talking with someone..
Swara: What is the problem with you??
OS: …..
Swara: What do you want??
OS: …..
Swara: Are you insane??
OS: …..
Swara: Never..
OS: …..
Swara: What do you think?? I will get afraid of you?? Never in your dreams you moron.. Never think me that Swara.. Mr. Mayank..
OS: …..
Swara cuts the call.. She turns behind and find Sanskar behind her.. They both were very close.. Swara stepped back and said, “ What happened Mr. Maheshwari?? Do you need something??”
Sanskar sees Swara with a questioning look whereas Swara told Sanskar through eyes to see around.. Sanskar looks around and finds Shantanu nearby..
Sanskar: ( making faces ) He is such a mean boy.. You know yesterday night also he asked me about you.. He always comes in between us ??????

(Hey guys don’t think my Sanskar was serious, it was because he always comes whenever Swasan are alone??)

Swara: (giggles) Just take care that he doesn’t comes to know about us being together..
Sanskar: Hmm..
Swara: What happened Sanskar?? Why are you sounding low??
Sanskar: ?Woh actually I’m.. (as usual interrupted by Shantanu)
Shantanu: Arre waah, aaj suraj kahan se nikla hai?? Looks here there.. (wow.. From where has the sun risen today??)
Swara: (calmly) Why??
Shantanu: Because you both are talking with each other..
Sanskar: ?what happened Shan?? Do you needed something??
Shantanu: Ohk ohk don’t get angry dude!! Yeah I forgot.. Ohk I was telling to Shona that today a new maid is hired as the previous one wanted to go somewhere for a month.. So she sent her sis..
Swara: Ohh.. What’s her name??
Shan: Payal..
Swara: Ohk no worries..
Trio went inside and had their bf.. At that time, a girl with a long veil and in a Ghaghara choli.. (that kind of dress which Swara wore while she played the role of Aarti in the last track).. She came in..
Swara: Yes..
Payal: Ma’am I had came for the maid’s job..
Swara: Ohh.. Can you cook??
Payal: Yes Ma’am..
Swara: Good..
Saying so, she told Kaki to show her the work.. And went from there..

In Swara’s company:
Swara enters in her company.. She goes towards the temple and lights the diya in front of Lord Krishna’s idol..
She goes in her cabin and sits when her pa enters..
Pa: Ma’am the dealers with whom we signed the Ahmedabad Project Deal are adding one more company in this deal.. So the deal will be handled by you and the new one.. And they are going to join us today and also give their opinion regarding this deal..
Swara: (bossy tone) Okay.. Arrange the conference room..
Pa: Yes ma’am..
Swara thinks something and becomes worried…

After sometime:
Swara is in the conference room waiting for the dealers..
Swara: How unpunctual!!!
Then, only our hero or you can say my Sanskar ??? enters..
He goes in the conference room..
Swara sees him and says,” Sanskar, you here??”
Sanskar: Yeah.. I came to your house only for this deal..
Swara: Ohk..
Then, Sanskar starts the presentation.. Both Swasan and the other associates were discussing..
Swara: (standing up) Okay then.. Mr. Maheshwari and MAARVI (Swara’s company) are going to join for this deal..
Saying this, both Swasan passes a genuine smile to each other..
All the associates go from there.. Only Swasan are left..
Swara stand up and starts moving from there when Sanskar held her hand and pushed her towards himself.. He kisses on her cheeks.. Swara slightly hits him on his chest and says,” Pagal (idiot) there are cameras in every place of my company!!
Sanskar: I don’t care!! Princess!!
Saying this, he pecks on her lips and runs outside..
Swara murmurs,” idiot”
Sanskar: In your love, my sweetheart..
Now, Swara also came out from the conference room and announced about the deal..

After that Swara’s pa came and said;
Pa: Ma’am..
Swara: Yes (bossy tone)
Pa: Ma’am, the final formalities..
Swara: Okay.. (she always talks in a bossy tone)
Pa: (to Sanskar) Sir, will you please come with me to the conf… (interrupted by Swara)
Swara: No need of that Priya… He will sign the papers in my cabin itself..
Everyone looks at Swara with ?? ‘o’ face..
Swara: What happened?? Why are you all staring me?? Come on, get back to work!! (to Priya) Priya, I want the papers soon.. And yes arrange for a lunch for both of us and send it in my cabin..
Priya nods and goes from there..
In Swara’s cabin:
Sanskar: Sweetu, why was everyone looking at us with ? face??
Swara smiles and says, “Becoz I don’t allow anyone to come in my cabin other than Shan, Laksh and Arjun..”
Sanskar: Ohh..
Swasan were in Swara’s cabin.. Swara was reading a file while Sanskar was talking with someone on phone..
After cutting the call, Sanskar turned to Swara and said seriously, “ Sweetu, something is fishy..”
Swara: (stopped reading the file) Why, what happened Sanskar??
Sanskar was about to say something when Priya enters with a helper and gives lunch to Swasan..
Sanskar stops saying and passes a smile to Priya..
Priya: Ma’am, Sir.. If you need anything then please tell us..
Swara: No need of that Priya… If something will be needed I will surely tell you.. (looks at helper) Who is this man, Priya??
Priya: Ma’am, he is Rakesh’s brother.. He was ill, so he sent his brother…
Swara: Okay.. You may go..
Priya nods and left with the helper..
Swara: Okay, take it Sanskar..
Sanskar thinks something and then stops Swara from eating.. He takes the plate and looks at it carefully..
Sanskar: Sweetu, pls don’t eat this food..
Swara: Why Sanskar??
Sanskar: Pls.. (cups her face) Trust me Sweetu, don’t eat this..
Swara: Ok Sanskar.. No problem..
Saying this, Sanskar goes outside.. He sees the helper there.. Helper’s back was facing Sanskar.. He was talking with someone.. Sanskar hits him on his neck.. The helper falls down.. Sanskar take him to Swara’s cabin..
Swara: (shockingly) Why you took him here, Sanskar??
Sanskar: Sweetu, he is Mayank’s man..
Swara becomes numb on hearing this name..
Sanskar: (tensed) What happened Sweetu???
Swara: How come you know Sanskar???
Sanskar: His phone.. And tattoo..
(Guys, mayank’s men have a tattoo at the back of their neck.. Sanskar remembered that thing and caught that man)

Swara tightly hugs Sanskar.. Sanskar cares her hair and kisses on her forehead..
Swara: don’t leave me ever…
Sanskar: Never!! My jaan..
Sanskar parts the hug and says, “ Sweetu, I was thinking something”
Swara: What??
Sanskar: Why don’t we tell Shantanu regarding this..
Swara: Listen Sanskar.. I’m not telling that I will not tell him.. But this isn’t the correct time.. You don’t know him Sanskar, if he will get to know this, he will surely risk his life like last time.. And I can’t afford losing one more person from my life..?(teary eyed)
Sanskar again takes her in his embrace and caresses her hairs…

Precap: Don’t know!! *-*

Ohk, so lemme tell you all that I’m not going to post my ff till mid feb.. And if I will get less comments, then I will seriously not write.. Plz plz comment.. And yeah, I have my exams from Jan 30 to 7th or 8th feb.. So will not be able to reply to any of your comments.. But if anyone have any confusions, then you all can ask me.. And one imp thing, if you all find any kind of mistakes in my ff, then plz let me know through your comments, so that I can improvise it.. Plz.. Because I simply don’t like my work whenever it has mistakes, especially when I’m writing something, and that too on Swasan…
And yes, I gave a Swasan scene so that you all don’t get bored with my ff.. I hope you all liked it, becoz I’m very bad at writing romantic scenes.. And to all the Swasan writers and Shivika dii, sorry but I will not be able to comment on any of your ffs, till mid-feb.. Sorry..
Ohk so sorry for such a long crap..

Hope you all liked it..
Love you all..
Take care..

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