Hello everyone..
Manasvi is as usual back to disturb you all with her ff..
Thank you everyone for commenting on my last epi.. It meant a lot to me…
So, here we go with my 15th epi..

Recap: Swara’s lil past revealed.. Swasan garden talks..

The episode starts in the garden where Swasan were talking..
Swara: Sans.. (interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Hey Shan, what happened dude?? Why are you standing over there?? Wanna join us??
Shan: No Sanky.. I was just standing to get some cool air..
Swara composes herself.. And starts going when suddenly she stumbles and falls down.. She starts shouting in pain..
Sanskar sees this and hurriedly goes to her.. He holds her and makes her sit on the sofa..
Sanskar held her leg and checked it..
Sanskar: Its a sprain Sw.. (interrupted by Shan)
Shan: What happened Shona??
Sanskar gave an annoyed look and said, “We are planning to kill someone?? Wanna get killed??”
Shan says, “What???
Sanskar: Nothing.. Go to hell idiot?? Cant you see she’ve got a sprain in her leg??
Shan: Ohk ohk.. Why are you getting this much angry?? (to Swara) Shona.. What happened??
Sanskar: Not again idiot? She was walking, she stumbled and she fell down and got a sprain.. Baavda..(idiot)

{Actually, ‘Baavda’ means ‘an idiot’ in Rajasthani language}
Swara chuckled hearing this and Shantanu was looking him with ‘o’ face.
Shantanu: Ohk bro.. Keep calm.. What’s there to shout??
Swara: You duffer.. I got a sprain in my leg and you are saying what is there to shout?? Jaa dekhli teri dosti.. Huh..
Sanskar: Look you idiot.. She have got a sprain in her leg so bring hot water bag for her.. Till then I will take her to her room..
Shan: Yes sir.. ( salutes Sanskar )
Sanskar: (to Swara) Aaj raat yahin pe rukne ka iraada hai?? (Are you going to stay here only tonight??)
Swara: You duffer.. How dare you say that??
Sanskar: Ohk come on Swara.. Try to stand up..
Swara tries to walk, but wasn’t able to do so.. Sanskar sees this and picks her up.. Swara stops him but he kept walking till he reached her room.. He placed Swara on bed and was about to move when Shantanu came with hot water bag.. Sanskar took it from him and kept it on Swara’s leg..
Sanskar covered Swara with blanket and goes from there.. Shantanu also goes from there..

At the door of Swara’s room:
Sanskar was going to turn towards his room when Shantanu held his hand..
Sanskar: What happened Shan?? Sorry I got too angry on you.. Sorry..
Shantanu didn’t said anything and took him to one other room..
In the room:
Shantanu: (sternly) What is going on between you both Sanskar??
Sanskar: (looking here there) What Shan??
Shantanu: Huhh.. Don’t act as if you don’t know anything.. What do you think I don’t have eyes to see..
Sanskar: What are you saying Shan??
Shantanu: don’t act like this.. I know there is something between you two.. Otherwise no one have that guts who can steal the album from her drawer..
Sanskar: Ohh you are talking about that album.. I was dressing up her wound and when I placed the first aid box in the drawer, I saw it and took it out..
Shantanu: Yes.. This is the point.. She doesn’t even allows Laksh to touch her belongings and do you think that she will allow you??
Sanskar: (acting like yawning) Look Shan.. I’m feeling too sleepy right now.. We will discuss about it later..
Saying this he goes from there not letting Shantanu say anything..

After sometime in Swara’s room..
Voice: How are you feeling now sweety??
Swara: I’m fine..
Voice: Ohk good.. But I’m angry on you..
Swara: And why are you angry on me??
Voice: Because you didn’t told me that Laksh isn’t your own brother.. (angry pout)
Swara kisses him on cheeks and says: Sorry.. But I didn’t got a chance to tell you..
Voice doesn’t says anything..
Swara: Still angry??
Swara: Sorry na.. Plz.. (puppy eyes)
Voice: Ok maaaf kiya..(forgiven)
Saying this he pecks her forehead and goes from there..

Precap: I guess villian’s entry?

So I wanted to ask you all about villian’s entry.. Plz suggest me some name of the actors suitable as villians.. I want one male and one female name.. Plz..
And yes about the voice, I had gave a clear hint about the voice.. Now if you all would have read it carefully, then you all will understand who is the voice.. And yes Amore dii, I’m expecting the most from you, bcoz reading your comments on my previous epis, I understood that you read my ff very carefully so.. And Rabu dii, see I had disclosed one secret, now its your turn.. Give me my surprise soon..
Ohk so tell me how is the episode.. I know its too short.. But I’m too busy but managed to write it down.. So plz plz plz comment on this epi…

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  1. Rabia

    manasvi u have a ppr tomorrow naa then why the hell u r writing and posting?? if u didnt get good marks naa then i will punch uu 😛 heheh and about epi i will tell in next 😉

    1. Manasvi

      Dii.. Dont worry..
      I wrote this epi long ago but didnt got time to post it..
      And at night got some time to post so posted it..
      Dont worry, i had prepared for my test..

  2. Sweeta

    Great update nd it’s going interesting. ….
    Waiting for nxt one

  3. Awesome dear

  4. Zelena81196

    loved it… update soon….

  5. awesome .loved it.

  6. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon….

  7. Simi


  8. Abirsha

    awesome dr….. but dont bring sahil as negative pls…..

    1. Manasvi

      No worries dii..
      I didnt even planned anuj because I also like him so..
      Btw thank you..

  9. Mahavir

    chotiiiiii i m going to kill u bcz u know about my guessing power than y r u asking this questions…n about villans hmmm i dont know n yeah if u dont tell about the voice in nxt epi na than be ready to face the consequences…..huhhhh arghhhhh maaaaa…..*angry

  10. Good going…n ya best of luck for ur exam

  11. Hemanshi

    That is soooo awesome episode….but but but u r having exam tomorrow na???
    Then why this!!!!
    That was soooo awesome

    Love uu??

  12. Vyshu10

    Awesome…reveal the past soon na dear….y r swasan behaving like strangers? kyun dono chup chupke mil rahe hain? who r 3 kids in the photo?

    I think vk is swara’s elder bro and meher is sanky’s elder sister…but y r they away from swasan?

    For villian characters….boy- zain imam (tashan e ishq ka yuvi), girl- may be ada khan

  13. Awesome ?

  14. Raina

    Pyaree manasvi! Who is this voice yaar? Episode was amazing dear. Take care do your exams well and about villain……… Why don’t you take sahil, rajat, kavitha, parineeta because if you take from serial itself it will be easy to imagine

  15. Mica


  16. nice mansu

  17. Dharani


  18. Soujanya


  19. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Cutie,why you wrote it when you exam was today??hope you did well in exam.. About chappy,superrrr as always.. Loved it..About voice,I am confused..Umm,you can choose Zain Imam as male villain and kavya(laksh ex-wife,I don’t know her real name).. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  20. Amore

    Manu bachu it was awesome…

    Kyaa daant padi hai shantanu ko (pout) plz itna mat daat khilao naa.. plzz.. pretty please… (puppy dace) by the way ek baat batau??? Shantanu Maheshwari is one of my favorite dancers… (i miss his dance esp. Freestyle n Street)…

    Aur shanky ne toh aaj swara se jaise baat kii ussey toh unke equation ka pata chal jaata hai…

    ur aaj k chappy se toh mera shaq aur gehra ho gaya that the voice is our shanky

  21. Sriya

    Dear I read it from starting it was awesome
    Out of the space post ASAP ? Love You di!! ???? hi fi I am also varun Kapoor lover ????? he is sooooooo cute❤️ Can you read my TS Swasan : that train journey if you get time it is a TS I have posted two shots last one is yet to come! Do comment if you get time! Byeeeee and please reveal who is the voice??? Can’t wait to know as I’m an impatient person I am always curious to know everything byeeeeee ???

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