Hello everyone.. Manasvi is back
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Ohk so here we go with the 13th episode of my ff:

The episode starts with Mr. Singhania going to the stage..
He goes on the stage and says,” As I’m having the two very young and amazing business tycoons of South Asia; Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari and Miss. Swara Shekhawat, I had arranged a game and everyone present here will have to play it..”
Swasan looks at Mr. Singhania shockingly while Mr. Singhania passes a smile to them..
Everyone agrees for playing the game..

Swara: Okay, so what’s the game??
Sanskar: Don’t say it’s truth or dare?
Mr. Singhania: Okay okay Miss. Shekhawat and Mr. Maheshwari, don’t worry its just a small game..
Swasan (together): Can you please just tell what’s that small game???
Shan and Arjun looks towards them and starts laughing remembering morning’s incident..
Swasan also realize why they are laughing and then look at each other.. They share a short eyelock..
Shan and Arjun too stops laughing…
Mr. Singhania: So the game is that you have to do couple dance.. (interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: But I’m very much single?
Mr. Singhania: Don’t worry Mr. Maheshwari.. This game is for everyone.. The couples are going to dance together while the singles will have to choose their partner through a game..

Swara: And now what is this new game???
Mr. Singhania: Its not that tough game Miss. Shekhawat.. You just have to pick a folded paper from one bowl.. One boy will also choose a folded paper.. Those whose folded paper’s colours matches will dance as a pair..
Mr. Singhania: And everyone will choose the papers together only..
All agrees and starts the game..

Both bowls were placed at distance..
The girls took folded papers and the boys also took the folded papers..
(There were many people but I will give imp. to the main pairs only..)
Arjun got a yellow paper.. He was searching for the girl when he dashed with someone.. The girl was very beautiful.. She had wore a red one piece.. Her hairs were flowing in the air.. Arjun sees her and says,” Akshita??” The girl sees him and says,” Arjun??”
Arjun: Akshita, you here?

Akshita: Yup, came with dad.. You? Came with dii??
Arjun: Yeah!!
Then his eyes falls on her paper.. It was yellow..
Arjun: Great!! You are my partner today!!
Akshita smiles and then both walks together..
(Now coming to my Swasan)

Swara was standing and texting on her phone with he paper in her hand when she saw Sanskar smirking.. She sees his smirk but doesn’t understand anything.. Sanskar understands and lifts his paper.. It was light purple in colour.. Swara doesn’t pay heed and starts texting again.. But after a second, she realizes something and looks at him with wide eyes She makes faces and murmurs,” Waah bhagwan waah!! Aapko mujhe hi pareshan karne mein maza aata hai.. Mera partner isse hi banana tha kya??(Wow god wow!! You get happiness by disturbing me only right.. You only got him to make as my partner??)”
Mr. Singhania announces the couples i.e. Swasan, Raglak, VruShan, ArjAksh, etc.
Mr. Singhania calls VruShan first..
They dance on the song “ I love you “ from the movie Bodyguard..
After that Raglak comes and dances on “ Gerua “ from the movie Dilwale..
ArjAksh dances on the song “ Samandar “ from the movie Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon..
After that Mr. Singhania calls Swasan on stage..
The music starts:
Meri rooh ka parinda phadphadaye
Lekin sukoon ka jazeera mil na paaye
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Sanskar hugs Swara.. And then parts the hug and twirls her around..

Ik baar ko tajalli toh dikha de
Jhoothi sahi magar tasalli to dila de
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

He tucks Swara’s hair behind her ear.. And cares Swara’s face..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera (x2)

They both dances together..

Main taan gul se lipti titli ki tarah muhajir hoon
Ek pal ko thehroon, pal mein udd jaaun
Ve main tan hoon pagdandi
labhdi ae jo raah jannat ki
Tu mude jahan main saath mud jaaun
Tere kaarvan mein shamil hona chahun
Kamiya taraash ke main kaabil hona chahun
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

He picks her up and then places her down..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sun le pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera (x2)

Raanjhana ve…
Raanjhana ve…

He kneels on his knees and kisses her hands..

After that Swara starts singing:

Jis din se aashna se do ajnabi huve hain
Tanhaiyon ke lamhe sab multavi huve hain
Kyun aaj main mohabbat
Phir ek baar karna chahun
Ye dil toh dhoondhta hai inkaar ke bahane
Lekin ye jism koi pabandiyan na maane
Milke tujhe, bagaawat khud se hi yaar karna chahun
Mujhme agan hai baaki aazma le
Le kar rahi hoon khud ko main tere hawale
Ve Raanjhna…
Ve Raanjhna…

Swara gets teary eyed.. Sanskar sees her tear falling and catches it.. He signs her not to cry and starts singing..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera (x2)
Murshid mera, murshid mera…
At the end Sanskar kisses on Swara’s forehead.. They share an eyelock..
Their eyelock breaks due to the sound of the clapping of people..
They both went downstairs..
Mr. Singhania: You both look amazing together.. Just like a ‘made for each other’ couple..

Swasan: Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Singhania?
After enjoying the party all of them go back to Swara’s mansion.. Even Vrushika also stayed with them only..
After going to home:
Laksh: Dii.. I want to tell you something..
Swara doesn’t answers..
Laksh: Dii.. I’m really very sorry.. I didn’t wanted to hurt you.. I don’t know why I said that much to you.. But please dii talk with me.. I cannot bear your silence dii.. I will not be able to live with this guilt dii.. ?
Arjun and Swara gets teary eyed hearing this.. Shan looks Laksh with anger..
Swara doesn’t says anything and goes from there…
Now Raglak, VruShan and SanArj were left..

Shantanu shouts on Laksh.. He says,” What do you think?? First of all you say too much to her.. Then another day you ask her sorry thinking that she will forgive you.. What do you think about her past?? She might have faced a break up and that is why she just became this much arrogant?? Everyone have their own reasons, Laksh.. And people like you can never understand these things..??”
Shantanu was about to go from there when Laksh says,” Even I have the right to go through her pain once, haven’t I?? “
Vrushika signs him to say..
Shantanu was about to say when Sanskar started leaving.. Shantanu stopped him and said,” No problem bro… You can stay here..”
Sanskar sits and starts listening..

Precap: Swara’s past revealation.. N I guess revealation of voice too!!

First of all a big sorry for all the grammatical and typing mistakes.. N I hope you all would have liked this episode.. If you all liked this episode, then plz plz comment and let me know.. All my regular and silent readers plz comment as this episode is quite special to me.. Hoping for the highest no. of comments in my ff till now..☺☺
Take care all of you..
Keep smiling..
May God bless you all☺☺

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