Hello everyone.. Here I’m with the 12th episode of my ff.. Keep loving it..
Recap: Swalak fight.. Sanskar slaps Laksh.. Swara-voice talks..
In Laksh’s room:
Laksh was sitting in his room thinking something deeply.. At that time Ragini enters his room.. She keeps her hand on his shoulder.. Laksh feels it and turns..
Laksh: Rago, I seriously love her a lot.. I don’t know why I said this much to her.. Its all because of that bl**dy Arjun..
Ragini: Laksh, I know that.. But Arjun is correct at his place.. Everyone is not like that.. Even Bhai can also hate me but he adopted me and loves me as his own sister even after knowing that I’m his daughter..
Laksh: I was just angry Rago!! But I can’t afford life without talking with her.. Sanskar Bhai was right.. An elder sister is your another mother.. And by disrespecting dii, I had committed a sin.. I really don’t deserve her love.. I don’t know why I said that to her.
Ragini: Bhai says that if you realize your mistake then you shouldn’t take ages to ask sorry..
Laksh hugs Ragini..
In the morning:
Swasan and Shanarj were having breakfast when both Swasan received a call simultaneously..
Swasan: Yes Priya/Purab..
Priya/Purab: Sir/Ma’am, Mr. Singhania has arranged a party tonight.. And he had sent invitation to you..
Swasan: But I’m busy tonight and will not be able to come..
Priya/Purab: Ma’am/Sir, we cannot do like this because your new deal is signed with him only..
Swasan: Okay.. I’ll come..
Swasan to Shan together: Shan..
Saying so both looks at each other and then says,” I want to talk with you”
Then both again looks at each other and then says to each other, “It’s okay.. You can say first”
Shan smiles a little and then says, “Can you both speak something different from each other??”
Swasan again together: Shan, its not a joke..
Shan starts laughing and says,” Shona you say”
Swara: Its a party at Mr.Singhania’s farmhouse tonight and we three are going there..
Shan: Three?
Swara: Yeah.. You, me and Ajjju..
Shan: Now you can say Sanky..
Sanskar: Same goes with me Shan.. Even I was going to say the same.. I’m gonna attend Mr.Singhania’s party tonight..
Shan: That’s cool.. Then four of us are going together only..
Swara: Shan, ha had invited your fiancé too.. So Vrushika is also coming..
Shan: Okay??
Swara: So I will be there at nine only.. You also come with everyone..
Arjun: Dii, Laksh??
Swara: I guess he is going to come with Mr. Maheshwari as his sister’s fiancé..
Saying so, Swara leaves from there..
At the party:
Swara came alone.. Sanskar came with Ragini and Laksh.. Shantanu came with Vrushika and Arjun..
Swara went inside and met everyone..
She was looking stunning in a black sleeveless long gown with silver long earrings and a stone necklace.. She had wore a bracelet in one hand and a silver clutch in the other hand.. Her hairs were tied in a bun.. She had wore black pencil heels.. In total she was looking amazing..
Sanskar was looking as usual hot in black tuxedo??
Shantanu had wore a red three piece..
Laksh wore a blue formal suit..
Arjun wore a red tee-shirt and a white blazer over it.. And a black jeans..
Ragini was wearing a dark blue strapless one piece.. She had wore black earrings and her hairs were left loose open..
Vrushika had wore a red gown with glitters.. She had wore red and white earrings.. Her hair were left open with loose curls in the end.. She wore red belly shoes.. Her gown’s neck was decorated with stones..
Swara entered in the party and met Mr. And Mrs. Singhania..
After that everyone came and met with Mr. And Mrs. Singhania..
All were enjoying the party when Mr. Singhania went to the stage and…
Precap: Something good!!!
Okay so here I’m ending this episode.. Its quite short but I guess you all will like it.. So waiting for your comments.. Thank you so much all of you.. I m very happy to know that my ff has many silent readers too!!! Thank you so much for your love everyone..

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