Manasvi is back to disturb you all.. Thanks for bearing my boring story for ten episodes.. Its a very big honour for me..
So here we go with the episode..
Recap: Swara-Arjun-Voice talks.. Swara shouts at Laksh..
The episode starts with Swara holding Laksh’s hand and taking him to her room.. She drags Laksh’s hand and takes him to her room.. Sanskar, Arjun, Ragini and Shantanu were running behind Swara.. As soon as Swara entered her room, she closed the door not letting four of them in..
Arjun was continuously saying Swara to be calm.. Shantanu keeps his hand on Arjun’s shoulder and says him, “Arjun, you also be calm.. He can never understand Swara’s pain and can never understand her love for him.. Those who carve for love only knows the real meaning of love.. So it is impossible to make him understand anything.. So stop thinking that Laksh will ever try to understand her.. So stop trying..” Arjun looks at him teary eyed.. Ragini looks towards Shantanu shocked.. She wasn’t able to understand.. She went towards Sanskar and hugged him tightly.. Sanskar hugged him and consoled him.. He was blank..

In Swara’s room:
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh: What is left now?? You are always ready to insult me..
Swara: Laksh its nothing like that.. I was trying to be calm but you were too adamant..
Laksh: (shouts) What you were trying to be cool haa.. You tell me, you will always insult me and I will bear it?? No, not at all.. You always insult me in front of that bl**dy man’s brother.. You should insult him but no.. You will always insult me only.. I m not getting what is the problem with you..
Swara: (sternly) Laksh I don’t want to listen anything regarding this topic… What I want to talk about is that why you drank??
Laksh: All of us were celebrating so I also drank..
Swara: What all of us were celebrating?? Its not necessary that to celebrate you have to drink..
Laksh: I just drank.. What’s the big deal??
Swara: Big deal?? Big deal?? (shouts really loudly) you are saying whats the big deal?? Listen Laksh I have told you many times and telling you again don’t you dare to drink.. This is the first time and it should be the last time you drank.. I guess you are understanding.. I don’t want to repeat it again.. And don’t you dare take my words lightly.. (with red bloodshot eyes and a very stern yet loud voice)
Laksh got hurted but more than that he was feeling insulted..
He was not able to take that anymore..
Swara opens the door and Laksh shouts
Laksh: (starts clapping) Wow Miss. Swara Shekhawat wow.. You are telling me not to drink.. Amazing.. Or I can say Great!! Its unbearable for me now.. You are always ready to insult me in front of everyone for this bl**dy man’s brother.. I don’t know even if I’m your brother or not.. You are really a .. What I do yaar?? Only Ragini is the one who loves me the most.. Otherwise you, you are really busy with your so called young brother.. You can never listen to me once.. And now I will drink and I will see who the hell stops me..
Swara looks at him shocked..
Saying this he takes Ragini with her and goes from there to another room.. Here Sanskar, Shantanu and Arjun were seeing all this.. Swara goes to her music room.. She closes the door with full force.. She was crying too hardly.. Laksh’s word YOU REALLY DONT DESERVE A BROTHER were ringing in her mind..

Swara’s POV
I guess Laksh is correct I really don’t deserve you Bhai.. And I don’t deserve to be your sister.. Even I knew the whole truth but I didn’t helped you.. I’m really sorry Bhai.. At that time, someone entered from window.. Swara heard it.. She turned around and after seeing the person, she hugged him tightly.. She started crying and said, ”what was my mistake?? You say I didn’t wanted to insult him but when his principal of hostel called me and told that he drank last night I was really too serious.. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.. How can I do a mistake again if I know the consequences?? I even shout on Arjun sometimes but he never says anything.. Then how can he??”
Voice: Sweetu, listen silently.. First of all stop crying.. (Cups Swara’s face) don’t worry mera bachcha.. Stop thinking anything like that.. He is just a lil boy..
Now Swara and voice were sitting on the bed.. Swara placed her head in voice’s lap.. And started crying.. Voice was caring Swara’s hairs..
Shantanu was sitting on his bed and was thinking something when he heard a voice.. He went downstairs and saw Sanskar and Laksh standing.. Ragini and Arjun were there too..
Shantanu went downstairs and saw Sanskar slapping Laksh.. Shantanu looked at them with shocked expression..
Laksh: How dare you??
Sanskar: You can say too much to your sister and I cannot even punish the one who commit a mistake??
Laksh: You are Ragini’s brother otherwise you might not be here.. (interrupted by Shantanu)
Shantanu: (shouts) Enough Laksh.. You are saying too much since a long time and we all are hearing it.. Now I’m not going to hear you anymore..
Laksh: Wow you all can say anything to me.. Enough of your nonsense now.. I am not going to hear anything..
Sanskar: You know what I’m living from the past ten days with your sister.. And there was nothing in which she hasn’t mentioned you.. Even she was shouting at the workers yesterday because there was no cheese in the fridge for your favourite pasta.. And you really think that she doesn’t loves you..
Laksh was about to say something when Sanskar showed his hand and said,” I haven’t stopped speaking yet..”
Sanskar: You will never understand what a sister means until you lose her.. Even Ragini is with me but then also I know the pain of losing an elder sister.. An elder sister is just the second mother of you.. She will love you as a mother and play with you as a friend.. An elder sister is the backbone of a younger brother.. I’m really thinking whether you are her real brother or not, because you cant even find the love and care for you in her voice.. Infact YOU REALLY DON’T DESERVE A SISTER.. THE LOVE OF A SISTER!!!
Sanskar was saying all this teary eyed.. After saying all this he goes from there.. Ragini and Laksh were standing numb.. Shantanu and Arjun were standing blankly..
In Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar was caring a photo and was crying.. There was a little and cute boy and a girl in the photograph.. The boy was almost fourteen and the girl was looking almost nineteen years old.. He was crying and said,” I’m missing you a lot dii.. I know you are alive.. Then why are you not coming back?? I’m missing you badly.. Even I had investigated regarding you but you were nowhere.. Plz come back soon dii.. He slept while hugging the pic.. A pair of eyes were watching this from the door only.. It came near Sanskar, and took the pic and placed it on the side table and then covered him with blanket and left from there..

Next day; morning
In Swara’s music room:
Swara woke up and saw herself in the bed.. Tear marks were seen on her face.. She remembered Laksh’s words and got teary eyed.. Arjun entered the room and saw her.. He went to her and hugged her tightly.. He started crying and said,” everything happened because of me dii.. I’m really sorry..” Swara parted the hug and cupped Arjun’s face and said, “Who said this all happened because of you?? Actually I cannot shower all my love for such a person who is least bothered regarding it.. So leave all this.. I’m not that Swara who was a sweet girl.. I’m the great Swara Shekhawat who don’t cares for anyone rather than her loved ones..” Arjun looked at her shocked..
Swara got up from the bed and went to her room..
In Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar woke up and sat on the bed.. His face was dull.. He smiled sadly and woke up..
After sometime in Swara’s room was getting ready.. She was wearing an office wear(just like Jennifer Winget wears in Beyhadh). Her hairs were curled.. She applied some make up on her face and applied liner on her eyes.. There was blank expression on her face. At that time Arjun entered in her room and told her what Sanskar did.. Swara heard everything silently and said, “I don’t care whatever anyone does.. For me; you, shan and he matters from now.. So I’m least interested..” Swara and Shan goes downstairs..
At the dining table:
Swara, Sanskar, Ragini, Laksh ,Shantanu and Arjun were present.. Swara greets Shantanu.. Laksh sees her.. Ragini was about to say something but Swara sits and ignores her.. She started eating and noticed that Sanskar was not eating.. She understood that it is because of yesterday’s incident.. She ate her breakfast and went from there..
The whole day passed like this only and Sanskar kept quiet the whole day.. Swara noticed his behaviour..
At night Swara was in her room and was writing something silently in a diary.. She was teary eyed.. At that time the voice entered in her room.. She hugged him tightly.. Swara started crying in his embrace.. The voice kept on pacifying her but of no use..
Voice: Sweetu, first tell me why you neglected Laksh and Ragini today??
Swara: I m least interested in showering my love for those people who are least bothered to understand it..
Voice: Ohk.. Come on Sleep now..
Swara: I wanna sleep in your embrace..
Voice: Seriously??
Swara: Not that way idiot.. You can go.. Its okay..
Voice: Sorry sorry..
Swara: No no its okay.. I m saying so that no one gets to know..
Voice: Okay..
After that he kisses Swara’s forehead and goes from there..

Precap: Want me to reveal the voice??? If yes, then comment and keep reading!!!??

Guess Work:
• Who is the voice??
• Who is Sanskar’s elder sister??
• What was the mistake Swara did??
• Who were the pair of eyes which took care of Sanskar??
I’m really upset with you all.. I got less comment on my tenth episode only.. And you all are doing like this.. This is not fair.. My FAs got postponed for 10 days and that’s why I wrote a long episode this time.. And if this time I will get less comments then forget this story.. Plz don’t do like this.. It really hurts when someone likes and appreciates your story for a long time and then stop praising it all of a sudden.. If you aren’t liking it, then plz comment and let me know..

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  1. Really a fantastic episode…Yes…I want know about who’s voice?????

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  5. Hi am commenting for 1st time but have read all ur previous episode its just amazing dear
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    Voice is sanskar??

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    I think the voice Is of Sanskarr…
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    Oh my choota pataka you are a fantastic writer.
    Now coming to guess work:
    1. Voice A BIG NO IDEA .
    2. I think so RK’s wife would be Sanskar’s elder sister (sorry I forgot her name.)
    3. Maybe Swara couldn’t save her brothers life as he would be drinking and driving.
    4. Either Ragini or Shaan.
    Chal bye ? catch you with your next update my sweetie-cum-chota pataka.
    Love ❤ you dear.
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  28. Amore

    The one who cared sanskar can be either shantanu or arjun or ragz

    and regarding voice either it is illusion or hallucinations or sanskar himself…
    remember?? shantanu’s monologue when he said only sanskar can treat her wounds??? so it can be sanskar as well.

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