Hello everyone…
Manasvi is back to disturb you all.. I m dancing like a mad person.. What to do yaar.. Its my tenth episode so thought to disturb you all and please comment..
Okay so here we go with the episode..

In the garden
Swara and Arjun were sitting with each other. Arjun was teary eyed and Swara was caring his back. Sanskar was seeing Swarjun (Swara+Arjun). Shantanu smiles seeing them. He goes to both of them and says
Shantanu: Oh hello both of you.. Are you going to sleep or not.. And Shona sleep early.. I know you very well.. don’t you dare to wake and read files..
Arjun: Yes jaan.. Pls go and sleep..
Swara goes from there and Arjun was about to go when Shantanu stopped him.
Shantanu: Arjun..
Arjun: Yes Bhai..
Shantanu: What happened??
Arjun: Bhai, I’m feeling guilty that I’m the brother of that man who snatched the most precious thing of DII..
Shantanu: Cups Arjun’s face.. Listen Arjun.. First of all forget that you are his brother.. Ohk you are my brother..
Arjun: Hmm.. (teary eyed)
Shantanu sees this and to lighten the environment. He started his acting..
Shantanu: In a pleading tone.. Arjun sunna yaar.. Tujhe pata hai yaar.. Swara toh mere pichhe padi hi hi.. Mujhe jogging se aane pe utha deti thi, par Sanskar ne toh had hi kar di.. Vo toh mujhe jogging jaane se pehle hi utha deta hai taaki uske liye juice aur salad banane ke liye.. Matlad aisa thode hi hota hai yaar.. Sach mai meri toh kisi ko phikar hi nahi hai.. Ab tu aagaya hai na mere Bhai.. Mujhe bachane ke liye..
(Arjun listen.. You know that Swara was after my life.. She used to wake me up after coming from jogging.. But Sanskar, he wakes me before going to jogging so that I can prepare juice and salad for him.. This is not fair na.. Really no one cares for me.. But now you came na my brother for saving me from those devils)..
Arjun: Are you talking to me???
Arjun goes from there.. Shantanu makes faces? and goes from there..

At midnight:
Swara was sleeping when suddenly she felt a touch on her shoulder. She was about to shout when suddenly the person closes her mouth with his hands. He took Swara to the garden.
At garden:
The person is revealed to be Arjun.
Swara: What happened Ajju??
Arjun: Dii.. It is something important.. Which is really needed to be known to you..
Swara: What happened??
Arjun: Dii.. He is living in Ahmedabad right now.. He is doing and handling his whple illegal business from Ahmedabad only..
Swara: Ahmedabad.. Wow.. What a destiny!! The place which snatched my everything and then gave me everything and again snatched it.. Amazing.. But this time, I’m again gonna get my everything and this time I’m going to snatch everything from that Mayank..
Swara: This time he is going to see the real Swara..
Arjun: Dii plz don’t risk your life again.. I cannot afford to lose you dii.. That time only because of.. (interrupted by a voice)
Voice: Only because of me naa.. Swara is my life.. I cannot stop helping her.. So stop thanking me..(hugs swara)
Swara: Okay guys, laksh is going to come so take care if he needs something..
Arjun and voice: Yes boss..
And trio goes to sleep..

Next day:
Swara’s mansion:
Swara, Sanskar, Shantanu and Arjun were having breakfast, when suddenly laksh came. Swara went to him and hugged him.. Laksh kissed both her cheeks and said,”Hii beautiful!! How are you??”
Swara: Hey handsome!! Fine..
And then both laughed..
After that Laksh met Sanskar and then Shantanu.. Arjun was about to hug him when Laksh stepped back… Arjun felt hurt but didn’t showed it. He smiled and just greeted him..
Swara saw arjun’s face and understood what would have happened..
Swara took Arjun with her and sat in the car..
In the car:
Arjun was driving and Swara was sitting beside him..
Swara: Arjun.. What happened??
Arjun: He didn’t forgave me till now dii.. What was my mistake dii? I never thought wrong for any of you.. Is it a sin to be a devil’s brother?? What is my mistake if I’m that evil man’s brother??
Swara: He is just a lil boy.. Arjun.. He will understand soon..
Arjun nods.
At that time swara receives a call..
She answers it and her eyes became red in anger..
Swara: Arjun take a u turn.. We wanna go back home..
Arjun: What happened dii??
Swara: I said we are going to our home and that’s it.. I don’t want to hear anything more.. Understand??
Arjun: Are you okay dii??
Swara: Arjun, I said take a u turn.. We are going to home back..
Arjun: Okay dii..
Arjun takes a u turn and they both do back to their home…

At mansion:
Swara enters and sees Laksh and Ragini chit chatting together..
Ragini sees Swara and says,”Dii how are you??”
Swara doesn’t reply to her and passes a smile but anger was seen in her eyes..
Ragini was about to say but Swara shows her hand to Ragini signing her to not say anything further..
Ragini stays silent.. Laksh sees all this with anger in his eyes.. Sanskar and Shantanu were also present there.. Shantanu places his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder..
Swara holds Laksh’s hand and moves but Laksh was standing there only..
Swara sees Laksh but Laksh doesn’t moves..
Swara: Laksh come with me..(silently)
But Laksh doesn’t moves.. Now it was untolerable for Swara.. She shouts,”Laksh, I’m your elder sisiter and if I’m saying something to you then you shout hear it.. You are coming with me right now..”
All are looking towards Swara blankly..

Precap: Sanskar slaps Laksh!!!

Guess work:
• Who is the voice??
• What happened to Swara??
• Why is Laksh hating Arjun??
• Who is the evil man whose brother is Mayank??
Keep guessing yaar..
And sorry for the short and late episode.. But from now I will post only on Saturday or Sunday.. SORRY.. But I’m having my FA examination right now for the whole month so can’t help with it yaar.. Thanks for tolerating me.. And pls comment yaar.. Silent readers and regular readers..
Thank you..
Take care..
Keep smiling all of you..

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        I have thought for a while and I have few wild guesses.
        Laksh hates Arjun because Swara’s past is connected to his brother.
        The voice is may be of Shan .
        Swara angry ? on Ragu no idea why?
        Evil man may be some new entry.
        I hope so I pass with satisfactory marks pls don’t fail me ma’am ??? ? ??

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  13. awesome episode , why is laksh angry wid arjun , omg in precap sanskar slaps laksh ??? cant wait more . all the best for ur exams . try to update asap…

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