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Recap: Swara and Sanskar get the deal. Raglak meeting.
The episode starts in Mumbai in the evening when Sanskar returns his mansion. He goes to Sujju and hugs her and says,”Oh my sweet Mom!!! How are you??” Sujata smiles and replies,”Yaa, my sweet son..” Ragini comes running down in the hall and says, “Sujju maa, I’m going to a dinner with Laksh” Sujata smiles and says, “Okay my sweet daughter”. Sujata says to Sanskar, “Son, I’m serving the dinner. You come to have it after getting fresh.” Sanskar nods and goes to his room.
While having dinner, Sanskar gets a call. He attends it.

Sanskar: Yaa Purab say.. What happened?? What about the deal??
Purab: Yes Sir. We have got the deal. But for that you have to move to Delhi for one month.
Sanskar: Ok.. Arrange a room in a hotel for me…
Purab: Ok sir..
On hearing Sanky’s talk, Sujata gets worried and asks him why he wants to book a hotel room when he has such a big mansion..( oh my sweet friends, sanky was on call no that is why Sujata was able to hear only sanky’s words)
Sanky tells her the whole reason and Sujata gets worried. She says,”I know you will not even eat your breakfast at the right time.. If it would be a case of one day or a week, I would’ve sent you, but it is for one month.. It is impossible, you are not going amywhere… Sanky says, “I will go mom.. Its for our company,mom..” Saying this he again starts eating…

After dinner, Sujata was worried and suddenly an idea pops in her mind. Her face brightens up. She smiles. She takes her phone diary and searches something. After that she takes the no. And dials…
Sujata’s convo on phone:
Sujata: Hello..
Os: Hello..
Sujata: Am I talking with Mrs. Annapoorna Kapoor…
Ap: Haa bol Sujata.. Abhi ek ghante pehle hi toh baat ki thi… Kya baat hai.. (Yaa say Sujata.. We talked an hour ago only.. What is the matter??
Sujata: You know naa Appu, Sanskar God knows what is the problem with him. He had to work on a deal and for that deal he is going to Delhi for one month..
Ap: So what is the big deal???
Sujata: You don’t know him Appu, if he doing a deal the he will forget everything even me.. So how can I let him go.. He will not take care of his health..

Ap: It is okay Sujju.. He is going to Delhi na, Shantanu also lives in Delhi.. Send Sanskar to SS mansion only… (Ap is Shantanu’s mother)
Sujata: You are saying correct. I will tell Sanskar to go at Shantanu’s place.
Ap: Okay bye
After their conversation Sujata goes to Sanskar’s room. He was reading a file. Sujata goes there and smiles sheepishly. Sanky understands that she wants to say something. So he says
Sanskar: What happened Mom. Speak it up fastly.
Sujata: Sanskar, you are going to Delhi so why don’t you stay at Shantanu’s house. I had talked with Appu. She will inform him that you are coming.
Sanskar: No mon. Its okay. I will stay in hotel only.
But Sujata starts her drama that you don’t trust me that is why you are not believing me. And bla bla…
In Delhi:
Shantanu gets a call from Ap.
Shantanu: Yaa mom. What happened?

Ap: Vo Shan i wanted to talk to you. You remember Sujata my best friend.
Shantanu: Yaa maa. How can I forget her? She always used to save me from you..
Ap: So her son is coming at Delhi for one month and she wants him to stay at your house.
Shantanu: No probs, maa. I don’t have any problem. He can come. No no he cant come, he is Sanskar who just do pranks, swara is surely gonna beat me black and blue. No no he cant come. If you say i can arrange a hotel for him but here noways…
Ap: But I promised Sujata that you will take Sanky to your home.. And starts her melodrama..

At last both shantanu and sanskar agrees to their respective moms.

Precap: Swara agrees for letting Sanskar stay.. Swasan first meet.

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