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I know I am late, but I was really busy in the Diwali function at my home. So, I was too busy… I hope you all will forgive me… So enough of my boring talks, now let us move to the story…

Recap: Swara-Shantanu and Sanskar-Ragini conversation..
Note: Swara lives in Delhi, whereas Sanskar lives in Mumbai.

The episode starts in Delhi, where our sweet Swara and Shantanu were discussing about some deal.
Swara: Look shan, its really important for us to get this contract. If it is taken by that Mayank Gandhi then it will not be good for our company…
Shantanu: Swara, you also know that if he gets that contract then it will affect just 1% on our company..
Swara: Don’t be too over confident shan, its good to be confident, but I want that Mayank to see what I am.
Just then, Swara’s phone rings. Seeing the called id, the face lits up. She gets happy and answers it…
Swara: Hii cutie.. Kaisa hai( how r u)???
Os: Fine devil.. How r u???
Swara: Main bhi thik hoon ( i m also fine) btw Ragini kaisi hai ( how is Ragini) ( in a teasing tone)
Os: Dii she is fine.. But she had gone to meet her elder brother…
Swara: Ohk Laksh.. How are your studies going on my lil bro???
Laksh: Amazing..
Swara: Good
Shantanu makes faces seeing them talking and says,” Shona, I guess its an important deal” Swara laughs hearing it and says “I will call you later cutie” and cuts the call.
Shanswa( shantanu+swara) discuss for sometime and then moves to office ..
In Mumbai:
Here our cute sanky comes out of his washroom wearing a black tuxedo. He shouted, “ Mom, Rago I m going to office.. Hearing this Ragini comes running out and says,” plz drop me to college” Sanskar smiles and says ohk.. Sujata comes running out and says, “chore, nashta toh karta jaa” (my son, plz have the breakfast” Sanskar replies,”No maa, m running late.. Its an important meeting and I m not supposed to meet the clients late.. I will something in office itself” Sujata sighs and says “ okay “.. Ragini kisses Sujata’s cheeks and says, “bye sujju maa, will meet you later”..
Sanky drops Ragini to college and moves to his office..

In college:
Ragini runs towards the compound and sees Laksh. She hugs him and says, “how r u jaan” to which laksh replies,” I’m fine sweety”.. She smiles and both goes off to their classroom.
At Maarvi:
A big building is shown. A black Audi stops at the entrance. A girl comes out from the car. She had wore a black officewear and black pointed heels.. She was looking mesmerizing..
She moves to the door. The watchman greets her good morning, but she dint paid any heed towards it and moved inside. She went straight in her cabin and called Priya. Priya rushed in and said, “yes ma’am is there any problem?” swara says no almost shouted,”where is the file and presentation of mr.verma? He will come at 11. It is 9. I will also check it once. I want my work to be completed before time. Understood? I m giving you half an hour. Get that file and presentation completed otherwise your job is gone.” Priya nodded and ran to the working area.
Here shantanu who just came and saw the whole scene said,”shona, leave her na.. She is a human. Mistakes are commited by humans only. Perhaps a person learns from his mistakes only.. So leave her.” Swara replied and says,”But there is no word like mistake in my dictionary. So leave this and yaa, what about the deal of mr. Somani?? He replied, “it was awesome shona. We got that deal..”

Here in Mumbai:
Sanskar was in the conference room and was explaining the deal to his business dealers.. After the presentation a business man walks upto him and says,” it was amazing mr.maheshwari. That is why your company is the no.1 fashion designing company of India..” Sanskar smiles.
At Maarvi:
Swara was in the conference room with Mr.verma and his collegues. She was explaining the deal and she got that deal. She smiles.
The episode ends on the smiling face of swasan.

Hello my dear friends, actually I m a lil busy so I will not be able to post the next part tomorrow. If possible I will post otherwise, the day after tomorrow. I will try my level best to post it as soon as possible. And I just hope that the episode was long and you all like it..
Please pour your comments. Thanks a lot for bearing me and Happy Bhaidooj to all of you..

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