Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 6)

“The night was drowning silently,and the sweet sound of flute was flowing slowly,ummm a melodious night”,sanskar read swaras diary which was lying in the table and closed it,he sat in the chair beside the table and his mind flew to his past,before 7 years he also used to play the flute and shona loved that thing,fulte a smile played in his lips yess flute was the only reason behind their first meeting when she was in college,,,,,but before that he thinks about their marriage,before their marriage she was very silent and calm but she always tried her best to control him,his thoughts were ended because sleep overruled his mind and he cant think further……

The next morning was a sunday so sanskar planned to go outside but swara already told him that she was not in the mood of going anywhere,and sanskar never forced her so he takes pari with him,swara was doing something really important in her laptop when her doorbell rang she opened the door and she smiled to see her friend maya standing there,she welcomed her in her house,the house where they were living was not so big,but it was beautifully decorated,maya observed every small and big thing,she knows that swara loved interior designing,swara requested her to sit ,maya sat beside her and hugged her,maya said”congrats swara,so finally our swara is married,bdw i m happy that u married him”,swara asked carelessly”why maya?”,maya said”so u forget swara,he was the first guy whom u complimented cute in ur whole life”,

swara did not speak a word,maya asked her about her married life and how they were married,swara did not want to reply her questions but she cant avoid mayas question,she said her”i will tell u everything but first i will make coffee for u”,just then sanskar entered with pari,swara asked”u came so early!”,sanskar said”yes because it is raining outside”,swara did not notice that it is raining so she asked the question,she said”u guys talk i will make coffee for u”,maya began to play with pari,and they talked about their daily courses,after a while swara came with coffee,then maya asked her”now tell me shona how ur marriage happened”,swara said”it was a arranged marriage maya,my family likes him a lot and he too needs a mother for pari and i cant live without her so we married for her thats all”,maya said”whatever it is but i m happy because our shona who hate marriage once,who was so tomboyish is now married”,sanskar was listning everything silently,he too know this thing about swara,maya said”so sir,she bite her tongue sorry jiju,always keep her happy,u will never get a girl like her”,he smiled to her and replied”i will surely try”,swara asked maya”how is ur married life and how is rohan and little rohan”,maya said”each and everything is fine madam!”,swara laughed seeing her pout face and said”u should come with him and biki and i have not seen biki from many years now how many years old he is???”,

maya said he is 5 years old”,,,,maya looked sanskar who was listning to them as a kid,she laughed by looking him,”what happened jiju?r u mesmerised to see ur wife talking and laughing with me or r u jealous haa?????”,she winked saying that words,immediately he looked downwards,actually he was really mesmerised to see his wife laughing like a kid with her friend,he excuse himself from their company,after sometmies maya left,and swara came to the kitchen,sanskar was also there he was about to eat the cake but seeing her he hide it behind,she asked”why u hide the cake?,u can eat it,i know u r the only one who eat the cake from fridge daily,so it became so small,i know u love it u should have told me,i would not have stop u”,

he immediately replied”but she stopped me”,she said”who??”,he shaked her head in a no,and asked her”swara why u have not said our full marriage story to maya”,”swara said because i dont feel any need to say the whole story”,by saying so they again started to think about their marriage…..

Before 5 months,swaras parents suddenly asked him one day about second marriage,he was shocked with their question,he said”i dont want to marry because if i marry then my wife will never take care of pari and pari is my lifeline”,then swaras parents smiled and requested him”sanskar will u marry our shona”,he was litrally shocked,he dont know what was going on,he opened his mouth in shock,then swaras parents said”we feel that their is no one better than swara who can take care of pari,in this 5 months we noticed that swaras behaviour is changed she became so cold we dont know what is the reason she was not like that before,but when she is with pari she is so happy,we want to see her happiness sanskar”,her mother said”sanskar if pari will be there than she will also get the sweetness of motherhood,as swara cant become a mother ever”,

by listining this sanskar was shocked,he was getting to know many things which shocked him very much,swaras father continued”we know sanskar u r not ready but take some time,our shona is a very good girl,her attachement with pari says that if she will marry u then she will be very happy,she said us that she will never marry,but we also want to see her in bridal clothes,u must be thinking what our so called society will think but we dont care about that or u r thinking that once u r the asst. librarian of swaras college ,she called u as sir or u might be thinking about ur age difference we know sanskar that u r 6 years older than her,but dont worry sanskar we have no problem with all this we only want to see u and swaras happiness”,sanskar was silent for a while he too feels that pari will never get a mother like swara and then he said”i m ready for this marriage”,her parents smiled listening this,but he immediately said”but uncle what about swara,and he looked her who was innocently playing with his little angel”…..

Heyya guys pls comment on my ff,there are so less comments,if u dont comment down then how will i know u are liking it or not….and sry i did any mistakes….thnk u?

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