Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 10)

As rahul said he give a party in their favourite hotel,they spent a good time with their beloved ones,sanskar was mesmerised to see his wife who was laughing wholeheartedly after a long time,dia was swaras most close friend in college days so she know sanskar well,he too gets mixed up with them quickly,he has a good sense of humour,once swara too was a bubbly,humorous girl but he hardly get to see her in such a way,after the dinner party, riki(ajyas nickname)shouthing he was so stubborn to take pari with them,he was crying like hell and saying the words”she is my sister she will go with us pls mom dad”,by seeing him pari too started crying,swara and sanksar melt by his words and they allowed rahul and dia to take her with them,rahul saidonce he sleep i will take pari to ur house,swara knows dia will take care of pari so she saidok and all moved to their respective house
In sanskars car
It was a deep silence swara was looking out of the window and sanskar was driving with a mild speed,suddenly he stopped the car,swara looked towards him
Sanskar:swara come we will have icecream
By listning the name of icecream she jumped up and said:ok i will take strawberry-vanilla flavour,u know its my favourite
Sanskar:i know swara
Swara was in wonder how he knows,but then she remember before 7 years she told him once that its her favourite flavour of icecream but she thinks”what a memory he has,till now he remembers that thing”,both get off the car sanskar goes to buy icecream from a shop which was on the other side it was about to close so he hardly get two icecreams,they were enjoying it but she was enjoying more than him,sanksar was amazed to see her like that after a long time she was so happy that day,while eating the icecream a beard of icecream formed in her mouth she was eating it like a kid,they finished the icecream,sanskar was about to say her to clean her icecream butbefore that it started raining, swara amd sanksar loved the rain,many of their memories are related with rain,swara began to jump and sanskar stood silently but she pulls his hand and made him jump like her,sanksar stopped jumping and came towards her till then she too stopped jumping he slowly put his hand on her waist she  was wearing a long kurti with jeans but beacuse of drenching in the rain slowly her body parts became visible,he came closer,and againnnnn she didnot protest his closeness,she was feeling protected in his arms,she was feeling butterflies in her stomach,he slowly clean the leftover icecream with his thumb,and looking deeply in her eyes,dont know why but he didnot want to control his feelings this time,but he just give a kiss in her forehead in her sindoor with lots of love,respect and affection swara closed her eyes to feel the same,he want to stop this moment,but they couldnot their eyelock was broken by a big sound,he left her and looked forward their car was hitted by a bike,looking them they get to know that they were heavily drunk so swara and sanskar remained silent,but then the three boys rushed to swara and began to roam near her looking with lustfull eyes but immediately sanksar covered her with his shirt and lokked then with anger
One of the goons said:oh hero just go away,she is our prey tonight
Listining him sanskar couldnot stop himself and punch him hard in his face,the two other goons also jumped in the fight,sanskar fought with them,seeing the situation swara called the police,but turning round swara saw that one of them stuck sanskars head with a stick,for a while all went black for swara some situations flashed in her brain but immediately she composes herself swara ran towards him,but they came forward,swara too fight with them(she took training for self defence,usually she wear jeans and shirt so she find it little difficult to fight in kurti but then also she fought for her husband)in the mid time police arrived and catch the goons,swara run towards sanskar,blood ozezes from his head,she was continuously patting his face,swara said to the police i have told everything to inspector suraj he will file the case but now my husband is more important by listning her police took the goons with them
Swara then take sanskar to the car and drove off to the hospital
In the hospital
She begged the doctor to start the treatment and called rahul after a while doctor come out and said:mrs dutta its ur luck that u bring him on time,or else it would have been difficult to save him,but now dont worry he is safe and sound u can meet him after some hours,swara then turned to rahul and said”for a while i thought i lost him too”and she touched her sindoor where sanskar placed a kiss before a while and smiled a little she felt something but shaked it off
By listning this a smile poured in his lips and he began to think”i was right till now u have a soft corner for him”,rahul consoles her”its ok swara he is fine now dont worry”….
The sun was rising slowly,whole night swara was awake in the hope of seeing sanskar,at about 5 am sister came and said u can meet him now,swara goes inside the cabin and started to scold him:what was the need to stop the car for icecream sanskar,what if something happened to u
Sanskar slowly opened his eyes and said:m fine swara,dont worry
Swara listined to him and slowly touched his hand and placed her forehead over his hand tears were flowing from her eyes but she was a strong girl so sge didnot want to show him that,but he can feel her tears by his wet hand,then she silently roam her fingers over his hairs and said now u take rest sir and bite her tongue sorry sa..san..sanskar
Sanskar was happy seeing her concern and listning his name from her mouth
Swara left the place and thanked god for not snatching him from her like aakash……
After one day sanskar is released and they take him to their house….this days swara was just focusing on him,she took his proper care,even she paused her work for somedays,she was with him all the time beacuse she knows that nowadays sanskar was used to her company,he will not be able to comfort himself with some other,she takes leave from her office,he,swara and pari slept in a room in the same bed,if swara somehow feeled that he is feeling uncomfortable she panicked him and continuously asked”is he fine or not”and now sanskar listen to his heart their is something like love he is again falling for her,she sometimes scold him too if he tried to skip his tablets,and sometimes give some cute expressions which made him laugh,he feels that slowly and slowly his old shona is coming back,she is happy nowadays,but in swaras point of veiw she is doing all this as for the shake of humanity,she dont want to lose paris father,she want to see him well,a small feeling was beating in the corner of her heart but she ignored it,yess she was happy because she was getting clues after clues of aakash murder case,she was close to the truth,in this days swara and sanskar were coming closer and because of it they were continuously thinking of their story which started before 7 years,their soul flew back to their past……….in the college days…..

Guys hope u like it,now in the next parts i will write about swasan past,swara and akashs past to,what happened before 5 months because of which swara was shattered,i guess u will like it,slowly and slowly i will reveal all the things,hope that u never feeled bore,thnk u for ur encouragement,thnk u my silent readers,thnk u to ur likes and dislikes too for which i try to make it even better,dont forget to comment and like,u can message me too,and special thnks to my dearones who  daily do comment to cheer me up,love u all guys?

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