Hello frnds…. I m Shanmathi…. I comment as Shan in ffs….. My fav all time pair is swasan so this ff s also based on swasan….. I have already written a ff but due to less response i stopped posting…. I posted only 3 parts but i completed that ff in fb…. Bcoz i got very good response there….. I want u guys to support me in this ff pls…. Sry to speak much…. Now i will stop my bak bak…..


Head of d family Shekar Malhotra….. Age 54….. Works n a reputed company….. Right hand of his boss Kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi(played by badi malik of udaan)….without shekar kamal narayanan wont breath….

Sharmistha Malhotra…. Age 50 Wife of Shekar….. Worships her husband as a god….. She wont do anything against her husband…..

All the family members portray him as a loyal man and they know he wont go against his values…..

Shekar and Sharmistha has 3 daughters…. They both had a wish for son nd thought to get another child but they got frightened that 4th child will also be a girl…. So they stopped…..

Ragini Sharma…. Age 27…. She s d first child of Shekar and Sharmistha……Beautiful,very talented but very adamant….. Just behaves like a military woman….. Whole family even her parents gets afraid of her…. This behaviour s just due to the surrounding she faced till now…. That s from school to college she got strict behaviour towards her….. So she too turned very strict…..

As ragini s d first child of her parents Shekar loves ragini a lot but sometimes Sharmistha gets frustrated due to her strict nature…..

Ragini finished her post graduate and works in a reputed company….. Then she got married to Laksh Sharma……

When raglak got married ragini put 1000 conditions nd then married him….. Laksh doesn’t have parents…. He has a sister who got married and settled in foreign…..

Now both are living in a seperate house…. Due to the strict behaviour and adamant character of ragini Laksh bought a new house as she dont want to live in a rented house…. During her pregnancy time ragini decided to leave the job as she wants to rise the child on her own…..

Laksh wont say anything to ragini as he dont want to create pblm between them plus sometimes she is correct so he wont speak anything…..

Laksh works as a project manger in an it company…..

Raglak have a 3 year son named Tarun Sharma…..

Swara Malhotra age 24….. Second child of Shekar and Sharmistha…. Very beautiful kind-hearted sweet but at the same time very straight forward….. If she finds anything wrong or if someone does wrong even it is her family member she wont leave them…..

Due to this kind of behaviour Sharmistha is pissed of with her….. Swara always behaves as a boy…. Due to her this habit many problems comes so Sharmistha always scolds her to behave like a girl….. Shekar wont say anything as he knows what she s doing s very correct…..

Deepika Malhotra(played by tina of udaan) age 21 studying in a college…. Opposite to both ragini and swara….. A very punctual lovable at the same time naughty girl….. Does many pranks….

Due to her naughtiness only house seems to b happy as ragini always being strict and swara too bring problems bcoz of her straight forward nature….. So always Deepika makes some pranks as a result it gives happiness to the family…..

Now comes the villian of this story…..

Kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi age 57…… A very big bussiness man…. He has lot of bussiness….. He has different shades in the society….. He is a very big bussiness man in front of the whole world….. But behind it he s the king of illegal bussiness…. Nobody knows this….. Only few very few knows this….. Shekar too knows about it as he s d right hand of Kamal Narayanan….. He is also known as god of poor people as he helps them in front of world…..

Swara doesn’t leave anyone who does wrong….. What she will do when she comes to know about the real face of kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi???? When she comes to know that her father s d right hand of kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi king of illegal bussiness…. What she will do??? How shekar family will react as they portray him as a very loyal man who will not do any wrong???? Whether swara will be a hurdle to kamal Narayanan and his illegal bussiness ???? Then what he will do??? How swara will handle all this??? To know everything read my ff guys…..

Our hero introduction will be in the next chap…..

Hope u will like it….. Pls comment and express ur views….. Though its negative or positive u can comment…. All are welcomed….

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  1. Intresring

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks Rosey… ?

  2. Interesting continue

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      Thanks Priya…. ?

  3. Cool plz continue and also give intro of our hero soon and plz tell me the name of ur another ff which u completed on fb plz reply

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks unknown…. ?Hero intro will be in d next epi….. “MY HEART IS FULLY FILLED BY U” in “SWASAN FF/OS” page dr….

  4. Shruthis

    lovely dear 🙂

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks Shruthis…. ?

  5. Cool plz continue and also hive intro of our hero soon n plz tell me the name of ur another ff which u completed on fb plz reply

  6. Nice..countinew soon

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      Thanks Sasha…. ?

  7. Nice

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  8. Samys

    good one shan….. Keep going… All the best…
    The character sketch is good… Waiting for your next update and also for our hero…. so plzz update asap…

    1. Abirsha

      Thank u Samys….. ?sure dr i will update next asap….

  9. Awesome
    Plz give me the links of ur previous ff
    I’ll definitely read it
    And complete it also

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks Shagun….. ?…. I didn’t update here dr….. I updated in fb only

  10. Shan it’s interesting and I sure l won’t miss any of ur update.

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      Thanks Rizna…. ?

  11. Divyanshri

    shan…..interesting story…… post soon…… will be waiting…… n can u tell me how can I find ur ff in fb????

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks Divyanshri….. ? its in “SWASAN FF/OS” page…. Name:”MY HEART IS FULLY FILLED BY U “…..

  12. interesting

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      Thanks vyshu…. ?

  13. Ameera

    hi shan glad to know u writing an ff and its
    interesting dear and please tell me the name of your previous ff i want to read it and please continue waiting for hero intro. its nice and please comtinue

    1. Abirsha

      Thank u ameera…. ?SWASAN FF/OS” page…. Name:”MY HEART IS FULLY FILLED BY U “…..i will continue soon

  14. Nice

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      Thanks soujanya…. ?

  15. interesting

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  16. Sumeeta

    Good to see u shan here again.u may not recognize me but i am regular reader of ur ff my “heart is fully filled by u”.but i was being irregular for few last part due to study.i think u post this story in fb also.hero ke intro ke liye zayda wait mat karana

    1. Abirsha

      No dr i recognise u sumeeta…. I think i wont update in fb dr…. Thanks for ur support in my previous ff dr….. ?

  17. Jwala

    shan.. best of luck. . I didn’t read it yet
    hehe.. read angels v/ s devils.. I want to read your other ff also. but I don’t have fv id. one minute let me read it and comment

    1. Abirsha

      Thank u jwala…. ?Ya i read ur ff dr….. How will i miss ur ff dr….. Sure after reading comment dr…..

  18. Tamanna

    Seems interesting…. Plz update soon and be regular….

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      Thanks tamanna…. ?

  19. Loved it …. cotinue soon . When u will update next.

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  20. Jwala

    superb dear and make sanskar little grey if you can.. I loved it very much update soon

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      Thanks jwala….. ?

  21. nice plot!!! Are you talking about the ff ‘My heart is filled with you’???Are you the same writer shanmithi??!!! I am the follower that ff in fb!!! I loved that you know!!! It was really awesome!!The story was completely different from all the stories… I don’t that you posted 3 episodes here even!! Or else I would have encouraged you… All the best for this ff..!! I am there to support you!!

    1. Abirsha

      Thank u sooo much chandu…. ?Really ur comment makes me more happy dr…..

  22. Deeksha

    Wow shan….. Nice intro dear…… Update soon……… Also give Sanskaar ‘s entry also dear……..

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks deeksha…. ?Next epi u will c sanky’s entry….

  23. Awesome dear

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      Thanks Anu Ann…. ?

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      Thanks juan….. ?

  24. Nisha_Anu

    Its awesome. All the best! I hope your work reaches heights! ??

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  25. Cutiie

    Simply awesome

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      Thanks cutie…. ?

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  26. Nice intro dear…i will surely read all your parts after my break…

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      Thanks sowmya…. Even i will b waiting for ur ff dr…. ?

  27. thamiazh magan

    interesting start..

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      Thanks thamiazh magan…. ?

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  28. Aahna


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  29. Janviiivyas

    nice shan .
    I am happy that you come up with it….as you always comments on my FF ..so I know you …..till today I thought that you are a boy ..but shocked that you are girl…
    hope you don’t mind my words

    so I don’t have friends …so friends.l

    1. Abirsha

      No pblm dr…. I didn’t mind ur words…. Sure we will b frnds dr…. ?

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      Thanks afra.. ?

  30. Mica

    interesting …. and ty so much to give your reader the link (previous-next episode’s link). it’s help me alot…

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