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Episode 29

Swasan went to swara’s house for bidai…… Swasan went in a car drived by atul…. Sanskar didn’t talk even he didn’t see her face….. Seeing him in anger swara got afraid but gained some courage and hold his hands but he jerked her hands…… Then swara didn’t talk as she thought to convince him when they go to their house….. They reached swara’s home…. Shemish, raglak and deepika reached already and arranged everything….. When swasan tried to enter their house sharmistha stopped them and did arti…. Then both entered inside keeping their right legs first….. After that sharmistha asked them to sit and she went inside and brought a glass of milk and banana(guys this is a ritual in tamilnadu)….. Sharmistha gave the glass first to sanskar and asked him to drink…. He dranked it fast…. Seeing him drinking all swara stopped him by holding the glass…. Sanskar gave a “what” look…..

Ragini:ha ha sanskar give some to swara…. Dont drink it fully….

All laughed hearing it and sanskar is embarrassed…… Then sanskar gave the glass to swara which has milk but only little….. Swara drank it….. Then ragini gave banana to sanskar and asked him to feed a piece to swara….. He fed her but didn’t see her face…. When he saw her she gave a sad puppy face…. He melt in it a little but next moment he gained his sense and maintained an anger look…. Then swara fed him a piece of banana…. After that swara went to her room and took all her things…. Atul and laksh kept all the things in sanskar’s car…. After that bidai takes place….. Swara cried hugging deepika, shemish and raglak…. Seeing her crying sanskar felt very bad….

Shekar:sanskar we know swara always takes right decision….. I dont have belief in ragini’s and deepika’s decision but i have cent percent belief in Swara’s decision….. So now to i believe u will be a very good husband for my daughter….. U dont know me but i know u personally as ur father have talked about u a lot….. If at all swara is adamant or did wrong then pls forgive her and dont get angry on her…..
Sanskar:papa u don’t worry i wont leave swara at any cost…. Even if she does any wrong i will give her punishment…. Ha ha dont worry not a big punishment and all….. Very very small punishment and one more thing at any cost swara wont come here to complain me….. U dont worry….. I love swara a lot…. I cant leave her at any situation but i will leave her only in one situation…..

All saw him with shocked eyes…. Specially swara but after hearing his answer all are overwhelmed but swara cried more and hugged him tightly before everyone…..

Sanskar:only in my death i will leave her papa…. So dont worry….
Ragini:ahem ahem swara everyone is here…. For this u have special time so enjoy in that time….
Swara:(blushed)di pls stop it….
Deepika:papa ma see our house sherni is blushing…..
Sharmistha:chup karo…. Dont tease my daughter…. But sanskar who will arrange everything in your house???

Hearing this Sanskar felt sad and missed his mom a lot….

Atul:aunty dont worry my mom is there….. She will do every arrangements there…..
Shekar:very nice…. Swara take care…. After going to Sanskar house dont forget ur maika….
Swara:papa no chance….

Then all bid bye to swasan and atul….. Raglak both watched the eye contact with atul and deepika…. They both saw each other and gave a look as “r u thinking same like me” and nod their head in agreement…… Then they decided to talk to her…..

In the car swara is crying continuously….. Seeing her crying sanskar felt bad and hold her hands….. Seeing him holding her hands quickly tugged his left hand tightly and kept her head in his shoulder and cried more….

Sanskar:swara see u r not going to another planet…. U r just in the distance of 30 minutes travel…. If u want to see ur family u can go there and see them….. Pls dont cry swara…..
Swara:sanskar though its near i miss them….. Do u know every morning mom will give lectures to me as she thinks i always bring pblm to her by my social service…. But my papa will always support me….. Deepu will always tease me something…. I will miss everything Sanskar…..
Sanskar:swara if u want listen ur mom’s lecture no pblm u can listen it in phone too…. If u miss deepu’s teasing dont worry to compensate that atul is here….
Atul:ya swara…. I will go to my house only for namesake that too sleep in night and to spend some time with mom, dad and naira…. But i always stay in sanskar’s house…..
Sanskar:ya and if he starts teasing none will be saved from him…
Swara:though i miss them….
Sanskar:k shall i drop u back to ur house????
Swara:(taking her head from his shoulder)what???
Sanskar:ya i will drop u in ur house and will go back to my house…. U be there….
Swara:sanskar how mean u r??? I know u r angry with me…. What is my wrong in it???? Vishal blackmailed me by kidnapping deepika…. He kept spy everywhere…. Even in ur office… He also told me that he tracked my mobile…. Then how can i inform u…. U were sad bcoz i reject u…. But have u once thought about my state???? One side i was crying thinking about the safety of deepika….. One side i was hurting myself for hurting u…. One side about my life with vishal…. But u just think about urself sanskar…. Even i m not in mistake i tried to convince u…. But u??? Ur just trying to hurt me more….. S as u said i will go back to my home u enjoy alone here…..

Hearing it sanskar felt guilty for talking like that with her….. When sanskar started to talk they reached sanskar’s house….. Both kept quiet seeing atul’s mom and sanskar thought to pacify her afterwards…… Atul is just blanked as both are right in their place and thought not to interfere in their matter as they will patch up themselves….. Atul’s mom came outside with arti plate hearing the car sound…. Then she took arti of swasan….. Swara kicked the rice pot with her right leg and kept both her legs in red water and came into the house….. Then swara went to the inhouse temple and prayed…. Then sanskar took swara to his mother’s photo and both prayed to his mother….. Atul’s mom told that she done every arrangements for their first night…. Hearing it sanskar face glowed but swara is still sad…. Then atul and his family left the newly wed couple here and went to their house…. Swara just stood there simply….

Sanskar:swara go to our room and change ur dress…. I will come….
Swara:i want to go to my home…. Will u drop me as u said or i will go???
Sanskar:angel pls….

Hearing him calling her angel swara is happy as she heared this word after a long…. So she just went from there and changed her dress into a night dress and came out…. When she came out sanskar came in….. Then he took shorts and a t-shirt and went to washroom…. After changing her came out….. He saw swara sitting in the bed with resting her head in the headboard with closed eyes…… Sanskar sat before her and touched her hands…. Sensing his touch swara opened her eyes…. Before she could jerk her hand he gave a paper to her…. Seeing it swara is shocked…..


Guys do u have any idea what the paper is???
Silent readers pls do comment….

Tata…. ??

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  1. Did he write 1000 time sorry again???
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  4. I think it is honeymoon ticket shan

  5. Property paper may b.

  6. Anniya

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    awesome yaar…!! Sanskar really gave a senti promise to swara’s parents..!! May be it’s a sorry chit..!!

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  10. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awsm and I think so in paper it is written 1000 times sry ….

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    i bet it’s exam paper….:P
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    next part will be their suhagraat, rite ? :3

  12. Nice I think property paper

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  15. ha ha ha… lol… milk and banana… awesome… I think he transfered his home on swara name bz she wants to go her home na or maybe its written 1000 times sorry bt hw cm he wrote 1000 times within few sec… hm will see in nxt epi…

  16. I really don’t know….. Bt the chapter was amazing dear??????loved it…

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  18. Idk but epi was very nice loved it❤️

  19. May be it’s an funny apology letter anyway nice part.

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