Guys somehow many guessed that Swasan will get married but Madhu and Nive guessed it correctly……. So this episode is fully dedicated to you frnds…. Enjoy reading it…..

Episode 28

Marriage is over….. Ashok,sarika,kamal, shemish and raglak were very happy….. They have no words to say….. At that time vanshika came down from the stairs….. Seeing her all were shocked…..

Vishal:vanshika whats this??? If u r here then who is there???

The girl near sanskar removed her veil…. Seeing her shemish,raglak and kamal Narayanan is shocked….. The most shocked one is vishal…. He went near her and holded her shoulders tightly…..

Vishal:how dare u…. Have u forgotten that i have kept ur sister in my custody???? I already told u if u double cross me then ur sister will face the consequence…. Now see what i will do now…..

Hearing his words shemish and raglak were shocked and shattered to know that deepika has been kidnapped…. There vishal called his men…. But none attended the call…. He became furious….

Shekar:swara what he is saying???
Swara:s papa…. He has kidnapped deepika and blackmailed me to marry him….
Sanskar:uncle i and swara love each other….. But vishal wanted to get married to swara and Mr.Kamal Narayanan dont want his employe’s daughter to be his dil…. So both had planned this kidnapping game….. But u dont worry uncle we have saved deepika…. She is here only….
Vishal:what she is here????
Sanskar:s she is here…. And we have rescued her safely from ur clutches….
Vishal:no this cant happen….. I wont believe u….
Sanskar:this can happen…. Wait

Saying this he told atul to bring deepika…. She came there…. Ran and hugged shomi and started to cry…. Shemish were sad seeing her daughter in this state…. Seeing deepika there vishal loosed his sense….

Vishal:How can u betray me swara???

Swara went to him and slapped him hard….. Vishal is shocked as he didn’t think swara will slap him….

Vishal:how dare u???
Sanskar:hold ur tongue vishal…. She is my wife…. Ha ha in all this haven’t u noticed ur bride???
Vishal:oh s…. Who is this girl…

The girl opened her veil…. Seeing that girl vishal is shocked….

Vishal:u how come u r here???
Sanskar:ur bad luck and my good luck she is working in my office…. When swara came and told about her marriage with u Divya has listened everything and told me that u have betrayed her by making her pregnant….. We told everything to vanshika then she also agreed to help us….. So we swapped the bride…..
Vishal:but how u know that i kidnapped deepika???
Sanskar:thanks to kamal Narayanan……
Vishal:what did uncle do….
Sanskar:ha ha when u nd kamal Narayanan were talking i heard everything about ur plan…. So to make sure i told atul to call his sister as she and deepika are frnds…. From her we came to know that deepika didn’t go to college trip and u have kidnapped her…. And we made a fake call to u stating that police ride is there in the place u kept deepika…. So we were sure u will change the place…. So we followed u…… But to my surprise the men were kamal Narayanan’s men and i bribed them and got to know about deepika’s place…. Then we thought to rescue her…. But then only i and swara will get married so we want Divya to get justice so we made this planned….
Vishal:how swara know this???? I have tapped her mobile….
Atul:we had a doubt that u would have tapped swara mobile and surely there will be some person who will be spying swara 24 hours…. So we told everything to my mom and she went to swara’s house and told everything to swara….
Vishal:u all have cheated me….

This time vanshika came and gave a slap on his cheek….. He is shocked to see his sister slapping him…. Vanshika is a very pampered girl in their family…. If she keeps a dot their family including vishal will draw a line…. They love vanshika a lot….

Vanshika:bhai i am ashamed…. How can u do this cheap act???
Vanshika:bhai dont say my name…. If at all someone had betrayed me like this will u leave that man???
Vishal:i will kill that man….
Vanshika:then what about that girl bhai…. If u really love me accept Divya bhabhi and have a good life ahead…. Otherwise dont talk to me…..
Vishal:vanshu i can do anything for u…. I m sry swara…. Sry to all…. Divya i m sry…. I accept u whole heartedly……

Hearing this all smile…. Swasan were very happy….. Shemish too were happy as their daughter has been married to a good man…. But the one person who is not liking all this was kamal Narayanan….. He went from there angrily….. Atul is watching lovingly at deepika…. She too saw him but cant talk to him as her parents were there…. Sanskar is giving angry look to swara…. Now swara is thinking some ideas to pacify her honey…..


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  1. sweety

    It’s awesome πŸ™‚ finally swasan got married.loved it.please update next part soon and update long one this is so short.

  2. Reethi

    Awesome. Finally sab teek hogaya.I’m happy. But this KN won’t change huhπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•.want to c how will swara convince sanskar.will be waiting for next part.post asap.

  3. swarna

    I didn’t get u yaar. U told us dat sanky n his bride n swara n her groom mrg hua. Then how came lakshya n ragini? Total confusion.

    • SHAN



      Swarna i told groom of swara and bride of sanskar is happy…. So swara’s groom is sanskar and sanskar’s bride is swara…. Hope i cleared ur doubt…. πŸ˜ƒ

  4. G.Chandu


    |Registered Member

    Oooh… !! You literally made me cry in last episode… making their separate marriage…!! And I blindly believed that they got separated..!!! Thank god..!! And the way you showed the twist was nice..!! Loved it..!!

    • SHAN



      Ha ha how can i separate our lovely couple swasan…. U read my last ff too i haven’t separated them dr…. Dont worry i wont separate swasan…. πŸ˜ƒThanks for liking my twist dr….. πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome……swasan got marriedπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Want to see how swara pacifies sanskar….plz upload soon

  6. Mica


    |Registered Member

    waahhhh….. the problem is solved now ?
    hiks i missed many previous chappy..
    ty Shan…luv it so much

  7. Joan Jose Varghese

    I just read the last episodes now. You know what I got scared when pandit told marriage done. But this was really mindblowing. Then plotting and tge planning was awesome. Seriously so smart Santul are. I cant wait to know what is gonna happen to KN. Hated him in the previous episode.

  8. Nive..

    aww, u dedicate this epi to me… thanks dr… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ finally swasan gt married, this vishal chap over… and this kamal I hate him… poor shona, as we all knw sanky gt angry on his angel so long but anyways will see what she gonna to do convience our sanky… loved it… awesome epi… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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