Episode 25

Swara went home happily…. She is very happy that vishal said he will talk to his dad…. She came inside her house…. Seeing her happy deepika got shocked…. She went near her….

Deepu:di whats this??? U r very happy????
Swara:deepu i talked with vishal and told him about my love…. He accepted and told that he will talk to his dad…. Now i m happy as this marriage wont happen…..
Deepu:really di??? I m very happy…. Have u said this to sanskar jiju???
Swara:no i m angry on him…. So i gave a punishment to him….
Deepu:what y di???
Swara:ha ha dont worry…. Its just a small punishment as he hided something from me…. K leave him what about di??? Have she came down from her room???
Deepu:no di…

At that time ragini came down…. Even laksh too came into the house after his work…. Shekar asked him to sit in the sofa….

Shekar:ragini whether u want to say anything????
Ragini:papa i realised my mistake…. Here after i wont impose my decision on laksh and tarun…. I m feeling ashamed of my act…. Sry papa…. Sry laksh….
Laksh:ragini pls no need of this sorry…. U accepted ur mistake and realised…. Its very good….

Then ragini went to tarun and kneeled down and asked sorry to him by keeping her hands on her ears….. Seeing his mother this avatar tarun is shocked and took her hands from her ears and kissed her cheeks…. Ragini is suprised by this act…. She just hugged him…. After that all had some family time…..

At night swara got call from sanskar….. But she didnt attend it…. Instead she messaged him….

Swara:hello who is this???

Seeing her cutting the call sanskar is shocked…. Before he could call he received a message…. Seeing that message he is shocked…. Again he called her but she cut the call and messaged him….

Swara:hello mister tell me who r u??? Y r u calling me??? If u want to talk anything dont call me just msg me….
Sanskar:oh madam so u do no who i m right???
Swara:s i do no whom u r….
Sanskar:oh angel u forgot ur honey???
Swara:hello i m not ur angel and then ur not my honey….
Sanskar:ha ha i catch u…. I didn’t tell that i m ur honey and u r my angel…. ☺☺☺
Swara:oh dont think u r so intelligent….
Sanskar:ha ha angel y u r talking via message???
Swara:bcoz i wont talk with u until u complete ur punishment….
Sanskar:angel this is not fair… K if i complete it u will talk to me???

After that swara didn’t get any message…. She thought he is angry…. But she didnt message him…. She waited for his message…. After 30 minutes she got a message….

Sanskar:angel come down….
Swara:sanskar what r u saying???
Sanskar:angel i m near ur house so pls come down darling….
Swara:sanskar r u mad??? What r u doing here???? Papa is here i cant come….
Sanskar:k angel then i m coming up…..
Swara:sanskar wait wait…. I will come myself….
Sanskar:thats good angel…. Come fast i m waiting….

Then swara went out without anyone’s notice…. Sanskar was leaning on his bike and folding his hands near his chest…. Swara is mesmerized seeing him as he was is casuals…. Sanskar too mesmerized seeing swara as she is in her night dress…. After she came near her she again messaged him….

Swara:y u came???

Seeing her message sanskar asked her…..

Sanskar:so madam wont talk to me…..

Again swara messaged him….


Then sanskar pulled her by holding her waist….. Again swara messaged him….

Swara:sanskar leave me…. Anyone would see us…
Sanskar:oh god swara stop this…

He took some paper and gave it to swara…. After seeing that she is shocked and started to cry…. Seeing her crying sanskar is shocked…..

Sanskar:angel what happened y r u crying??? Pls angel dont cry…
Swara:sanskar i just said for fun but u really wrote and came….

S sanskar have written 1000 times that “i m sorry and i wont hide anything from u”…..

Sanskar:angel but i did wrong right???
Swara:y u love me this much sanskar????
Sanskar:angel what question is this??? S i love u soo much but cant tell u y and all…. This happens as it is….
Swara:i love u Sanskar…..
Sanskar:but i need something else from u….

Without thinking anything swara placed her lips on sanskar’s lips…. He is shocked of this sudden kiss but he too started to reciprocate….. The kiss lasts for 10 minutes…. After that both part for oxygen…. But swara is too shy to face sanskar as she initiated the kiss….. She just hugged Sanskar tightly…..

Sanskar:angel wow u kissed me…. That too u initiated…. Wow superb angel….
Swara:shut up sanskar…..
Sanskar:ha ha love u angel….
Swara:love u sooo much honey….

Saying this she took his hands and kissed it….

Swara:u wrote 1000 times in this hand only right…. (placing her hands in her ears )sorry sanskar i didn’t think u will take it seriously….. I thought to tell u tomorrow not to write and all but u wrote todat itself…. I didn’t expect…. Is it paining???
Sanskar:angel pls dont say sorry….. I m alright…. After u kissed my hands my pain gone to its mother’s house…..
Swara:ha ha sanskar love u….

Saying this she hugged him tightly….. Then she realised that she is the road…. She parted her hug….

Swara:k sanskar i have to go….
Sanskar:so soon….
Swara:honey we r standing in the road…. If my papa sees us thats it…..
Sanskar:angel what happen to ur alliance????
Swara:i forgot that sanskar…. Today i met him in cafe and told him about us…. He told that he will talk to his dad and stop this engagement….
Swara:s sanskar…. So leave if papa sees he will throw me out of the home…..
Sanskar:no pblm angel…. I will take u to out home if he throws u out….
Swara:oh how mean u r??? Papa wont do anything like that…. K bye honey….. Will c tomorrow….
Sanskar:(giving a peck in her lips and sad pout)k bye….

After that swara went to her room safely…. Sanskar too went to his home laughingly…..

Next day it was very happy morning for both swasan….. Both wake up happily…. Then she got ready and went down…. Deepu was ready as she is going for a tour from her college…..

All were standing around her and giving instructions of what to do and what not…. After bidding bye she went from there…..


Guys hows it???? Pls do read and comment guys….
I thought to finish in 25 but u guys told to not end soon so extended to 30 but now i think it will even extend 30….. U guys dont have pblm in it right???
I thought to complete something in that part but when i start writing some other thing come in my mind and the one i planned i cant write…. So its extending…. U r k if it extends 30 right???

Tata…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


  1. Samaira

    M hapy n sad. Happy fr that u will finish it later n sad u m not able to read it regularly fr my class. Plz give the link of previus part.

  2. swarna

    Ha ha ha. U too gd shan. Swara was kissed him ha ha ha. Bt ya wo vishal bas kamina na nikle n thank god ragini thoda soft ho gai n i think ragini might b support swara to get her love. Bt lets see.

  3. swarna

    Ha ha ha. U too gd shan. Swara was kissed him ha ha ha. Bt ya wo vishal bas kamina na nikle n thank god ragini thoda soft ho gai n i think ragini might b support swara to get her love. Bt lets see. πŸ™‚

  4. Sathya


    |Registered Member

    It’s amazing shan…. Very cute episode but still my instinct says that something gonna happen wrong for swasan….fingers crossed… Update next soon.. 😍😍😍😘😘love u

    • SHAN



      Wow di thank u soo much….. Ha ha ur instinct is correct di…. Something big going to happen with swasan…. Love u too di… 😘😘

  5. Joan Jose Varghese

    Hey Shanmathi. I am posting again. Dont know if you read this cmmnt before. If you have, then sorry for wasting your time. Awwwww it was a cute part. Ragini learned from her mistake. Now waiting to see if she supports her sisters love. Swara getting bold. Swasan scenes were soo adorable. Must say your romantic writings have become better. Splendid part. And yeah I have no problem if story extends till 40 also

    • SHAN



      Wow thank u soo much dr…. No dr this comment is first….. Ha ha s dr my romantuc writings have become better…. I didn’t expect that u will comment…. Thanks dr…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.