Episode 20

Swara went to her house after her hectic work shedule…. Shekar and shomi were there in the hall sitting and sipping coffee…. By seeing them again she get into the thought of her marriage….. She didn’t want to loose sanskar….. She thought to talk to them about it when they start again…. But seeing her they didn’t ask anything….

Shomi:swara get freshen up and come down…. I have made ur fav samosa….
Shekar:haan swara its very nice…. Go and freshen up and come fast….
Swara:haa ma….
Shomi:swara when u come bring that deepika too….
Swara:k ma….

Swara felt disappointed as they didnt talk about it…. Then she went and got freshen up and came down along with deepika….. They had some family time….

Next day swara is very tensed as she is going to give a presentation that too before many business people….. This is the first time for her….. She got ready and ate the breakfast…. She thought to meet Sanskar before going but brushed off the thought thinking even he will be busy in this project….. So she took her scooty and went to temple….

She got the pooja plate and went inside…. She gave the pooja plate to priest and started to pray…. After that priest came with aarti…. When she opened her eyes she is suprised to c sanskar and atul standing besides her…. She opened her mouth to speak but sanskar signed her to talk after praying…. After worshiping all the god in the temple the three came and sat in a place….

Swara:sanskar how come u here???
Sanskar:swara this is temple…. Anyone can come here angel….
Swara:(with anger)sanskar i know that k…. Just i asked all of a sudden u came here…. Thats it….
Sanskar:angel relax…. Chill…. I m just teasing u…. K leave that u thought to see me right???
Swara:ya… How do u know???
Sanskar:ha ha angel only my body is here but my soul will be always with u…. I know what u think….
Sanskar:(interrupted)i know what u r going to say… “i do no what good i did that i m this much lucky to get u” mimicked her and laughed loudly….

Even atul laughed seeing sanskar teasing swara…. By seeing both laughing swara got angry and stood up and went…. Sanskar and atul went to her and sanskar holded her hands and said “sorry” by folding his ears…. Even atul did the same…. In all this swara forgot her tension…. Then swara smiled and all went to the tender office….

Swara went to her manager and asked him the pendrive to check everything last time as the meeting is going to start within 30 minites…. Manager made some reasons and gave her the pendrive at last 10 minutes….

Getting the pendrive swara put that in laptop and checked the presentation….. She is shocked too know that the presentation is changed…. She immediately went to manager and asked about the presentation…. Even manager acted as if he do no….

Manager:swara whats this??? Now how we are going to do presentation????
Swara:sir i gave this perndrive to u only…..
Manger:so u r saying i m responsible of this right????
Swara:sir i didn’t say in that sense….
Manager:then in which sense u r saying??? I do no what i will say to boss…. Even he is coming to c the presentation….

Before swara can say anything they called all of them to the meeting hall…. All sat in their places…. Even kamal Narayanan came there…. Manager introduced him as one of major share holder of their company….. Seeing kamal Narayanan swara is shocked…. She didn’t expect him to be her boss…. Then the meeting started all gave their presentation….

Then sanskar gave his presentation…. Seeing his presentation all were stunned as its very perfect for their project…. Kamal Narayanan is proud of his son…. Then after 2-3 presentation completed swara’s turn come…. Manager and kamal Narayanan smirked….

But to their suprise swara gave a wonderful presentation…. Even sanskar is stunned to c this much good presentation…. Kamal Narayanan glared angrily at the manager…. After giving presentation swara came and stood in her place…. At that time she saw sanskar…. He showed super using his hands and winked at her…. Seeing that swara smiled blushingly….

When she turned she saw vishal there…. She is shocked at that moment… He too saw her and smiled at her…. Swara too smiled at him…. Seeing her smiling seeing someone sanskar turned to c who she is smiling…. Seeing that sanskar felt jealous….

In this time all finished their presentation….. Then the members of tht project discuss whose presentation is good…. After some discussions they told their result….

Man:we r very happy that u all came and gave the presentation….. But this tender will go only to one person…. Its a very tough decision as there is a competiton between 2 presentations and after so much discussion thr winner of this presentation is….. After few seconds he told miss swara malhotra…..

Hearing this swara is on cloud 9….. Even sanskar felt very very happy…. Manager gave a fake smile….

Man:ya we told 2 presentation had fight…. And that other presentation is of none other than mr. Sanskar Rajvanshi….. But this presentation alone cant decide the full winner…. We have to c the amount u all quoted…. With that we declare the final result tomorrow…. Thanks gentleman….

With that meeting got finished…. Manager came and asked how she got her original presentation as it has been changed…. Swara told that she had a copy of that and she made some additions in that presentation…. Manager fakely appreciated and went….

At that time sanskar came and congratulated her….

Sanskar:superb angel and congratz…..
Swara:sanskar this is all due to u only….
Sanskar:what??? How come i am the reason….
Swara:Sanskar on that day u told me to make no of copies after preparing presentation…. So that only i can give this much presentation….. Actually in the morning our presentation got corrupted…. At that time i used this fair copy….

Then they talked sometime… At that time kamal Narayanan saw swasan talking lovingly…. Seeing this he got shocked…. At that time manager came there and told that he is the one who saved swara on that day when they thought to make a theft….. Hearing this he is shocked….


Now what will happen to swasan as kamal Narayanan got to know there is something between swasan….
Y this vishal is coming in swasan eye sight???

Guys how do u feel this episode is???
Pls do read and comment….

Tata…. ??

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  1. Loved it. Nice epi ❤️ but plz don’t separate swasan❤️??

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    amazing shan loved it so so so much. love u more than that. keep smiling 🙂

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  4. It’s Awsome dear loved it

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    Awesome ….and I also like samosas ??

  6. Nice Awsome Amazing wonderful. In one breth. Like it love it so much. in two breeth.plz give knife i will make peace of that kamal narayan. … Love u. Tata.

  7. Haani12

    hy shan ur ff is awsome doing here buddy love you

  8. awesome..!! Waiting for next part..!! superb..!!

  9. Anniya

    Love it totally…..

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  11. Nice

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    Superb.manager ki bolti band

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