Hello frnds….. I know none had missed me oy my ff….. No pblm at all…. I started this ff so i have to finish it…. K leave all that….

Episode 15

Swasan were hugging each other tightly as if their life is going to end…. After sometime swara breaked his hug….

Sanskar:what happened angel???
Swara:sanskar i m hungry…..
Swara:haan i haven’t eaten properly in afternoon….
Sanskar:y??? Haan i got it….. U were missing me right???
Swara:who told nothing like that….
Sanskar:ha ha angel atul told me….
Swara:no sanskar its not that i missed u…..
Sanskar:then what angel???? Haan u were afraid that i will go to that girl whom we met in bar right???
Swara:no sanskar…. Nothing like that….
Sanskar:(holded her hands)angel dont lie to me….
Swara:k i accept…
Sanskar:what u accept that u were missing me or u thought i went to meet that girl????
Swara:both Sanskar…..
Sanskar:oh wow angel…. But dont worry…. Sanskar always belong to his angel…. That is u my swara…. So dont get afraid ok….
Swara:mm k sanskar…. Love u
Sanskar:love u too sooo much angel….. Come i had arranged dinner here itself….
Swara:wow superb sanskar…. U r soooo cute…..
Sanskar:angel??? (Fake anger)
Swara:ha ha come fast….

Then both came out of the tent…. Sanskar again tied a cloth in swara’s eyes and lifted her….

Swara:sanskar what r u doing???
Sanskar:angel trust me…. Nothing will happen to u…. Surely u will like it…. This is my another surprise….
Swara:mm k sanskar….

Sanskar carried swara and went to the boat there…. He didn’t keep her down…. He signed the boat man to ride the boat….. The man rided the boat to some distance and sanskar came out from the boat and placed swara there…. He opened the cloth from swara’s eyes…. Seeing the surrounding she felt very happy…. They were standing in the middle of the lake…. They were standing in the wood…. The wood is decorated with lamps…. The table and chairs are placed in the center of the wood…. (c the picture)….

Swara:sanskar its very very very beautiful….
Sanskar:angel do u like it???
Swara:loved it sanskar…. Thank you sooo much….

Saying this swara hugged sanskar and kissed his checks…. Sanskar is shocked….. He didn’t even expect that swara will kiss him….

Sanskar:angel did u really kiss me???
Swara:haan???s sanskar y???
Sanskar:no angel i thought i m dreaming…. Wow my angel kissed me….

Swara felt shy and blushed…. Sanskar went near her and hugged her and kissed her checks….. Then both went to the table…. Swara went to sit in the chair but sanskar stopped and dragged the chair and made her to sit…. Then sanskar served the food to her….

Swara:wow sanskar all the dishes are my favourite….
Sanskar:s angel…. I know that….
Swara:how u know that???
Sanskar:ha ha i asked to deepika….
Swara:deepu???? Does she know that u love me???
Sanskar:ha ha s…. Actually this trip itself is to propose u….
Swara:what???? Really….
Sanskar:s angel…. K now eat….no no wait i will feed u and u feed me k….
Swara:mm k sanskar….

Then both feed each other…. After eating they talked for sometime….. Then Sanskar again called the boat man and they reached the shore…. After that they went to the car…. Both were going to their hotel….. After 30 minutes suddenly it started to rain….

Seeing the rain swara asked sanskar to stop the car…. Then she came down the car and started to enjoy the rain by dancing and playing with water…. Seeing this sanskar mesmerized and he too came down and went near swara…..

Swara didn’t see sanskar coming as she is facing back…. Sanskar came and hold her waist…. Sensing his hands swara stopped and turned around…. They both stood there seeing each other…. Suddenly the thunder sound make them to regain their senses…. Both part from each other and turned…. Now both back are facing each other….

Then within a minute both turned and hug each other…. Seeing her wet face sanskar has a desire to kiss her…. His eyes showed the lust for her but more than lust they showed love for her…. Without thinking a minute swara placed her lips in sanskar’s…. They both kissed each other….

After a minite sanskar squeezed swara’s bare waist…. Swara just gasped in pain…. Taking this as opportunity sanskar explored his tongue inside her mouth…. After few minutes both parted for oxygen…. Swara hugged sanskar blushingly…. Then he kissed her forehead and both went to the car….

They both reached the hotel…. Both were silent during the travel…. They both just entangled their hands during the journey….. Then both came down and holded their hands….

Atul and deepika were sitting in the lobby waiting Swasan….. At that time swasan entered the hotel holding each other hands…. By seeing them atul and deepika came near them…. Seeing them swasan felt embarrassed and shy… They both thought to escape from them but atul and deepika didn’t leave them….

Deepika:di are u blushing????
Swara:deepu pls dont tease me….
Deepika:ha ha am i imaging my bold strong sherni is blushing….
Sanskar:ha ha deepu so what she is a girl right….
Atul:oh oh deepu c mr. Romeo is supporting his Juliet….
Swasan:guys pls stop us….
Atul:ha ha k k….
Swara:y u guys didnt sleep till now???
Deepu:di i forgot…. Dad called me….
Swara:what he told???
Deepu:do no di but he told us come home quickly as he want to talk something important with us…
Sanskar:what suddenly??? Oh no i thought to enjoy tomorrow… Its k tomorrow morning we will leave….
Swara:mm s…

Then all went to their room changed their dress and slept….


Guys i m very bad at romance…. If u feel this part is not upto ur expectation then i m sry and pls forgive me….

Now what is going to happen???
Whether shekar came to know about swara and kamal Narayanan????
If so what will happen next???
Or is there anything else???

Guys i m fed up with the response…. I lost the interest in this ff…. So going to finish this within 5-10 chapters….. I planned many thing….. But now not executing that…. I know i m not best writer at the same time i know i m not worst writer too….. As a writer i expect comments….. K leave that….


  1. Shruthis


    |Registered Member

    shan may be i may not read regularly.. if i get time i read it and comment too please dont stop it soon and whatever you planned to write pls do excute coz i love your ff please pretty …
    coming to episode i loved it πŸ™‚ :*

    • SHAN



      Thanks dr…. I wont end it…. When i have this much lovely readers surely wont end dr…. Thank u soo much…. πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Samira

    Oye olta chor kotwal ko daate. Huh i hate. I was planing to sold u n u. Chi. U no aftr my xm finished i gt full 1n half day holiday. Bt u n some spoit my mood. So in bad mood done all husehold wrk now aftr cmng from bath at nigt tym some u upte. So ur teling. M lazy reader hate to write. Fr u guys hapiness. Bt what u care. Thats why u tant us. Now stay happy m not comnting from next. Tata

    • SHAN



      Samaira i m sry dr…. I thought none love my ff….. Dont get angry on me…. With puppy face i m apologizing u…. πŸ˜ƒPls do read and comment dr…. Forgive me pls

  3. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Plz shan continue it …. I too feel bad by seeing less comments in my ff but I am continuing it na ….. plz continue it and excute all ur plans ….plz shan atleast for the readers who comment and silent readers … plz ….
    This a humble request from me ….

  4. chandu

    Heyy… please…!! I don’t know why you are feeling like this..!! But I am a big fan of your works..!! Every writer have their own features..!! You know what.. your ff’s are simple ,realistic and conveys social messages..!! I still remember how you beautifully you ended ‘My heart is filled by you’..!! In this ff too… you showed swara in that manner only…!! I love the way you write your ff..!! Don’t ever feel that we lost interest..!!

    Please… continue your ff and write whatever you have planned..!! Don’t ever think to end this… because you started it..!!

    • SHAN



      Thank u sooooo muchhh chandu…. Ur comment make me very happy dr…. Wont end soon dr…. Will go as i plan…. Thanks for ur concern dr…. I m very happy….

  5. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    shan do you know what your ff is too cute.. I loved it so much.. don’t dare to end it.. you are an awesome writer.. I loved swasan romance.. so adorable. . I don’t see sanskar is this much sweet in any ff’s.. you should write for those who love your ff. ok. love you a lot dear..

  6. AnuAnn


    |Registered Member

    Don’t try to end it dear.. U may not see my comments in many episodes bcoz sometimes I read it in fb and sometimes telly.. I think many telly readers also sometimes do the same.. So less comments. So don’t feel bad abt it. As usual awesome episode dear

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