Frnds very very thank u….. Seriously i didn’t expect such good response….. Actually i already wrote this intro but i had a little doubt to whether post it or not….. But at last i post it…. Thanks to all u who commented on my ff…. Frnds support me till last epi of this ff….

Frnds if u feel u want to read my 1st ff then u can say it through comments i will post it on tu…. Its a simple love story with some social message….



In ragini’s house laksh is getting ready for his morning walk…. This morning walk has become his habit after his marriage….. As ragini wants laksh to b healthy…. So even she wont allow him to eat non veg chats fast food….. Ragini had planned a diet for him not only for him but for all 3 including their son….. She wont allow her child to eat anything outside…..

They haven’t eaten in hotel even once as ragini restricted to eat outside food….. Overall its a mini military camp…..

Laksh too wont object as he dont want problems in their life…. Sometimes he feel bad when she says anything to Tarun(their child)….. But he cant do anything…..

So he got ready went to morning walk…. After that he came back home got ready and went to office after finishing his tasteless food…..

Tarun’s school bus will come near their home…. So ragini will leave him in the bus….. After that she will finish the works….. This s d daily routine of this family….

There in Shekar’s house…. All are getting ready for their office and college…. Sharmistha s preparing breakfast and lunch for all…..

Swara got ready in her room and came down….. As usual Sharmistha start to scold her as yesterday she went out to solve someone’s problem….

Swara:ma whatever u say i wont back off from this…..
Shomi:swara dont behave like a boy….. Keep in mind that u r a girl…. Shekarji say something to her….
Shekar:shomi leave her… Whatever she s doing is correct….. But swara dont get into all the problems….
Swara:papa u too….
Shekar:swara u know our society…. Its a corrupted one….. U alone cant change anything….. I m not saying u not to do anything like ur ma… But c to it that by helping someone or making someone realise their mistake u dont get into problems….
Swara:papa u dont worry….
Shomi:shekarji if u too support her she wont change….. Ask her to stop all this….
Shekar:shomi she is not a small kid….. She knows everything….
Shomi:hope nothing happens to u….. K where s deepu???
Deepika:ma i m here….
Shomi:k all come and eat ur breakfast…. Anyways my words wont go into ur mind….

After that eveyone went and finished the breakfast…. Swara has a habit of going to temple before going to her office…..

So she took her scooty left deepu in bus stop and went to the temple….

She reached the temple…. Bought a pooja plate and she went inside leaving her slippers out…..

The temple priest knows swara well as she is d daily visitor…. By seeing her coming priest came near her with smile and extended his hands to get the plate from her….

At the same time a bmw car came and stopped at the entrance of the temple…. By seeing the car the priest left swara and went to receive them….

An old man came down from the car….. Behind his car another car came and from that an young man came out….. They both enter inside the temple followed by the bodyguards…..

The temple priest welcomed them and extended his hands to get the pooja plate….. At that time swara saw all this and cant accept that….

Swara:priestji i came first…. So do my prayer first….
Priest:swara wait for few minutes…. After his prayers i will do it for u…. He s a big business man….
Swara:whoever may be…. But this s temple…. In front of god all are equal….. So ask him to wait as he came late….

By hearing her talks priest got afraid of that old man….. He tried to convince her but she was adamant even all the people there supported her…. By seeing this the old man felt insulted and got angry and went out…..

The young man smiled seeing her but he too left behind the old man…. Swara didn’t c his smile….

Then the priest lightly scolded swara and does her prayer…. After that she went out and took her scooty as nothing happens and went to her office….

But a bike followed her wherever she goes…. In d bike there were two men….. Swara didn’t notice it…..

Swara entered an office and went inside…. Both men too entered the office and got all the information of swara from reception by using their status….

The old man is none other than Mr.Kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi….. Both mens who followed swara were his people…. And the young man is none other than our hero Sanskar Rajvanshi…..

Sanskar Rajvanshi age 28 son of Mr. Kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi…..


So now what will happen when kamal Narayanan comes to know about swara????
Will he take revenge for his insult or will leave her after knowing she s shekar’s daughter????
Sanskar will b frnd or enemy for swara????
Think it guys….
Now tata…. ??


  1. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    awesome update shan.. I want haye story of swasan.. sanskar little grey . I want more swasan and swara.. waiting for next update dear.. continue soon.. I want to read your first ff also

      • Sumeeta


        |Registered Member

        Did u watch tarak maheta ka ulta chasma in sab tv?there is character name anjali.raginis behaviour towards her husband about diet nd health as same as anjali.i just mentioned that ragini remind me about anjali.nothing else.or ha hindi aur english both are not my native language.i am also just lil bit clumsy to both of the language

    • SHAN



      No sumeeta… I havent watched that….. My tv has only star plus colors z tv in hindi…. So i dint watch it dr…..

    • SHAN



      Thanks deeksha….. ?S just names nd character….. I dont want dp or rp to b negative…. So thought of someone nd Kamal Narayanan came into my mind dr…..

    • SHAN



      Thanks Tamanna…. ?Its fully a different story….. Just took Kamal Narayanan Rajvanshi name…. That doesnt mean its like udaan….

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