Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 16 ( teaser)

Anyone remember this story ? I know many of you must forget it because I also not remember when I last time posted it.
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Scene 1,
A boy holding girl from waist and closing her eyes from other hand.
Girl: What are you doing?
Boy: Shh, keep quiet I have something for you or I should say I wanna show you something.
Girl; but

Boy pull her more closer and wishper in her ears,in this process his lips slightly brushed her ears which sent shiver to both
“ just few minutes”
Saying it, he removed his hand from her eyes and make her see in some direction.
Seeing something she became shocked and hide her face in his chest.
“ Plssss save me, or I’ll …..”
Saying it she faint, the next person smirked while boy become confused.

Scene 2
A boy kneeling down in front of a girl and held her hand.
Girl: what is it?

Boy: let me speak, after lot of courage I am going to say my feelings. I love you, will you be my better half?
Girl turned other side and nodded in no.
Boy stood from there and kept his hand on her shoulder.
For sometime both remain standing in same position, their eyes were teary.
Boy: but..
She turned towards him and wipe her tears.
Girl: I really never considered you more than frnd, I am sry but…
Boy: from whom you’re lying ,I know you too have feelings may be you not realised or may be you don’t want to realise.

Girl: it’s nothing like that, I think I should go.
She tried to go from there, he pull her towards himself.

Scene 3
A girl sadly seeing some pics and muttering sorry.
“ I am sorry but I don’t have any other options. I hope one day you both understand me and forgive me.”
Saying it she picked some bottle and drink it in once go.
“ Sry…”

Scene 4
Two boys were sadly seeing someone.
Boy 1: why she did it? Now what will happen to me? At least she should have think about me na I’ll never forgive her, I hate her.
Saying it he went from there.
Boy2: at least you should think about him na, really loving you is my biggest mistake. I wish I shouldn’t meet you. I too hate you…..
Saying it he too went from there.

Any idea what is happening ?
Who are boy and girl in scene 1 and why she became shocked.
Who are in scene second and really that girl don’t have any feeling or boy is right.
Who is girl in last scene and will she die and story end here only? Or something store in her fate?
Who are both boys ,whom they are hating and why?

Cmnt are necessary???

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  1. Abirsha

    Its amazing anni…. Loved it…and the boys are kabir and sanskar and the girl is swara… He he its a mere guess…?? post soon

  2. Shreeyu

    Anniya di its not so difficult to guess but I won’t tell here I’ll message you in personal…. And no comments first post the next part …

  3. SNY

    Interesting titi…..!!!

  4. Deeksha

    Awesome Anniya….!!!!! I know the answers but not Gonna tell you….!!!! U will have to post soon….!!!!!

  5. interesting..continue soon..tc..

  6. Simi


  7. Rabia

    annuuuuuuuuu how come u become such a twisty person?? (thinking sign of wa)… arrey wahhh what a teaserrrr plssss post soon naaaa or else im having my own ways of taking revenge 😛

  8. Scooby

    Good…. Sanskar, kabir and swara … Swara rejected sans…

  9. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

  10. Shifa96

    Interesting..update next part soon.

  11. Vyshu10

    ?? y r swasan separated? who is d guy from swara’s past…annie??

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