Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 13

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Both were standing in front of each other, they were equally nervous. While other hand kabir is busy with children. Swasan were looking down and finding some word for speaking. After lot of struggle sanskar finally open his mouth.
Sanskar: vo I bought this for you, I thought to give something to my new frnd. Hope you like it…
He handed her and again stood as statute. With one hand she took his gift while from other hand she passed a small box which is well packed.
Swara: I …, See yourself

He took it from her hand, both were standing with holding each others gift.
Swara: umm I guess we should open it.
Sanskar: but first you, first time I bought something for someone. So don’t know it’s perfect or not.

Without saying further she unwarp a big box, it was red white saree. And in that box only, a small box is also kept. She sees toward him, he signal her to open it she nodded in yes and open that box also. Seeing it, eyes glittered with tears. She remembered her anklet and some memories came up in her mind.
Sanskar: what happened? Don’t you like it, I knew my choice is not….
Swara: it’s beautiful, in fact I love it. You know I love anklet. I used to have one pair…..
She realised what she was going to blurt.

Sanskar; where is it?
Swara: I lost it, you leave that. Check your gift, now I am nervous…
Sanskar: first tell me do you like that saree.
Swara: yeah I love it but what is need to give such expensive things. Most importantly you have new job so …
Sanskar: offo how much you speak, now let me open my gift. Well I am sure it will more beautiful than I have you. And yeah wear this saree on some special occasion.
Swara: definitely I will but you first see your gift.
He unwrap the packet and became frowned seeing that gift, eyes started to shine seeing it, it was like miracle for him that locket which he sold it is now with him. No gift can be better than it.

After selling it , he had some amount of guilt. But seeing his locket all guilt washed away.
Swara: I know it’s old but don’t know why I thought it will look good on you. That’s…
Sanskar: I don’t know what should i say, I just can say it’s precious. I just wanna wear it, Can I wear it now?
Swara: all yours, so no need of permission.
He tried to hook it but don’t able to succeed in it. He make sad pout.
Sanskar; I guess I should call someone.
Swara: give it to me.
Sanskar: but

Swara: I am not going to run with it.
She smiled little and forward her hand.
He handed her, she make him turn. She tied it around his neck and press hook with lips. In this process her lips slightly brushed with his shirt. She didn’t realise it but It run shiver to down his body. For some moment he became freeze at that place only. It was first time she was so close to him, heart started to beat rapidly. He feeling like time should stopped there itself.
Swara: yup done

He came back in sense listening her voice and turn toward her. Still don’t able to control his heart who wanna say all feeling and hug her tightly.
Sanskar: I coming after seeing arrangements.
Saying this he hurriedly leaved from there.
Swara: what happened to him? In all these I completely forgotten about Bhai.
She went and kept gifts in room. Before going from there she touches saree and smile slightly.
All things were going according to plan.

She entered in hall there boys were playing with kabir and sanskar was busy with girls.
Kabir: thank God shona you came or else these devils must have killed me.
Swara: so you all are disturbing my Bhai.
All boys smiled sheepishly.
Someone: vo Di he is not giving us cake, and when we ask him about you then he denied us telling about you.
Swara: so this is matter,you all come I will give you cake.
Girl: can we also go with Di?
Sanskar: yeah go..

All children yelled in happiness and hug her. Seeing it sanskar and kabir smile.
Kabir: Take these devils with you.
A girl came forward and kisses sanskar cheeks.
Girl: you remember na ice cream party.
He nodded in yes and take her in his arm.
Sanskar: first go with Di and yeah don’t disturb her or else..
Other girls: or else party will cancel.
Sanskar: yeah true, now run.
All run from there and started to enjoy with swara.
After a while sanskar and kabir silently sitting and drinking soft drinks. Kabir break this silence and put glass at table.
Kabir : Sanskar, can I ask you something?
Sanskar: if i will say no then you’ll stop so better ask.

Kabir: be serious yr
Seeing his face, a little idea came what must he wanna say this time he was also ready to answer him. Now no more hide and seek, just wanna face it.
Sanskar: go on.
Kabir: see I wanna ask ,do you like shona? Your actions always create doubt in my mind, one side you say you like angel …
He interrupt him and looked at him.
Sanskar: if i will say both are same then still you have any doubt…..
Kabir looked at him with confused expression. Understanding his confused state he continued…

Sanskar: yes swara and angel are same. In starting I also not knew but that day when swara get wound on leg.
Kabir: means when first time you both met at home.
Sanskar: yeah that day only, before it I was also completely unknown to that fact your sister is mine angel.
Kabir looked at him mixed expression some pain and happiness. Pain due to he didn’t told him and happiness he also knows how much he love angel means his shona.
Sanskar thought he is angry, may be according to him he is not perfect one for her.
Sanskar; i know you wanna someone better for her. I am not perfect but it’s true that I love her. I could promise that I can be perfect for her.
Listening his words he smiled slightly which gone unnoticed by sanskar.

Kabir: if i will say go away or something like doing sacrifice.
He smilingly sees toward him, which make kabir little confuse.
Sanskar: I will not ,I trust myself that I can keep her happy. I’ll not say I am perfect for your sister but I can try. I can’t say I love her most but I can say no one will love her as I do.
Kabir: you’re seriously Romeo, before knowing about your love I always wanna a perfect guy means like guy with money bag. But one thing I understood that love is all of that. See myself na I have all things but still I have nothing.
Sanskar about to say something, he signal him let him continue.
Kabir: I will help you, I am sure she still unknown about it or else you must be in bar drinking alcohol and singing some sad song.
Imagining that condition only both started to laugh.
Sanskar: don’t you feel like killing me or beating with rod. I mean like Hindi movie villan.

Kabir: offo that personality not suit me, see I am so love dovey. That much love dovey you also not able to control. From that I remember control your dirty mind or else I can be villan.
Sanskar: stop it, that was mistake. Moreover my mind is not dirty like you.
Kabir: yeah know, only first day you were seeing dream.
Sanskar: vo toh I …
Kabir: kk leave it my shona and your angel must be waiting for me.
Listening his angel, cheeks again turned red and heart started to beat fast.
Seeing it kabir again Started to tease him.
After a while both join swara and children. After enjoying little more all bid bye to children and went towards home.
Kabir went up in his room, swasan still sitting in hall.
Swara: good night, me going to home.

Sanskar: wait I drop you.
Swara: kk come.
Both started to walk toward swara house which is only little distance from mansion.
Sanskar: so swara what are your future plans?
Swara: mine nothing, I also don’t know I able to enjoy these things for how much days.
Sanskar: means
Swara: means nothing, you’ll not understand. Leave about..
Sanskar: no today you have to tell about yourself.
Swara: you already know.
Sanskar: you also know about what I am asking, I can clearly see some pain your eyes. Some times your words also make me confuse like something big you’re hiding. We are friends na so you can share it with me.
She looked down, some drops of tears fell on ground.

Swara: what I will hide, my life is like open book.
He became frustrated by her answer and yell at her.
Sanskar: yeah you’re life is like book but not open one it’s like some mysterious novel. Leave it you’re not going to tell me, why you will tell who I am to you?
He turned other side and started to go from there.
Swara: my life is full of complexation, what will happen next moment I also don’t know. I don’t wanna anyone to involve in it not even you.
He stopped at his and turn toward her.
Sanskar: then tell me I wanna solve your every problem. I myself wanna involved in it pls I beg you…
He went close to her and cup her face, her eyes were glittering with tears.
Sanskar: by sharing problem it can lessen, pls tell na.
Swara: I am not ready for saying it to anyone. I need time for it.
Sanskar: don’t you trust me enough.

Swara: I trust you but I ..
Sanskar: what but?
Swara: I don’t know but I need time to open myself. Pls…
He friendly kiss her forehead and wipe tears.
Sanskar: sry for pressurising you, you can take time but pls once trust me and our friendship.
Swara: don’t be sry, I understand you want my betterment. I promise soon I will tell you and Bhai everything related to my past.
Sanskar: okay now go, and smile. You’re looking like female devdas.
She hit his chest and side hug him. Both turned to go, she stopped at some distance and called his name.
Swara: you’re my best friend, our friendship really meant lot for me. Now good night, yeah don’t say anything about today to Bhai or I will kill you.
He assured her through eyes that her secret is safe with him.
Swara: Thanks
He smiled and went from there.
Like this days were passing , with passing days both were coming more closer. His love for her increasing day by day.
For her he is still her best friend with she can share anything, she used to become surprised by his understanding behaviour every time with saying anything he used to understand her.

One fine day sanbir sitting and chanting random something. Swara come there with some dishes in her hand and sit next to them. And started to signal something to sanskar, he is denying her again and again.
Kabir: anything you both wanna say?
Swasan pointed toward each other.
Swasan: he/she
Both looked toward each other aand again pointed at each other.
Kabir: you both, say fast.
Sanskar: vo swara wanna say

Swara: wat me you wanna say na
Sanskar: oye madam from that day you’re saying asking me to talk to him.
Swara: me, what and when… I mean….
Sanskar: yes you
Kabir: swara speak
She crossed her finger and closed eyes.
Swara: I wanna…, Bhai sanskar will say…
Kabir turn his gaze toward sanskar, who was standing with straight face.

Precap: re entry of someone….

Any idea who is he/she?
Tell me next what you wanna , next part of our angel or you have to live without me. Only I can update one thing so don’t ask for both.

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