Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 11 ( old name Ae dil hai mushkil)


guys only name is changed, but story will go as I planned.
Hii, thank for your response on previous. If you will support like this then I will try to give update regularly.
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Swara: sanskar what is this??
She pointed toward poly bags in his hands. He become panick+confuse to listen her, don’t able to understand what to answer her.
Swara: Arre I am only asking you.
Sanskar: me, ohh I thought you’re blabbering something your own.
Swara angrily looked toward him.
Swara: Am I looking mad?????
He saw her top to bottom.
Sanskar; vo toh I have to think.
She started to beat him with poly bags.
Sanskar: I was kidding yr.
Swara: you deserve punishment.
Sanskar act to afraid: what???
Swara: Don’t act too smaet,you have to talk bhai for his marriage.
Sanskar; ( monologue) nowadays he is not talking me nicely, whenever I go in front of him I feel like I am in war and she is saying to make him agree for his marriage. Isn’t she considered me as a frnd, I think no. If she considered me as her frnd then she must not thought about sending me for life time imprisonment.
Sanskar: vo swara can’t we think about other punishment like taking you on shopping or paying you mobiles bill. Even if you say to drop and pick you from your work place. I will agree with it.
Swara: Are you my boyfriend????
Sanskar: ( monologue) I hope for it.
Sanskar; if you don’t mind I could be.
Swara: very funny, but I am serious.
Sanskar: even me.

Swara: shut up, I am thinking something for him and you’re acting funny. If you will again open your mouth then before bhai I will find girl for you.
Sanskar: no-no,I will try to talk him. But pls pardon me from marriage. Vo I don’t wanna married.
She felt pain when he denied for marriage, she sided her thought.
Swara: okay, all the best.
Both reached home, swara kept her things in her things there and come with sanskar whereas kabir is waiting for them. Since mrng he was moving in tension and crushing someone.

Kabir monologue
Let them come, I will show them real me. And can’t he say no to her but no why he will say. Idiot man, I will not going to leave him.
All servants were laughing at him, he again and again seeing time.
Swasan entered inside mansion laughing with each other.
He turned toward them, sanskar was holding a single poly bag whereas swara’s hand was empty.
Kabir: so you both finally come,I thought you will only come tomorrow.
Sanskar: I told her let’s stay somewhere but she only denied. See swara your brother also saying same.
Kabir passes glare to him, Sanskar well knows in front of her he can’t do anything. He smile naughtily at him.
Swara: bhai nothing is like that, you know na I rarely used to go somewhere. That’s why it took time. By the way why you look like volcano.
servant burst out in laugh including sanskar. She confusedly looked toward them and raises her eyebrows.
All become silent expect sanskar, he still laughing holding his stomach.

Kabir: shona, don’t you mind na if I will tell his secret to you.
Swara: never bhai.
Sanskar stopped laughing and sees toward kabir who was smirking at him.
From corner of eyes swara was seeing both of them.
Sanskar: kabir your attention not seems to good.
Kabir: my intentions are not like you. Do you remember your first mrng in mumbaiiiiii?
Sanskar remember it and blushes as usual. He angrily sees toward him.
Sanskar: kabir no you’re not going to tell her anything.Kabir: why?? Arre now she is also your frnd na. Hain na shona, he is your frnd. Do you like it if he will not tell his secret to you.
Swara: nope, I don’t like it. Pls tell na..
Sanskar: swara, you’re good girl na. Good girls don’t listen anyone secret.
Kabir: no my shona will listen it.
Swara: I am with bhai. Plzzzzzzzz tell na.
Sanskar: Are you sure swara? I mean you bought….
Swara understand he is going to reveal her surprise.
Swara: leave it bhai, some other day.
She stamped his feet and went from there.
Swara: I will see you one day.
Sanskar: ( wishper) You have to see me for whole life.
He saw toward kabir who became irritated by change in game.
Kabir: even I will see you one day.
Sanskar: you too have see me for life long.
Kabir: what?
Sanskar: I mean where I will go.
Kabir: hmm and yeah don’t forget my advice which I given in ….
Sanskar: I already told you my answer and trust me nothing is going wrong. I promise nothing will happen to your sister. You know na I don’t kid in these matters.
Kabir: vo I just …
Sanskar: I understand you don’t need to clarify yourself. By the way you’re very lucky.
Kabir: why do you also want sister like her? I can ask her for tie rakhi on your wrist.
Sanskar: I have so many work. Bye see you later.
He run from there whereas kabir laugh at him.
Kabir; oh gosh, both are too funny. Yet I am not sure about their feelings specially sanskar one side he is crazy for angel and other side their bond tell something else. Huhh leave it butttt why shona stopped deny listening secret means some matter. Shut upppp kabir. Give rest to your brain.
Swara’s house
She was looking things again to sure nothing is missing, her gaze fell on pendant which she bought for someone. She took it in hand and smiled seeing it.
Swara: it will kook good on you, but will you accept it? That jeweller told me someone sold it recently because he needed money. I know its not new but I don’t know why I felt like it should be belong to you. So I took it.
She keep it in box and started to recheck things.
Whereas sanskar condition was not different from her, he roaming here and there in tension.
Sanskar: who told you to take saree for her??? And also anklet. Still you not able to give earrings to her then how will you give these things.
He become sad and started seeing saree. An idea popped out in his mind, his face lit up and lips curved brightly.
He repack all things together and sleep thinking something.

Next day
As usual day, that day also passed with little teasing between both frnds. Whole day swara not came to meet both of them. She even not called kabir. This inc their tension.
Even sanskar has not even single bit of idea whereabouts of her.
She supposed to meet him today for further planning, he even not have her no. So he can’t able to contact her. He wanted to ask kabir but he felt little bit hesitant. So he drop that idea also.
At unknown place, A girl doing something with facing so much difficulties.
She completed her work and looked at her watch. She went to owner.
Girl: sir, I completed my work now I need to go.
Owner: Yesterday also you were at leave, now again.
Girl joined her hands and pleaded to give off for today.
Girl: sir from next week I will do overtime, but pls let me go today.
Owner nodded in yes.
She collected her things and wore burka.
After reaching home, she changed into full selves suit.
Without even resting she picked somethings and reached somewhere. She called someone and ordered to come somewhere.
Nearly after half an hour, that person reach at that place.
Girl: vo sry I can’t able to call you. After many difficulties I got your no.
Person: but swara, we supposed to meet in mrng.

Swara: vo sanskar, I stuck in office work. Now leave it, let do arrangement. And yeah you don’t tell anything about it bhai na.
Sanskar: no, he was not at office. So I informed manager I need urgent leave.
She nodded in yes and went inside house.
That house was well furnished and walls were beautifully painted.
There some children already present.
All hugged her and kiss her cheeks.
Swara: so now start our work.
All nodded in yes.
Boy: di but who is he?
Swara: he is my Frnd, he will help in arrangement.
All children became angry and turned their face.
Sanskar: what happen to them?
Swara: nothing, they are just possessive regarding me and bhai.
Sanskar: huuhh all are possessive for my angel.
Swara went near them.
Swara: Arre he is bhai’s bff. So I…
Aman; no we didn’t need anyone help. We can do alone, tell him for go from here.
Sanskar came near them and sat on knees.
Sanskar: I thought we all will do arrangement together and surprise him. After that we will go to eat icecream and pani puri. But okay swara you all do it I am going.
A little girl come near him.
Girl: hello
Sanskar: hii
Girl: I am Sophia, don’t listen him. We need your help.
Aman: oye you greedy girl, we don’t need anything from anyone.
All boys agreed with him.
Sophia: he is bhai frnd na that means our frnd. We can take help from him. So he will help us.
All girls agree with her.
Sanskar was enjoying their cutes fight.
Aman: di, tell her na we don’t need anyone help. Every year you and we all plan na.
Swara: come here.
All went near here
Swara: you know Kabir bhai think him as brother. If you will not take his help then bhai will felt bad na. So for bhai let him help us. He will only follow our order.
Aman: hmm okay, but only for bhai.
Meanwhile sanskar was busy with girls.
Aman: hey you can help us. But we have condition.

Precap: not going to tell, just there is Dhamka( Twist)))) ????????
Do you thing sanskar will able to give her gift and if yes she will accept it???
Do you think swara will able to give gift to someone? Who is this someone? ( well I am sure you know it ??????) do that someone will accept her gift??
Most important question is swara in some prblm?????

Cmnt orelse next part after one year ???

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