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Hello everyone!!!

This is joint article by ashi(Amreen) and musku(muskaan). We are here to share something really important with u all.

I ashi new to this site, only came here as a friend of mine suggested me a ff titled as “You Are Mine” by bushra. I was shocked after reading it as it was just purely word to word copy of the novel which is already available on the other site written by the other author. I immediately asked the author whether this is her own story, but she never responded.

I musku have been following this since 3 months I guess and love reading ffs from this site. I was a sincere follower of the ff “You Are Mine” by bushra. I was very much aware of the fact that it was not her story, as she herself told us that she read it some where and hence making her own version of it on swasan characterisation. But some how got a link for the original story, and when I checked it getting shocked would be an understatement as the story was word by word copy of the original one.

In her ff the charcter of ‘swara’ is a hindu, but in the original story the name of that character was ‘mahnoor’, when a reader asked her why is she bringing that ‘iddat’
part in the story as it is not a Hindu ritual. That girls answer was that she is a muslim so including that saying it is a ff and anything can be written. Means at that time can’t she inform her followers that it’s not her story, she’s just copying and pasting from somewhere else. Actually she didn’t wanted to let anyone know about it.

Once a reader asked her where she can read the whole story to which she replied that they’ve download the app but she never mentioned about the app name or the author’s name.

As the story was reaching to climax we were deliberately waiting for the author’s reply on this, she was keen on replying to the comments where people were praising her and her writing but she never bothered to answer us. Well..this irked us alot, so we decided to ask the original author.

And when we contacted the original author, she was shocked like hell as she was never aware of her story being stolen and getting published on the other sites. She’s is so upset and sad that she got cheated by none other than her own reader. And also she has stopped her other ongoing stories.

After knowing the truth we started bombarding her with more and more questions and asking not to continue the story further, and she still was on her mute mode towards us. And also the suppotters who were still encouraging her to continue even after knowing the truth aren’t her true supporters. As the story which she was literally stealing was a copyrighted one, and breaching a copyright protected work will get her into legal trouble.

Her supporters were so adamant that they started bashing us for stating the facts and asking her to continue the story as it was characterised on swasan. Even we are die hard fans of swasan but would never accept a stolen or copied story without the author’s permission no matter how beautiful the story is.

And to all her supporters if she was just sharing the story, why didn’t she inform the original author on this?? Why was she taking all the praises and appreciations into her account?? And changing the character names in the story doesn’t make it new. Please make your self in the writers place and just try to imagine when your things get stolen how would you feel. Hope you all could then understand our point that this is WRONG and alteast stop supporting her now.

Now the girl after getting tellyupdates authority’s mail to discontinue the story, she’s gaining her readers sympathy by blaming us for reporting to the original author. Is it wrong to make the original author aware of her story being copied and published here and there on every other site??
The story ‘YOU ARE MINE’ belongs to the author LAILA MEHTAAB.And this story is originally available on WATTPAD.

We are sorry if any of you are hurt with this , but this is something that we don’t want to hide from you all .And if there are any such things still going on different stories , we request the readers if they get to know about that then inform original writer. Also we really appreciate those who write stories on their own.

Credit to: Ashi and Musku

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  1. Well said dear. We are proud of you both:):)

  2. plz don’t stop this fiction. plz plz

    1. Dear if u want to read it.. Check original website wattpad.. N download You are mine by laila mehtab u can easily find that..
      N pls someone tell laila di that we r waiting for her.. We support her.. 🙂
      Hey ashi n musku.. Pls do this for her readers.. 🙂

  3. Ur right. But don’t tell rhe original authors directly. First tell the TU authors to stop as we should not spoil their life. But if they don’t stop then inform the author. Dont land urself in legal troubles. Its a little scary

    1. Dear….the first thing we did was informing tu authorities…..but they said they’ll be able to take any action only if the original author reports them on this…
      I still have the mail the mail sent by tu..

  4. ❤?Natasha?❤

    I srsly did not know this….??????…..
    And can u tell me the name of the original story available in wattpad…..ty for taking such an effort…,

    1. its in same name in wattpad 🙁

  5. Pity for the girl 🙁 you didnt did anything wrong from my PoV … i would have done the same. Dont feel any type of guilty . I hope bushra understands and write on her own!

  6. yes u r right….the story belongs to laila…i just came to know few days ago…finally the story ahs been removed from here but now laila is not replying to the comments….just wanna know whether she will continue her story or not??and is yes then when??hope to get a positive reply….u plz contact her and ask as i am eagerly waiting for her story and convince her that teh story has been removed and we stand by her

    1. We are not sure whether laila will publish the remaining chapters again or not……she’s deeply hurt with this..
      Though bushra has deleted the story from this site….the story is still running on other various sites…
      But I guess she’ll publish only when the story gets deleted from all the other sites as well …

  7. Thank u very much to open my eyes…. U know I really love this ff. N always used to think about her talent…. I rarely check the author of ff… Bcoz there were some ff which really stole my heart,,, n this was one if them…. N today I feel myself cheated…. I was praising a person who just had a work of copy n paste…. It won’t bother me ifshe tell the truth…. The new ff Jane NA dil se door is too a an another author… But that girl have the guts to accept it….

    I am sorry to say…but today I feel myself ashamed… I have been praising her without her hardworking.

    I am going to read the original one…. N ifi cani I will reply to laila mehtaab…

    Pls if u can tell her to continue her writing…. Eventhough her own reader had cheated her…. She is the reason I could became a fan of her…..
    I hope my request won’t go waste….. From now on I would like to read from wattpadd…..you are mine….

  8. Ayendrila Saha

    I know u both r right….. If u dont mind can u give me the link….. I read story here and in front only…. So if u don’t mind can u give me the link of the story where I can find the original story easily.. .. . I am very much upset as I can’t read the further story.. .. . I was eagerly waiting for this story….. So pls give me link.. … pls pls pls????????

  9. Though I’m not a Swasan fan it’s really bad what she did…and it’s not wrong to tell the original writer. U did the right thing…

  10. Hi Ashi nd Musku? can u tell me tht was tht book’s name also you are mine? Please tell me.

  11. Dear watever u told is correct, if we want to copy somethings original writer should be known,
    But just tell us yaar now off course each and every part of this fanfiction is delete, what about the readers who liked this fanfiction very much from swasan point of view means those who get attached to it, think just how bad they are feeling now means at this crucial point of story u guys are telling that it is copied one.
    Means u guys should have taken steps before only when u came to know about all these things.
    We are just tellyupdate readers dear so we are not aware about all this, watever story we like we just appreciate it
    So before taking any action whichever u guys feel correct, think about readers also those really impatiently waited for this fanfiction

    1. I just came to know that Bushra has asked for permission from Laila Mehtaab about rewriting to which she clearly DENIED. Then also she continued with the story.Do u think it is right. It is copyright infringement.

      1. Swasan lover you must Keep ur emotions aside dear.. Dat was a copied one so you can read on wattpad.. And pray that laila continues writing and posts soon!! dont support the wrong dear .
        If you read the above article it is clear that musku md ashi asked abt it to her but she never replied… it took time fo them to reveal the truth.. And ITS NEVER LATE!

    2. Dear as we mentioned in the post…we got to know only few days back..
      N we tried to clear things by asking bushra…but she didn’t responded to us..
      Then I wrote a mail to tu regarding this…they said they’ll take any kind of action only if the original author reports them…so I had to contact laila about this…
      And if u still feel that what all we did was not correct…I feel pity on u..

      1. now i read… for that website….
        each and every line is copied… xcpt d names….
        she should accpt her crime….

  12. And also we forgot to mention few things in the post…
    That fake writer did ask laila once 2 months back..for her permission in copying her story on the other sites..to which laila has strictly denied…
    Still she went on to start copying n pasting the story…

    And also after being informed by the tellyupates authorities to delete all the chapters….she said she wanted to apologize to laila for stealing n was asking us the way to contact her….like seriously she doesn’t know…well, she’s such a kind soul that she knows well to do a heinous job by copying pasting the copyrighted work n don’t know the way to contact laila…

    1. OMG?????….mujhe lga tha ki wo orgnl wrtr se permission v le liya tha…par mana krne k bd v kiya….vry bad

      M thank u so much guyz hume infrm krne k liye???

  13. Hmmm…fulll story toh mjhe abhi pata chala???…originl story v chck kiya.
    …u both r ryt

    N plz na give me d link…ek baat kahu…mne abhi abhi v try kiya.
    .woh story pdhne k liye WATTPAD ld krna hoga kiya?

  14. I also want to read the ff one if my favourite ff. as I always read the story so I wanted her to continue. but when I read it in wattpad they only show the story till 42 episode remaining episode r deleted when I read author’s note I also feel very said then I realized that like me there r so many people who follows laila mehtab story how they feel when they got to know that their favourite story is published on other side with another name. first when I read ur comments about bushra’,s ff I feel that ur rude but after reading laila mehtab ff I realized ur act was justified.

  15. I agree with u but at least she tell that she is copying a ff. but u know there is also one girl who is copying a ff n taking credit to herself. I told her many times that don’t do this but she is not responding. n telling u liked my ff . she is showing that she is a big writer. many of the people knows that laila mehtab story do u take a stand n u got successful. but what about the writer whose ff she is. copying or shamelessly telling her ff. I told her many times to stop this but nothing happened bcz only i read that ff. n people r also encouraging her that she is a great writer n all n all. I commented on her off to stop but nothing will happen if only one person can tell if everyone will tell her to stop she will definjty she will reilize her mistake but people r encouraging her. some ofour grt writers of telly updates r also encouraging her .

    if bushra is wrong than how can this girl is right. at least we know that buahra is copying but this girl is not even saying this. what about the writer who wrote this with his hard work. how can she take whole credit she is shameless I want all u to tell her to stop the ff bcz its not her.

    the name if the off is


    word to word copy just like u r mine just changing name n taking credit to herself. we should tell her to stop this nonsense.

    plz yaar I request to tell her to stop not to encourage her if u feel the pain of laila mehtab then why can’t u feel the pain of the writer whose off she is copying. pl don’t support her.

    1. The ones who r copying can’t be right..but u see u just can’t call a writer shameless…i know she is copying…and yes..if u r calling that writer shameless…then u have n right to support Bushra….both r doing the same thing….Bushra told everyone that she is copying someone else’s ff….but that writer didn’t permit her….so supporting one and calling the other one shameless is not a act of smartness…just ask that writer..maybe she has received the permission also…..and its others who r encouraging her…but plz don’t call someone shameless or something…

      1. No hard feelings Deepa..I’m not supporting anyone..and i want u to do that as well cause both r doing similar thing….actually same….Bushra said that she is writing her own version..but when we checked it….it was clear…she copied everything….so better not to support anyone…

      2. sorry I tell her shameless. n I’m not supporting her I’m just telling if bushra is wrong then how can she be right. if we r telling bushra wrong bcz she copied then how can we support her we should also tell her to STOP it.
        other thing ur telling if she has received the permission then when I told her so many times then why she didn’t even say she had permission. in starting of her off she says “thank for liking MY FF” is it to call my ff . I know i am rude but every one should think about that not only us. I hope u all understand piont. n I’m not supporting I thought she had approval from original writer that’s why I never opposed her so sorry if someone feels bad about my words. I’ll tell her sorry sorry for calling her like that but u tell me her act is justified.

      3. Deepa…i know that her act is not justified…but everyone is supporting he..so like every writer she is even continuing her story……i read the whole story that she copied…..everyone is appreciating the story..and she is in this misconception that everyone is liking her writing..maybe Musku and Ashi didn’t know about her..that’s why they didn’t write about her…but please dear don’t be rude….why to spoil our mood for someone for whom your comment doesn’t even matter…she is still writing..and giving no importance to your comment,,,..everyone knows that she is copying..if they still read it…then let them read it…

      4. I know the original writer and that story’s site too…so should i tell her about it?And Musku don’t take my comment in a wrong way…i just said that readers r appreciating her wrong step…Deepa talk to her and confirm everything….and make sure that no innocent one is blamed…writers work hard for each and every episode….the correct person should get the appreciation…but readers there r i guess least bothered about this and enjoying the story….

    2. Deepa did u informed the original writer. Where is the original story available n who is the writer.Initially in this case also we asked question to bushra to which she never replied then we tried to make the readers aware that she is copying but most of them don’t have any problem.which is wrong how can u stay quite .u will do this if some one does that with u.what if ur story is being copied n the readers says we don’t mind .how will u feel.a writer puts so much effort to write a story n a person comes from nowhere n takes the appreciation .how will that author feel. As a reader also we have responsibility .this attitude of ‘does not matter’ is so wrong.u give her a last warning n then inform the original writer.

    3. Dear deepa…I really don’t know about the ff u said is also being copied…
      I request u to ask the original author whether she’s aware of it or not …

      Or else pls let us know about the original story’s title and author and also on which site it was initially published on…

    4. Hi in one episode ( I don’t remember which though) the writer commented that jaysree, the writer is a sister to her maybe? And sisters don’t need permissions. However I’m sure that she sis inform her…
      Oh and one more thing. Even if its copied, its not in reply.. Many of us here are only involved with telly and no other sites… So I don’t find anything wrong if someone brings up a nice piece of writing to me…
      And here we are to read about our fav couples stories so if someone relates another story with our loving swasan and gives us a ? treat, why bother?
      When the original writer is aware of this and is not bothered then why are you bothering so much I just don’t understand….
      Anyway no hard feelings… But I think Laila and suhu cases are different… Anyway I’ll try finding out the original piece and ask the writer again…

      And I’m keeping my name unknown since suhadini haters soul stop reading my ffs…

      Telly updates is becoming a political ground these days, better be safe guys…

  16. Wow…. I did ask her about this that day and after bushra’s explanation, I thought that she’s copying this after getting the permission from the original author….

    In that case, there wouldn’t have been any problems, but copyright infringement is just wrong…

    She wanted to share the story with the world fine… mention the story, give us the link on wattpad…. Idk… I’m just feeling bad, for both of them…. leila and bushra…..

    But great work…. ashi and musku….. thnxx for getting to the bottom of this…

    And ppl who loves you are mine and were bashing others, it is not enough that she just changed the characters names….
    Do u realise just how hurt the author might feel?? Try writing a story of ur own, let someone else post it with their name… then u guys can see just how bad it makes u feel….

    This was just wrong…

    1. they r totally right n I’m really proud that u take such stand.

      I agree with u anjali. u can find it by just typing the “YOU ARE MINE BY LAILA MEHTAB”. But laila unpublished her parts when she got to know about this. we can only read the ff at 42 episodes. I thought bushra realized her mistake but she atop writing bcz laila deleted her ff’s part after 42 episode so she is not able to copy so she turns the things like she is felling bad etc. musku plz tell laila to published her remaining parts.plz its a request.

      1. U r right herun all her apology was just drama bcz laila has taken down the chapters n so she was not able to continue so she played the victim card n in her comment she started accusing Amreen di for doing this . Did she ever once told that she asked laila’s permission n laila clearly refused .

    2. Exactly. She just wanted to copy more and that’s why she’s doing all that drama again. . .

    3. Thanx Anjali but plzz tell me when are u posting next part of Mr maheshwari….plz post it soon .I m eagerly waiting.

      1. It’s already been posted… I think it came around 7 this morning…??

  17. Hi ashi n musku..
    After knowing reality I don’t know which chap.. But someone said that may be 35 or other.. That this is not her story..after that day I never read you r mine dear.. N as I m Hindu I don’t iddat n all.. But sometimes I comment on her story but she never replied any of them..
    N I don’t want to hurt anyone n her also so I stop reading n download wattpad app.. N then read real story after that day I read laila Jim’s u became my dawn n my four eyed husband also.. N you always be mine..
    Pls tell laila di that continue her stories..
    Bcs I checked this to confirm that tu is stopped updating u r mine or not.. N they did it dear..

    Pls whoever knows laila di inform her that we r waiting for her n her stories..

    1. Dear she’s deeply hurt right now….
      I don’t think she’s gonna publish anytime soon….
      But will surely let her know That u all r waiting for the story..

  18. Can anyone tell me what’s happening. I mean is Bushra going to be sued. Though she’s totally wrong I guess landing in legal troubles is going to affect her a lot. Her parents as well. I wish Laila doesn’t take action against her.

  19. U both really did an amazing job.Yipppeee !!!!! I feel loke dancing because i already all the 58 chapters on wattpad but felling extremely sorry for Laila.She is just fab.She must be so hurt to know that someone tried to take credit of her work stealthily.
    Even i became fan of Bushra in beginning but when i got to know about the story already being published on Wattpad ,i read all chapters in one go.I didnot have tge slightest idea that Bushra never took permission of Laila for sharing her ff.

  20. Evn I started to read that story after u told us musku and I saw her note alos that Leila is removing her further chappys where bushrA has stopped so that she can’t copy.. N I didn’t read 7 chappys.. After all, it was my loss also..!!!huh!! N bushrA u did a very wrong this..u betrayed us…

  21. We know many things about Bushra which have not revealed yet.From laila’s findings it is clear she was intentionally doing it .There is no misunderatanding n she wants to claim the credit .we have many proofs of the same but we will not share it with u bcz this matter has already stretched a lot n she was not copying the story on just Tellyupdates but also some other sites also from where she has not removed the chapters back.Laila has clearly told her that she will only put back the remaining chapters back only when Bushra takes down her work from all the sites till then she will not put.N guys I won’t to share a funny thing she is herself informing everyone on Laila ‘s A/N about our article using ONE OF HER FAKE ID ON WATTPAD.

  22. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Well i really never thought, Bushra would do something like that. As a silent reader, i used to read the ff and never go through comment section, so i never knew about the arguments. Really, i feel pity for her as because of her own act, her future is now on stake. She really did a crime and cheated not only us & “Laila” but herself also. I don’t know, should i get angry & feel betrayed for this or i laugh on her stupidity. I really don’t know. But i really feel sorry for Laila because as a victim i know how it feels when others get credit for your hardwork. I think she should take some step so that no one can do this in future…

  23. Buddy u hv done a great job….. I hv seen many saying in cmnts that bushra is copying but no one gave a damn…. Not even me cz neither I hv read her ff nor Laila’s.. So I don’t kno…

    But I hv one question where is bushra??? She must hv read all these things… She shld come forward at least.. N apologize to laila….

    And thanku for this effort… ???

    1. Right know she is buzy making fake accounts on wattpad as bushra s supporters n trying to convince her to reupload the next chapters n she thinks we dont know about her fake accounts….haha??.
      Khudi hi apne apko support kar rhi h.fake account ke through.
      N funny thing is she is consoling laila n advicing her to move on…she thinks we are dumb n we will not get to know about her fake accounts…
      Btw how are ur exams going…sab theek toh h na…?

      1. Lol????

        Exams to sab DU ki kripa hai… Aaj last hai… N I will be back tmrw… Yeyyyy ????

      2. All the best. N. I will be waiting for ur story…
        BTW what is in menu for tomorrow… Haha??
        I mean what will u post tomorrow…

      3. SwaSan Revenge ka epilogue ???

  24. Hai dear can any one give me the link for SABA’s ff SWASAN PATH.FROM HATE TO LOVE… link I really want dear.. Any way u r right this was copy paste story I just read it n only thing was different was names….

  25. Can u tell me.. The name of original story. ??
    Whr I will get the original.. Story??
    I want to read further..

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