Swasan ff analysis on writers

Everyone is coming up with their analysis on their favourite writers so u thought why should I be behind? So here I am with my analysis.

My favourites…

Sree : Her stories are amazing and her hard work is reflected in her work. Swasan ff, Limitless Love and nOw Acceptance all are just beyong amazing. So far her ff has never failed to impress me even once. All end with a mystery which we want to know asap. Dear, heard that u have typhoid. Hope you get well soon. Love you so much…

Anu : She’s an amazing writer. Her portrayal of emotions has been perfect. And she has made me laugh, cry, smile all at the same time. Never been so impressed by a 16 year old girl. God! You are beyond fabulous. You have even inspired me to write an ff though I’m not revealing its name. Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls are my fav ffs. And not to forget Destiny and Childhood Sweethearts and Arranged to be His. Man so many! HOW YOU MANAGE THEM YAAR?

Sethooty : Bz I loved her. Wow! Sanskar is just amazing and the story of this ff is just marvellous. I will be short of words if I start praising you Sethu. Seriously, you are a god gifted writer and everyone lives this ff a lot. Me praising you would never be enough dear.

Bisha : Her one shots and The Yellow Rose are worth reading. This girl has given every girl strength by her wonderful and inspirational stories. And girl, I just read ur one shots even though they don’t have swasan. I’m so impresses by you and im literally a stalker of your wattpad πŸ˜› sorry never voted though.

Anjali : Strong girl with excellent English and vocabulary skills. You’re so awesome! You have no idea how deeply affected I was with your ff because I also once thought that I would die when I reach my forties. I was never happy with my life. But your ff is just amazing. Love it a lot. Its realistic and painful sometimes. But im ready to bear this pain for you. Mr. Maheshwari and I is worth reading…

Eva : Dear, I read ur ff inspite of being a swasan ff. Now this should be enough for you to know how great ur stories are. Samjhota is my favourite. And I pity those bashers because it seems they are the most immature people on this planet. Literally.. And I know they don’t affect you but it does to me. Because of a few reckless Swasan and Swalak fans the whole lot is suffering. But I know you are not so weak that you can’t fight against them. And I love you for that.

Jyoti : Her ffs are just amazing. Path revenge to love is my fav. And an incomplete love story was also good but I didnt like the ending when Sanskar died. You made me cry that time. Rain Autumn Spring is like too good. From the title itself I fell in love with this story. And I love the characters of this dear.

Neha : She might not he reading this bur still I will mention her. Dear, all your stories are just too good. A treat for Swasan fans. The hug that changed my life, from Darkness to Light, and all others are just awesome. And i thank the people who post her ffs here. Thanks a lot to them.

Mandy : Another girl whom I stalk at Wattpad. πŸ˜› her ff is hilarious, amazing and her writing skills are just too good. And the best part is she has never been with a bad chapter. Al her chapters are fresh and amazing. I’m out of words when it comes to praising you dear.

Meher : Yay! Kuch is Tarah s2 coming. But more than ur ffs I love ur one shots. They are just mind-blowing ??? and I know how difficult it is to write them but you are very creative dear. Lobe you loads for them!

And if you have noticed I didnt mention Vini, Saba, Kashish, Deepa because they are above all. Their ffs are just too good. And I don’t feel myself eligible to comment on them.

This analysis was to boost your confidence guys. I hope it did its mission and if you love these writers comment and also tell me who stole your heart with their writings. And im sorry if I forgot someone. But to me they are best and they will always be.

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  1. I agree with you but even Alahana is good her realization one is good I love all the writers you write specially Anjali and meher!!!!!????????❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

    1. Aww itz so sweet of you dear ???

  2. I am nt agree with u. bushara fiction sawsan – u r mine extremely gd.writing skill r awesome.

    1. Bushra has copied this story from wattpad.. Sorry but its the truth

  3. Thank you sooo much abc….. ?????

    Am soooo happy and honoured to be placed here…..

    Will continue to entertain you like this hopefully….

    Tvisha awww ?? thnxx

  4. Tysm dear! I was going for my match when I saw this and seriously I’m elated now. Hey Anju di! Lol. You never fail to impress ur readers :):)

    Sorry I’m in a hurry!!

  5. This type of analysis motivates every writer to write more….thank u dear.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. First ever metioned in any analysis!! WOah! I am so happy!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ . Dont think m selfish but it was really amazing to know that you stalk me??!!! LOL. Whats you wattpad id? Can I follow u?

    You pulled up my spirits dear. Truly. Thank uou so much.

    And yeah!! All the writers specially Anjali, Mandy, Eva, Anu, Sree, Meher and mny more are my fav writers. Well anjali and sree- I am reading you all but since its from the first I am lagging behing lol. KEep encouraging us like this dear.

    1. You deserve it girl. Happy to see ur name out there :):)

      Love you a lot!! ❀

      1. Yeah bisha, infact more than me.

    2. U deserve to be praised dear…

      U r just fab

  7. Thanks! For such an analysis! Really when I started writing,I never thought that Ibll come in any analysis! Thakchhh!!! πŸ˜€
    And about incomplete love story! Dear the title was incomplete. So someone had to die at d end.
    Thanks a lottt!!!! πŸ™‚
    Love you!!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Thanku so much ??

    I will try to make kuch iss tarah season 2 better…

    Luv u loads ??

  9. Thank-you so much ABC and yeah vini do, saba and kashis are above us especially I love kashis way of describing any situation with nature is oh God! I fell for her.

    And jyoti has started new ff!! See me, I am really backward now. I was a regular refer if her revenge from love and seriously I love her writings a lot. I think I have more work once I complete my fictions and the writers whim you mentioned her truly deserve the place and I hope you all will encourage upcoming writers because I will be in that work after ten days

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