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Hi guys. I am a regular silent reader of all the Swasan fan fictions here. I am an ardent Sanskar fan and a Varunholic. So I read mostly Swasan ff. I don’t read Ragsan because for me they are like siblings. So I want to tell you some fan fictions where Sanskar is at his best.

Path from hate to love: By Saba. I will just shut my mouth about this. You all know better about it! I have no right to comment on any of Saba’s fan fiction.

Swasan fan fiction season 2 : By Vini. Sanskar’s character is portrayed in the best way. He loves Swara a lot and they are married too. He’s a selfless guy and ofcourse the best here. ?

Swasan : Destiny. By Anu. Have you ever seen a guy who forgives the biggest mistakes of her childhood love’s? If you haven’t read this! Sanskar is just ?

Swasan Acceptance : Revenge on cards and ur trust is broken by the girl you loved the most. Still you forgive her. That needs guts! Sree’s portrayal of character has always been awesome. ?

Realisation exoneration acceptance : By Ahlana. Another fan fiction. Sanskar’s character isn’t as touching as Swara’s but it seems all real to me. He loves her but has also hurt her a lot. But character description is superb. ?

Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls A Swasan Fanfic. : By Anu. Sanskar is a rock star here! Famous, romantic, and a fighter. He’s going to fight for his love for Swara against all odds. Superb story line. ?

Swasan : I dreamed a dream : By Sindhuja. Sanskar helps Swara fight against her own self. I want every guy to be as supportive as this Sanskar because at the end its all about love. ?

Angel: Sanskar an assassin falls in love with Swara. She’s crazy and he’s mad but they are like ice and fire. This is not on Telly Updates btw. ?

Mr. Maheshwari and I : By Anjali. Sanskar here is a suave businessman and I love his attitude. What also I loved the most is the recent chapters in which the care and love for Swara is blossoming more and more. ?

(okay I know there are so many so I’m just going to mention the name of the rest. But they are good too.)

Swasan together – By Labdhi

Will you be mine forever – By Dolly

Tu meri Mannat – by Bhanu

Kuch iss tarah – By Meher.

An Unknown Love story
An unexpected Relation
Love is complicated and Painful
– By Rini.

Second love – By Abhinay

The way you are – By Nivi.

Hoe many shades you have Swara – By Salluzz. (I know its not more of Sanskar but the story line is superb)

I know I haven’t mentioned Arynas ff. Coz she’s the most brilliant writer for me on Telly Updates and discussing about her will be very small of me. But if you don’t read her work please do as she’s an amazing writer.

And sorry if I have missed any good ones. Might be that I’m reading them and didnt remember. It happens. Do mention about them in the comments and let me know. And also comment if this analysis was helpful? At the end I just love one person and that’s Varun for his amazing acting.

Credit to: Sanskarholic

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  1. I dreamt a dream… m in luv with this ff… u can also read stay away m nt ur husband by sujata…. best thing in this ff is dp 😛

    1. Yep. That story touched my heart ♥
      And Sujata’s story is brilliant too 🙂

      1. U can find that in TU or else u can goggle it .. it was posted near 20 feb… i didnt rember properly… but u must read that itz just 18 part ff n itz osmmm

    2. these two are my fav…sujata waiting for ur next update……….

      1. Sorry guys for making u wait for so long… was literally busy… will upload soon… may b tonight or If nt thn u will have it by morning that’s garenteed…. literally sorry for making u wait…

      2. N can any one say where I can find I dreamt a dream… never read it?

    3. I dreamed a dream <3 <3
      Everytime i think of the story, It brings a smile to my face….

      And sujata's story is soo nice.. Love it

  2. Bcz I loved her sanskar love story….this ff is also just amazing…justnperfect 4 a varunaholic like me…very touching story

    1. thank u musku for liking my story…i still remeber ur comment that increased my confidence ……

  3. Ahaha. This is so so so flattering. I don’t believe it anyway! But thanks for reading and liking my fanfics ?

    I hope u like them ahead as well.

    And I’m a Sanskarholic and Varunholic too! Same pinch x x

    1. Lol… We know…. 😛 😛

      If I ever have a chance to meet him, I don’t know what I’ll do… Probably scream so loud i’ll lose my voice 😛 😛

  4. am also sanskaholic…same pinch….most of them are my fav fiction
    loved his character in real serial…Varun amazing actor..what an expression yaar

    1. I agree he is damn good actor… the way he live his character it makes me go aww… SR’s star cast is quite good… all actors are very fine bt i dont lyk kavya’s n kavita’s acting…

  5. I am too a varunholic..i lyk his smile..cuteness unlimited.. I just go dreamy when i think abt him..ho so sad he’s married..
    The other ffs where sanskar looks gud..
    1,U r mine(my fav)
    3,FALLING 4 U
    4,TERE ISHQ MEIN By Nandana Rajasekharan

    1. Thank u so much Hope for liking my story… MILEYA MILEYA is my first ff n the appreciations n encouragement frm u all really means a lot… 🙂

  6. I too love Anu’s ffs, Mandy’s A Modern Tale of Love, Alahna’s one though I havnt commented there much, Mileya Mileya, Eva’s one even if SwaSan arent alwats there and many more. But your choices are also awesome

    1. Hehe oe! Tysm Bisha. And same pinch! I love ur fanfic too. . .

  7. Thank you hope.Maybe you people are not remembering that ff.I think it was published 2 months before. I like Sree Harini’s Seven shot,I think it’s name is Swasan ff anyway it is the evergreen ff for me,it didn’t made me slept for 2 days.Sanskar was superb there.Thank you Sree Harini.

  8. Sanskar as portrayed in the serial is also amazing.. His love for his family and wife is so selfless.. And yeah his cute expressions.. Oh my gosh.. !! They are to die for.. His care towards Swara is just something is adorable.. He is a perfect man.. He is the one character a girl yearns for.. N yeah he is too HOT ..! Just perfect.. His real life wife might be too lucky to have him.. His name really suits him.. SANSKAR.. He is a bag full of ‘sanskar’ actually.. 😛
    -A Sanskaraholic n a Varunaholic too.. Luv him so so so much.. <3 🙂 :-*

  9. I became varunaholic after reading ff Love the character of sanskar in swasan path hate to love by saba….

  10. Can someone tell me about angel where could that be found???

    1. Thats in india fourams.. n i hv read some 7-8 chapters n i must say its osm

  11. I am the biggest varunholic…He is my favourite actor I love him from core of my heart yar…that is the reason why I surf and read this page….and about the pairs I love the pair of SWARA – SANSKAR….and about ragsan. ..I just hate to pair them. ..I feel to bash the people who thinks to pair them…

    LOVE HIM….

    And Meher… Thnxx Glad you like my Sanskaar…

    1. Who doesnt lyk him yr… he is best.. no one can beat him either in looks or in acting ♥♥♥♥ 😉 😉

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