Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 23

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Next early morning,
He still was in same condition, totally broken and pale. He suddenly open his eyes and looked here there.
Sanskar: i know that was dream, you sanskar na what kind of dream you see. Idiot…
He step down from bed and saw himself in mirror. He saw his hands which was bandaged and realised nothing was dream all things was real itself.
Sanskar: it means that was not dream, my angel really ended friendship with me..
He started to shout and cry loudly.

Listening sounds kabir came as he was outside only.
Kabir: sanskar what happened? Why are you sitting like that? And what is this..
Before he could complete, he hugged him and started to cry more.
Kabir: Sanskar tell me what happened? Yesterday also you were numb and again today…
Sanskar: kabir, angel said she not love me. And she also ended friendship between us. If she not love okay but why she ended friendship. You know na how much her friendship important for me, I can’t live without her. I really love her kabir and I know she also loves me then why not accepting me. Please tell na why she denied me … You’re her brother na so you must know reason.

He separated from himself form him and blankly looked at him.
Sanskar: isn’t I am right for her? That’s why she said no to me? Or she really not love me i mistook it. Pls tell me ….. I don’t able to understand anything what to do.
Seeing his condition he also felt sad but before answering him he wanna confirm that shona loves him or not. He went from there without saying anything. Sanskar again started to think all things which happened previous day, suddenly he felt dizzy and become unconscious.
kabir directly entered inside her house and become shocked seeing there condition, she laying on ground and weeping and things were scattered.
Sensing someone steps she tried to stand but due to weakness she stumbled and about to fall. He held her and made her sit.
Kabir: Shona, what you did with yourself?

Swara: vo nothing Bhai, i just not feeling well. I also don’t know when i slept here. Well you here , do you need anything? Bhai now you’re married you have some responsibility.
She said while looking down and still weeping.
Kabir: look towards me, i know everything you don’t need to hide anything from me. And you’re my first preference.
She looked at him and burst in crying.

Swara: Bhai, I am very bad. I hurt him. I broke him bhai.. I ended everything… I am really worst friend who hurts her best friend only.
Kabir: only best friend, don’t you have any other feelings. Tell me if yes you don’t love him then I’ll throw him outside he doesn’t have any right.
She not spoke anything and continued to look down.

Kabir: i get mine answer, you don’t love him. Now he can’t live with us. How dare he love u, do he saw himself, and what he did with you, yesterday he hurt you na. I’ll kill him….
He angrily stood and began to move.
Swara: Bhai leave him
Kabir: no shona, i have to show him his right place… today itself I’ll kill him…. and throw his…
Before he could complete he felt burning sensation on cheeks. She sat at ground and began to shout.

Swara: Before hurting him you have to kill me.
Kabir: you’re saying it because he’s your friend na but shona he betrayed your friendship. That’s why I saying that I’ll kill him and find someone better for you who deserve you…
Swara: you can’t bhai because.
Kabir: because what shona ..
Swara: because i love him Bhai, i love him more than anything. He’s my everything.
Kabir smiled and kneel down.
Kabir: today his belief won. His angel also loves him. I should tell him, he’ll be most happiest person in this world.

She looked at him and realised what she done.
Swara: i am sorry i didn’t mean that … I just blurt anything.
She tried to move from there, he held her hand and make her sit.
Kabir: shona I was just acting to know your feelings, if you’re denying due to me then listen I don’t have any problem. In fact I’ll be most happiest person because he’s perfect for..
Swara: me na but i am not perfect for him, I can be his friend but not life partner. Bhai try to understand I am saying for his betterment he have to move on…

Kabir: do you able to move on? No na then how can you expect from him.
Swara: you’re not understanding Bhai i am not good for him, he deserves someone better who can love him and support him.
Kabir: okay then leave him for dying, it’s better you kill him yourself.
Swara: Bhai, what are you saying… I can’t even imagine it.
Kabir; nothing wrong in it, go and kill him by yourself rather than leaving him as dead person. Have you seen him , I came from his room he was behaving like mad.
Swara: why no one is understanding me, I am not good for him. He deserves someone better.
Kabir: No shona, no one could be better than you. Tell me any reason that of being not perfect for him.
Swara: You wanna know reason so listen…

She said something which makes him numb.
Kabir: how can anyone be so cruel and why you not don’t tell us. They are really…
Swara: Bhai leave those things I don’t wanna remember anything. I accepted all things thinking that was mine fate. And please you don’t tell him anything.
Kabir: I’ll not tell him anything but i know he himself will come to know everything that time you also not able to stop him. He loves you truly, if you both are made for each other then no one can stop you from uniting not even you.
Saying it he went from there and she smiled painfully thinking he’ll never able to know it.
After 4 hours

Sanskar open eyes and remember things, he sat down and thought something deeply. After that he stood up with determined face.
Sanskar: (to himself) you can’t sit like this, you have to win your love battle at any cost.
He fresh up and closed eyes and remember her smiling face.
Sanskar: I promise whatever things are bothering I’ll remove it from your ways.
Thinking it, he went outside where everyone was sad and just sitting silently. Seeing their face he understood that they came to know everything. He thought to cheer their mood.

Sanskar: What happen guys? Ma give me breakfast after that i have many work.
Janki saw towards him and looked surprised seeing him behaving normal .
Janki: sanskar..
Sanskar: i know what you’re thinking why i am behaving normal na.
All nodded in yes.
Sanskar: going to find some answer, my heart saying after it she can’t able to stop herself.
Kabir: she’ll not listen you sanskar better forget her.
He just say to check him to know how he behaves after listening it.
Sanskar: no kabir she have to listen me this time, yesterday I was not in sense that’s why I don’t able to know how to handle it but now I am in sense. Now I know how to make things better.
Kabir: but ..

Piya: go sanskar, i trust on your love. Love has great power it can also melt stone. And she toh only girl who loves you but just stopping herself due to some fear. Remove her all fear by your love.
She said looking at kabir who is surprisingly looking at her, she smiled and gave him breakfast.
After finishing breakfast all went for their respective works while kabir still sitting there and thinking about Piya.
After one week,
In this one week sanskar not show his face to her and swara also not came there because she doesn’t wanna face him. It was like ages for her she was dying to seek single glance but somehow making her heart understand.
While sanskar trying different ways to know truth but nothing getting him. He just sadly sitting on car and remembering their moments . Suddenly he remembered something he smiled. He started to work on it and finally he got little hope.

Sanskar: now by this hope I’ll come to know whole truth.
He called her somewhere, first she denied but later agreed as he given his swear.
She came at his mentioned place whereas he already there waiting for her.
Swara: tell sanskar why you called me?
She asked it while looking down as she don’t wanna loose herself in his eyes.
He not say anything , he just held her hand and took her with him at isolated place.
Swara: sanskar where are you taking me?
Sanskar: i even can’t say trust me because if you had trust me than.. well leave it just give me last chance…

She not spoke anything just gave him permission do whatever he wanna do.
Sanskar: swara you know why i bought you here because i wanna tell something.
Swara: hmm tell
Sanskar: Actually I started to hate someone after knowing some past.
Swara; judging someone by their past is not good, sometimes things are not like that as we thought.
Sanskar: is it swara? You think like that? Really every time you give me shock. You know I never seen double face person like you.

She just seeing him, his every words piercing nails inside her. He saw her and continued to speak.
Sanskar; I cursing myself loving you, you’re characterless girl. Who works in bar for some mere money. Thank god you denied me or else I don’t know what will be my condition after knowing your reality.
She still seeing him, tears started to flow her eyes still she trying to not react but his next words totally broken her.
Sanskar: Now I got it why you denied me because I am not rich na Who knows for some money you even ready to …..

Before he could complete she slap him hard. She herself fell on kness
Swara: just stop it, what do you know ha. I work there money than listen Mr sanskar Maheswari I worked there so I can reach to my dadi. She was owner of that bar but I didn’t knew that was her plan only make me reach there so she can sell me to someone and remove me from her ways. I am not characterless … I am not….
She stopped for some moments and looked at him who is looking at her.
Swara: I hating myself that I loved you who can judge anyone on basis of their past, I was right you’ll not understand me. That’s why I didn’t wanna tell you anything….. I just hating myself but you listen i am not like that …

He sat on knees and tried to cup her face but she held his collar and started to beat him. He tried to stop her but she just hitting him. At last, he held her hand and took her in tight hug.
Swara: Leave me…

Sanskar: i am sorry swara, i just wanted to know whole truth that’s why I said like that. I can’t even think anything like that I know my angel will never do anything wrong. Mine love swear while saying each words I feeling like killing myself. But you only wanted na that i should hate you… So I thought to make you confess like it and what you tell you love me. Please swara now don’t try to change things.
She broke hug and looked at him.
Swara: I thought if you’ll hate me then you able to move on but when you said those words I don’t able to control myself. Believe me sanskar I am not characterless I never spent…
Sanskar: don’t dare to use that word again or else I’ll kill myself. Because I can’t live without you na, you’re my weakness as well as strength.
Swara: then how I able to live sanskar? If there is no sanskar than no swara also.
She said and looked down.
He smiled and make her look in his eyes.

Sanskar: please tell na you love me or not?
Swara: budhu still you don’t know if I don’t love you then I never come here moreover sometimes before itself I said something.
Sanskar: I again wanna listen it from you.
She nodded in no and down smiling, he sadly make pout and turn other side. She saw it from corner of eyes and smiled thinking something.
She stood and stand at some rock.

Swara: I love you sanskar…
She shouted.
He looked at her and stood his place, he forwarded his hand. She came towards him and hug him tightly like she wanna live there itself. He caresses her hair and kissed at hair.
Sanskar: but from when and why you denied that day, you mad girl. You even not know how much it took time that all preparation most importantly courage. Huhh I’ll never forgive you for that.
She break hug and cup his face lovingly.
Swara: i thought you’ll also mistook me like others. But sanskar how do you know about that.
Both sat at rock and side hug each other.

Sanskar: actually angel…( He saw towards her) I can call you angel na?
she nodded in yes and rest her head at his shoulder.

Sanskar; You remember once you said you have doubt on Aniket. I just follow him and reached at bar. There by chance my mobile fall down and one old waiter saw your pic he identified you. He told me that you used to work there. I knew it there must be some reason moreover according to me work is work. No work is bad. That’s why I did that drama because I know how much you’re adamant that you’ll not easily accept things.

Swara: I was just afraid sanskar, it started when I was 19. One day an old lady came in orphanage . When I saw her I come to know she’s my dadi frnd. From her I come to know if I wanna reach dadi then I have to enter in bar because from there I can easily reach her as she was owner. I started to work there because that time most important thing was reach near that lady but I little knew it was all plan to trap me.

After 8 months of working I started to get doubt because I never seen her or that man and sometimes I used to feel like someone is following me but still I thought let’s wait for some more days. Like it two more passed one day while returning home some one kidnapped me. There I last time saw her she came near me and slap me. She started to abuse me and pulled mine hair. Before I could react or ask anything a man came well I don’t saw his face as he was standing little far away. She told me now I am his property, sanskar how can she stop so low . If not for her granddaughter then she should think about a girl life na. But that stone hearted lady not even listen mine plead , she ordered that man to take me from there and do whatever he wants to do.

I somehow managed to run from there but my misfortune or I say good luck police caught me thinking someone else. After that you know how I met Bhai.
She said all this with emotionless face. He hug her and kissed her forehead.
Sanskar: Angel we all will punish them surely and also ask them reason.
Swara: pakka na, we’ll punish them na, I wanna punish that lady with mine own hand. She torture me lot.
Sanskar: Promise, you’ll get chance to punish her.

Swara: And sanskar you really trust me na. And promise me that you’ll never leave mine side , even I’ll say you.
Sanskar: Trusting not you means not trusting myself. Leaving you means separating myself from mine soul. You’re my soul, even you’ll say na sanskar go away that time also I’ll not leave your side.
Swara: I love you so much, I also promise in every condition I’ll be with you.
Sanskar: Well Angel leave all that you not answer mine one question.
Swara: Question, I don’t remember anything.
She tried to stood , he pulled her. She fell down and landed in his lap.
Sanskar: not soon angel, you disturb me so much. And even today you slap me. See how much it paining and what about mine heart which you broke in several pieces.
Swara: vo sanskar I love you from day I saw you on when you’re busy in running behind me. You even missed your luggage due to me.
He became speechless knowing that she also loves him from that day itself from which he loves her.

Swara: and what you say I slapped you ha that day you hurt me. I even get wound on forehead and…
Before she could complete he placed kiss at her wounded area.
Sanskar: And where ?
He said huskily and roamed his hand near her waist.
Swara: no where, let’s move we have to go.
She tried to remove his hand but he tighten his grip but carefully as her wound at waist still not healed properly.

Sanskar: not fare, you also hurt me then where is mine medicine.
Swara: Right you also deserve something, so close your eyes.
He happily closed his eyes, she moved near him and
Shouted in his ears
“ Bhai will give you reward”
Saying it she run away and started to laugh.
He opened his eyes and looked at her, he became mesmerised seeing her laughing it was first time her laugh was real and he is reason behind it.
He stood and went near her.
Sanskar: Always be like it. You look gorgeous while laughing , I really feeling blessed that I am reason behind it.
Swara: Promise, I’ll be always like it. From now this smile will be real not fake.
Saying it she kissed his cheek and hide her face in his chest.
For some moments he was shocked and remain standing like that only.
Swara: Hug me sanskar, I wanna spent mine whole life like this only.
He warped his arm around her waist. For some moments both remain like that only.
They also inform everything at home, everyone was so happy for them specially kabir he was double happy one for his friend and other for his sister.

Next morning
Both were sleeping in their respective and dreaming about each other.
She wakes up blushing and started to become ready thinking something.

Precap: someone kidnapping swara??? and surprise.
How’s this part and now everything is good . Are you happy?

And now you all think about surprise ?????

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