Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 22

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Both were standing outside the house, she confusedly sees towards her surroundings. Not getting anything she looked towards him who is nervously clutching his hands, sensing her gaze he looked at her.
Swara: Where are you taking me? You can answer inside also na.
Little she had idea why he’s taking her still hoping against all hope it not be true .
Sanskar: just some moments more, your wait will over . From wait i remember you wait here me coming.
Without waiting for her reply he went from there, she crossed her fingers and looked upward. She silently prayed it shouldn’t be that what she’s thinking. Little did she knew today nothing can stop him, not even she and he’s well determined to confess everything.

After some moments he came on bike and sign her to seat. She tried to denied by giving some lame excuse but he didn’t given any heeds to her and at last he made her sit beside him. He started bike , first time it was that she feeling little uncomfortableness. Sensing her uncomfortableness he not increased speed and maintain at steady speed. There was silence between them but yet both were understanding unsaid words. Nearly after traveling half an hour he stopped bike, due to sudden break she fell on his shoulder, her hair covered her face and she nervously closed her eyes, he looked at her through mirror and smiled little.
Sanskar : we reached

She opened her eyes and removed hands from his shoulder. She looked in all directions and tried registering things in mind.
She was still in her night dress and messy hair as he didn’t gave her proper time.
Surroundings was well prevailing with silence, in sky stars were twinkling and on ground there was just grass and sound of little chirping.
Sanskar: come with me
He gently held soft hand and walk slowly . With every steps her heart beat was raising and his nervousness increasing.
They reached near pond, at other side of pond something was shining which was attracting her.
Swara: sanska..

Sanskar: just few minutes, after that you’ll get to know everything.
At pond there was wooden bridge, they kept first step there, it created musical sound . She again looked at him, he just smiled and signal move ahead. As they were forwarding sound becoming more melodious. She enjoying it forgetting all tension. Seeing her smiling face he takes sigh of relief and passed sweet smile. At last both finally reached at their destination.
Now there was four pillars which were shining due to light lamp.
As she moved further she get to see thin layer of clothes attached to it, she realised it’s like tent. She went inside and inhale that fragrance there was sweet smell scattered there. Well sanskar was outside only he just waiting for correct moment so he can enter.
She shifted her gaze all around at first it was all normal but slowly image was forming. She seeing all this with shocked eyes.

Finally that image completed well there was just simply eyes pics were there and whole face covered with black veil.
She remembered their first meeting , how he was looking at her and that time her face was also covered only her big hazel eyes were exposed.
Swara: is this really me?
She began to move further ,with every step a new image forming which was making clear face of that image. At last she reached near forth pillar there was a white cloth covering certain area.
Swara: now i should remove it or not. Umm i think i should, it’s better if everything revealed today itself.
she removed it and found mirror.
She touched it and saw her reflection in it, he entered there with rose in hands. He simply kneel down, she seeing all this through mirror itself.

Sanskar: you might get to know what i wanna say. You must be thinking rather than doing all this i can simply tell you but then i thought when i fell for you i didn’t even knew your name. Leave about name i even not seen your face i just fell for your eyes which was mirror of your soul .
He stopped for some moments and breath properly, she listening all it with close eyes. From inside she feeling certain happiness but face was not showing anything.
He again looked upward and continued…
Sanskar: I love you Angel, yes you’re mine Angel because before knowing name i used to call you this only. That’s why i denied calling you shona. Pls accept me…

He forwarded rose , she turned towards him and forwarded her with teary eyes. He felt happiness seeing positive reaction but next moment only she back out and run from there shouting i am sorry but i don’t love you .
He took some time to register her words he doesn’t able to believe on ears that what he heard or rather say he don’t wanna believe. His heart broke in several pieces , finally his fear won over his love he always had fear of rejection from the girl whom he madly and hopelessly love. She rejected him…
He cried loudly and started destroying all arrangements.
Sanskar: i love you swara, i love you please swara accept it… No she can’t leave me like that i love her… No but she doesn’t love me… But i love her … I don’t know… I just don’t know… Pls someone say it’s lie my angel loves me , i know she loves me… I can see love in her eyes… Yeah she loves me….
He held his head and shout
“ swara i love you…”
He stood up and began to walk like a mad one totally forgotten about her and surrounding. He reached at concert where some youngster were singing.

Whereas she also reached near that place only but little difference was she sat at near park. She closed her eyes and reminisces her every moment with him. She looked upward and began to cry .
Swara: why this happened? I hurt him i am very bad …
She started to slap herself and hurt her hand by hitting rock. Her hand started to bleed but she ignored it. At the end she fell down . She slightly lift her head. She finally confessed something but alas he was not there…..
Swara: i also love you, not form some days but from that itself when i listened your voice for first time. When you called Bhai i felt like I have some connection with you. That day when you were running behind me on station i felt like hugging you and i wanna tell you stop you’ll hurt yourself. Before i could come someone came near you and stopped you. That time I felt slight disappointment but later I thought it’s good we not met. I also felt happiness when i saw in park but next moment itself it snatched when i saw you sad and weeping little. That’s why i sent someone near you.
Day after that day I only come for you so i can see you. When you asked me for coffee date my happiness were no bound. I felt like shout in happiness. That day itself I realised I fell for you. Our coffee moment was best I not wanna it should ever end I felt like time freeze there itself.

My heartbeat raised when i saw you at bhai’s house. You can’t even think what i felt that moment. Every moment which we spent together i remember it.
In short i can say i am madly and hopelessly love with you. But I can’t accept your love neither i can tell you how much I love you it’s better for us living apart. You have to move on, you can’t love girl like me. I am not made for you. Swara is only for sanskar but sanskar is not for swara. Swara and sanskar can’t be unite they have different destiny. You have to move on.

She started to weep badly but suddenly she heard a rough and painful voice.
Swara: sanskarrrr , he here. Oh god how could be I so fool he must be hurt I have to see him.
She moved in that direction and saw him sitting at floor with guitar in his hand. His hands were bleeding but still he playing it and eyes were closed.
Tu Safar Mera
Hai Tu Hi Meri Manzil
Tere Bina Guzara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
She sadly saw him and move further clearing crowd , she tried to stop him but he was not in his senses. He jerk her… As a result she fell down and slightly her waist scratch.
Whole crowd become silent looked at them.

Tu Mera Khuda
Tu Hi Duaa Mein Shaamil
Tere Bina Guzara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
((He realised what he had done he stood and make her stand. With blood full hand he touched her cheeks , she closed her eyes and felt his touched. She also touched his face with her hand which were also bleeding. Both of their faces were red and just looking in each other eyes and conveying pain of rejection and helpless.))
Mujhe Aazmaati Hai Teri Kami
Meri Har Kami Ko Hai Tu Laazmi
Junoon Hai Mera
Banoon Main Tere Qaabil
Tere Bina Guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

((He remembered her answer , she remembered his confession. Both move out and turn other side. He again going to pick guitar she held his hand and plead no.
Swara: your hands…
She moves closer and tried to took his hand in her hands.
He closed his eyes and remember each and every moment which he spent with her.
“ i can’t live without you…”
He wishper, she looked down and said “ i can’t live with you”))

Ae Rooh Bhi Meri
Ye Jism Bhi Mera
Utna Mera Nahi
Jitna Huaa Tera
Tu Meri Aaha Ka
Woh Dard Hi Sahi
Tujhse Mila Hai Toh
Imaam Hai Mera
Mera Aasmaan Dhundhe Teri Zameen
Meri Har Kami Ko Hai Tu Laazmi
Zamee Pe Hum Sahi
To Aasmaan Mein Aa Mil
Tere Bina Guzaara Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

((He slide his fingers between his hair and pointed towards himself.
“ i am nothing without you, this body and soul all wanna you only. Please come to me, I will give you all happiness. I can die for you. If in this world I can’t get you then in that world I wanna you… I ready leave this world for you ….”
She placed her hand on his lips and looked straight in his eyes.
“ please understand we don’t have any future” she said and tried move
“I don’t wanna any future with you I just want my present with you” he said))
Maana Ka Teri Mozudgi Se
Ae Zindagani Mehroom Hai
Jeene Ka Koi Duja Tareeka
Na Mere Dil Ko Maloom Hai
Tujhko Main Kitani Siddat Se Chahun
Chahe To Rehna Tu Bekhabar
Woh Taaj Manzil Ka Toh Nahi Hai
Ek Tarfa Mare Safar Safar
Khubsoorat Hai Manzil Se Hi
Meri Har Kameee Ko Hai Tu Laazmi
Ae Poora Hoke Bhi Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil
Tere Bina Guzaara Ae Dil Mushkil.

((“ i don’t” she tried to move
He held her hand and rotate her roughly , she about to fall but he held tightly through her waist and make her stand. He looked in her eyes where there is only pain . He left her hand but again held it pull her with force. He rotate her and back hug her, she just given up thinking if by hurting her he get peace then it’s completely okay for her. Her hands started to bleed more as he tightly holding it. Her waist also get more deep cut as his nails piercing.
He continued it totally forgotten the girl whom he’s giving pain is same whom he loves unconditionally.
He again roughly turned her, in this process she fell down and head Started to bleed .
He came in sense by sound and realised what he all done he tried to touch her but fearing his reaction she moved back. He felt like killing himself seeing fear in her eyes.
He kneel down and looked at her.
Sanskar: i am sorry

Still she was in same condition , he moved near her and touched her hands with affection . She tried to backing her hand but he not leave her . He makes her touched his cheeks which were full red. He joined their foreheads and started to weep.
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar: i am very bad i hurt you.
He tie his hanky at her wound and kissed gently.
He saw towards her waist which was bleeding due to his grip and dress also little torn. He looked here there, a girl come forward and gave him her shawl he covered her and pick her in arm.
He moved out and began to walk aimlessly. She just staring him with painful love in eyes.
Swara: leave me
Sanskar: i am sorry i don’t wanna hurt you but ..
Swara: i said leave me..

He make her stand and turn towards himself. She sees his hand and tie handkerchief which he tied at her hand.
Swara: what was need of all that? Are you in your sense? Can’t you accept a simple rejection? Life not end by it…
He smiled listening her words and touched her cheeks, she looked at him.
Sanskar: still you’ll say that you don’t love me. I can see love in your eyes. Say it’s lie…. This pain that’s is your eyes not due to you get hurt but due to that i am broken.
Swara: i don’t love you… It’s just that i not feeling good seeing you like it…
She said while looking down
Sanskar smiled painfully.
Sanskar: i hope i don’t able to read your eyes so my heart not pain that much as it’s paining right now.

She turned other side and sob keeping her hand on mouth.
He claim himself and make her look in his eyes.
Sanskar: then why these tears , why these pain, why your cheek have marks, why your hand are wounded , why angel why you hurt yourself … Do you have any answer???
Swara: because you’re my best friend.. , can’t a friend feel her friend pain. Can’t a friend cry when her friend become sad. Can’t…. sanskar tell na if you didn’t loved me then don’t you able to feel my pain, same way I understand what might you feeling right now… Tell me if my words are not true….
He again smiled is painfully and push her making her fall again.
Sanskar: stop lying….. You also know what we feel for each other that is more than a friend feel for each other. Accept it that you love as much i do… I don’t know why you’re not accepting …
She hissed in pain and muttered.
“ i love you more than you do”

At other side
Kabir and piya pretending as normal couple infront of janki. Totally unknown to that janki is here Aniket came to meet Piya more than Piya he came to see swara.
Piya opened the door , she warmly welcome him.
Kabir also came outside listening sounds, he never liked him always he used to feel negative vibes.
Aniket : vo sorry to disturb you all , i just came to see her.
Kabir thought she must have told him reality of their relationship he angrily looked at her and moved from there without saying anything.
Aniket sense something weird there but later his devil mind over powered his concern for his friend. He started to search swara and ask Piya where are swasan?
She not felt good when he ask about them.
Piya: They must be busy somewhere.
He nodded in yes.

Both sat at sofa and started to talk randomly . Kabir seeing all this and feeling like punching him.
After sometime he stood and began to move. From other side janki also coming with tray in her hands.
Before she could see him he went from there.
Janki: arre where he went, servant informed me that someone came.
Piya: ma he was Ani my friend he went as he had some work.
Janki: okay but from next time don’t let him go without food.
She nodded in yes while kabir felt like killing himself imagining him daily.
Kabir; ma where is sanskar? And swara also not come here?
Janki told him everything that today he going to propose her.
Kabir: really i can’t believe that Dumbo finally going to propose my shona.
He happily hug Piya as she was near him.

Swasan’s side
Both were in same position , she looking down and weeping while he just staring her.
Swara: you hurting me…..
Sanskar realised his mistake he’s behaving like totally mad, he’s not like it. If she also not love him then he have to make her realised may be she not able to realised yet but if she loves him as her eyes convey he have to know reason of her denial. So he can help her.
He sat down and looked at her.
Sanskar: i am sorry, from now onwards I’ll not force my love on you . Can we like before just best friends who share every happiness and pain. Pls Swara don’t deny it or else i also don’t know my condition.
She saw in his eyes where only love was present and slight guilt was there. She wanna say yes as she also can’t able to live without him. He became her world, she even can’t think to live far away from him. If not as lover at least as frnd she wanna live near him. But thinking something she turned her face.

Swara’s Monologue
No swara you can’t, you have to deny him. If you’ll spent more time with him then you can’t able to control your feelings and also he not able to forget you. For some days he’ll be in pain but slowly he’ll forget you. So at least for his betterment you have to do this.
Her trances broken by his voice.
Sanskar: tell na angel, should we forget everything which happened some moments ago and again become like before??
Swara: nothing can’t the normal, everything is finished between us. Now our ways are different…
She somehow managed to say this only she knows how much difficult it’s for her but it’s necessary. She saw him from corner eyes who became like statute and just staring her. She wanna console him and take him her embrace and wanna tell she also loves him. But can’t…..
She just can see him like this or leave him at his own but her love for him not allowing to let him leave like that. She stood up and make him stand he just seeing her and following everything.
For him her friendship is most precious thing today he lost that now he don’t have any reason to live. By a single confession he lost his everything…

She dialled kabir’s no and called him here saying not to infrom anything to anyone.
There was awkward moment between him and piya but as he got call he rushes from there by giving excuse.
After sometime he reached at their location and become horrified seeing there condition. Her eyes were swollen and sanskar not reacting anything just sitting there like dead person.
She not told him anything what happened between them she just told some excuse which he not believed but as this moment his friend and sister are more important he help her and took her home from back gate.
Both make him lie on bed, kabir went from there for taking some first aid box.
Swara: i am sorry sanskar. Please take care of yourself, i can’t see you like it . You’re my life…
She kissed his forehead and both hands.
She went from there.
This night only bought pain in their lives, his soul just waiting for a new morning because he can’t loose this love battle.

Precap: Wait for next part ???

Next part may take time…
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with it one stage of this story ended, let’s see what new stage stored for them who’ll win his determination to get her or her stubbornness to move away from him…
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