Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 21

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Swara finally stepped in park, sanskar also matches steps with her. She nervously held his hand, he saw towards their entangled hands, he felt to remain like it or place soft kiss at their hands.
There was fountain in middle of park, light was all around it which was making it more beautiful.
At other side of fountain someone was standing with facing back, swara trying to see that person but not able to get success.
With some courage she went that side. Well sanskar just following her , still there hands were twisted together.

Other side,
Aniket still fuming in anger, his dad make him claim.
His dad: don’t worry Aniket you’re not weak who’ll loose in front of some mere girl, you’re son of great business tycoon Aman verma. That person who never loose in any battle so how could you loose.
Aniket: yes dad you’re right. At any cost I’ll take revenge from her. That time whatever i tried to do with her in drunken state but this time I’ll destroy her in my all sense.
Aman: that’s like mine son. Now you go , if anyone will see us together then it’ll create problem.
Aniket: but dad that lady i mean your ex wife and sanbir.
Aman: don’t worry about sanbir I’ll handle them. About janki i think she must died since day after that day no one knows about her. If she alive then also we don’t need to afraid due to her.
Aniket: hope so dad, okay dad me going club.
He hugged him and bid bye to him.
Alan’s Monologue
Only due to you swara Janki able to get that much that she sent my son behind jail and herself run away. Just due to you my respect destroyed now I’ll not leave you.

Swasan’s side
Swara: sanskar tell na i feeling nervous, i feeling like mine heart will come out at any moment.
Sanskar: just some steps.
Both finally reached at other side.
Sanskar : now you can turn. ( Said to someone)
That person slowly turned towards them seeing that person swara blink her eyes many times and rub little.
Person: still your habits not changed na.
Swara: are you real ? Means i am not imagining… You spoke it means me not hallucinating …. you real sanskar she’s real…
She just speaking senselessly , don’t able to believe on her eyes.
That person just smiled and nodded in yes and moved near her. Swara also freed her hand and move towards that person. She lovingly touch that person face. That person kissed her hands and took it between both hand.
Person: you know sanskar that whenever shona doesn’t able to believe something she just rub her eyes and blink many times.
Sanskar : i know, not only this she also start blabber something which no one can understand.
Person: yes, she’s such weird but unique piece.
Swara: if you know this much about me that why you never came to meet me, i know because you forgotten me na. Why you remember me i am not your own daughter na.
Saying it she turned her face.
Person: i am sorry shona, don’t you forgive your janki ma.
She nodded in no while tears flowing from her eyes and sanskar just seeing it with little smiling face. He knows she’s just acting because she can’t able to stop herself from going in her ma embrace.
Janki: baby, i just did it for your safety na. You know na if my husband come to know about you that he must have killed you. I somehow escape from there please na shona talk to me na or else your ma will start to cry.
Swara: atleast you should call me na, you know how much i miss you. ( She showed it through her hands) i used to ask Masi but she also not told me anything. You all team against me very bad and now stop crying totally dramebaz.
Janki came near her and hug her.

Janki: Shh bacha forget everything, just enjoy present. A beautiful present is waiting for you which will only give you happiness.
She said it looking towards sanskar who is just adoring them. Swara confusedly look at her.
Janki: soon you’ll understand.
She confusedly nodded in yes.
Swara held her hand and bought her near sanskar.
Swara: ma you know he’s mine best friend, he always help me.
She playfully slap her forehead and looked towards them.
Swara: oops sorry you must know each other na because he only bought you here. But sanskar how do you get her because i never got any success.
She said with pout and sat at near bench.
Sanskar: i just visited orphanage and from there i got her address. Yeah they were very adamant not giving me any heeds but me also sanskar i managed.
Janki: after that he reached at mine home first i not wanna come but when he told that you still missing me. Then i can’t able to wait more. Now whatever happen we will see it.
Sanskar: yeah ryt aunty, now can you both mother daughter stop your precious tears. Vo na i don’t have habit of seeing tears.
Swara and janki smiled and wiped their tears.
Swara: you also smile, your eyes looking like that it will come out at any moment.
Sanskar: mad girl.
Swara: you idiot boy.
Janki saw them the way they’re fighting but also caring for each other. It confirmed that they’re in love but not sure that they know or not specially shona.
After talking for sometime trio left for mansion, at first janki denied but after emotional blackmail they somehow convinced her.

Next morning
Janki making breakfast as she wanna make something special for her shona. While others were still sleeping.
Kabir and piya sleeping separately , tears marks clearly seen at her face. She woke up and sat near him.
Piya: that’s why i had fear that if you’ll get to know truth you’ll start hating me, see mine fear come true. Yesterday I felt i get mine love but i didn’t knew that this destiny have something else for me. I really love you…
Kabir open his eyes and looked at her. He moved his hand to wipe tears but remember something and back off.
He moved from there leaving her like that only. She broke totally and started to sob.
After sometime both freshen up, Piya about to come out from room. He held her hand and pull towards him.
Kabir: i hope you’ll not tell anything to anyone. Well i don’t have any kind of hope from you but still i telling you. I don’t wanna mine family should know anything specially shona. I hope this time you try to truthful.
Piya: you don’t need to say it, I’ll never disclose it to anyone. They’re also mine family, swara is just like mine sister. And i know one day my love will win. You’ll again start loving me. You’ll soon understand why i hided that from you.
Kabir: that day will never come again.
Saying it he dashes out, she closed her eyes and thought about previous night.
She sitting at bed with long veil and nervously waiting for him. She thought today that she’ll tell him that how much she loves him not from today but since clg days. She smiled thinking about their moments. He came inside and sat near , her heart beat start to raise but next moment itself, it broke in several pieces.
Kabir: nice game plan Mrs Piya, good way to trap someone by your innocent look.
She removed her veil and confusedly looked at him.
Kabir: don’t be so innocent i know everything , your friends told me that you were behind me since clg days. It’s true or not …
Piya: i can explain kabir …
Kabir; just tell it’s true or not.
She nodded in yes, he angrily left from there without giving any heeds to her. Late night he entered with red shot eyes and drunken condition because he felt like he had been betrayed.
Kabir: no wedding night i finish everything saying it he fell down.
Piya: i am sorry kabir please punish me but don’t give punishment to yourself.
She made him properly lie on bed and covered him with comfort.
Piya: soon I’ll gain your love back, i know you also love me but little hurt. It’s kk I’ll handle it.

Her trances disturb by phone ring, she wiped her tears and pick it. After talking sometime she left for kitchen.
There she found janki and sanskar. Janki making food while sanskar helping her rather than he trying to impress her.
Sanskar: Aunty, anything more you want?
Janki nodded in no and continued her work.
Piya confusedly sees towards janki. Sanskar noticed it and jump from slab.
Sanskar: don’t be confused she’s swara’s mother. She making special food for her.
Janki: not only for her, you all can eat but only after my shona.
She saw towards Piya who is standing there and trying to register all things.
Janki explain her that how after so many years she able to met her.
Piya: wow aunty that’s get, it means you live here itself. So now i don’t need to live between these boring men.
She took her blessing. She blessed her.
Piya: aunty but i had seen you somewhere. But don’t remember where.
Janki: may be you seen somewhere well leave all that sanskar told me about you and kabir’s marriage. Hope you both get all happiness. He’s very lucky that he got you because i can clearly see immerse love in your eyes. You love him so much na.
She looked down and hide her pain and tearful eyes
Piya: yes vo…
Janki: don’t be shy.
Piya: it’s nothing like that.
Janki: kk leave it, you must come here for you first ritual na. Vo sorry i prepared everything without your permission. Wait i clean slab for you.
Kabir entered there
Kabir: ma you don’t need anyone permission. And these works others will do you just rest and enjoy. Well I can call you ma like shona.
Piya pleadingly looked at him he simply avoid her and stand before janki.
Janki: of course you can, sanskar told me everything about you both. I glad my baby got brother like you who loves her very much.
Kabir; ohh toh someone is trying to impress someone, not bad good going.
He teasingly said it looking at sanskar who became red.
Sanskar: it’s nothing like that i just told ..
Kabir; but i didn’t took your name then why you answer.
Sanskar: i remember something..
He about to go from there but stop listening janki voice.
Janki: Arre sanskar what happen, now you don’t help me.
Sanskar: some important work..
Saying it he ran from there.

Piya trying to start conversation but kabir being adamant avoiding her.
Janki sensed something weird in kabir’s and piya’s behaviour but later jerked it thinking it might be shyness.
Swara came there and greet everyone but her eyes started to search someone.
Janki: shona , you help Piya. I going i have some work.
Janki and kabir went from there leaving.
She nodded in yes but again roam her eyes.
Piya: finding someone?
Swara: yes where is sanskar ?
She bite her tongue and tried to change topic. Piya smiled little sensing new love story soon going to start.
Swara: leave all that you tell me , how are you. We never get any chance to interact much. So can i have privilege to know about your likes and dislikes.
Piya: me aboustely fine. Don’t worry we both will soon get to know each other better.
Swara: this also fine.
Swara: if you don’t mind then can i call you bhabi.
Piya: i thinking this only why you not calling me bhabi , see swara i don’t like when you call me by my name so better call me bhabi.
Swara: i thought you might not like because i am not his real sis that’s why i thought to ask you.
Piya: if next time you tried to say it then I’ll scold you, I have that right na.
Swara: yeah you have all rights on me, well bhabhi you should call me shona as bhai call me.
She nodded in yes, both chit chat for some time later swara went in janki’s room .
She just put her head in her lap.
Swara: ma now you’ll never go away from me na.
Janki caresses her hair and nodded in no. Swara happily kissed her cheek and again put head in her lap. She started to tell her everything but in mostly of her talk sanskar name was there.
She thought she also loves him like he do. As she already sense love in his eyes.
Janki: you really became so big now you’re not that shona who used to afraid by little things and used to complain on small matters.
Swara: just due to you all.
Later all took breakfast and went for their respective work.
Janki entered in sanskar room who was busy in gazing his angel pics.
Janki: can i enter in your room.
Sanskar immediately hide her pic and under bed and stood properly.
Sanskar: aunty you’re making me embarrass, i am also like your son na. Do any mother need permission before entering her son room . I think you only consider swara and kabir as your children not me. Don’t forget i only bought you here so i have more right on you.
He said little dramatic.

Janki came in room and held his ears. She took swara’s pic from under bed.
Janki: what is it? What mine daughter pic doing with you.
Sanskar: vo i just….
Janki: Buddhu i know you love her, yes or no?
He shyly nodded in yes.
Janki: so when going to tell her about your feelings.
Sanskar: i am afraid if she’ll reject me then.
Janki: you just propose her and leave other things on destiny.
Sanskar: you’re too much Aunty first time seeing lady like you who is desperate that anyone propose her daughter.
Janki: because i can easily see how much you love her.
Sanskar: yeah all can see expect her.
Janki: vo kya hai na she’s little Buddhu .
He smiled and told her that today itself he’ll propose her.
She went from there, sanskar started to think different ways of proposing her.
Same day, night
Sanskar went swara’s home who is sitting at terrace and gazing stars, she heard some steps which is coming closer to her, sensing that person presence she smiled.
Swara: come fast, don’t need to walk like ants.
Sanskar : huhh everytime you guess crct. Well leave all that come with me.
Swara: this time, me hell tired . Let’s sit here only see na how much beautiful it’s looking.
He sat near her and casually held her hand.
Sanskar saw towards her face which is shining under moon light and first time her eyes were sparking.
Swara sees him seeing towards herself she raised her eyebrows, he nodded in nothing and started seeing stars.
Swara: i didn’t get time to talk you properly, i wanna thanks you for bringing my happiness back. Now only i have one wish.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: to punish mumma’s murder.
Sanskar: i promise swara your this wish will also soon fulfill.
Swara: i know you and Bhai trying hard to know about them.
Sanskar: Hmm
Swara: sanskar you can also call me shona because now you’re also part of mine life.
He felt urge happiness listening it, his eyes shine with tears and lips curved in smile. But he thought something and smiled more brightly.
Sanskar: but i don’t wanna call it with that name.
Swara: why ? Are you angry or you not considered me as your own?
Sanskar: it’s not like that because … It’s just that ….
Swara: say na sanskar why can’t you call me shona?
Sanskar: today itself I’ll give you all answer , those answers also which your eyes always ask. Come with me..
He stood and gave his hand. She held it and stood at her place.
Swara: sanskar …
Sanskar: Shh i already waited for it so long, now i can’t. You trust me na so just come with me.

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