Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 20

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She moved from there, he didn’t wanna to talk her. But seeing her cute sad face his anger melt away. He smiled slightly and went behind her. She about to enter in room ,he held her hand and rotate her little. Her face collided with his chest. It was looking like both are hugging each other.
Sanskar: Thinking to forgive someone but i think they’re n anymore interested in it.
She looked upwards and see in his brown eyes, for some moments she wanna drown herself in it. But sided her thoughts and pinch him on hand.
Swara: well right not anymore interested, i trying to asking forgiveness since yesterday itself but someone was busy in ignoring me. And why he coming again , don’t he have any important work. So say him he can leave.
She said while pushing him, he stumbled little and looked here there thinking whom she’s addressing. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows.
Sanskar: Are you talking to wall? Actually i don’t understand wall’s language so sry in advance. So if they will say anything toh not my problem.
Swara: me talking to you. Am i any mad who’ll talk to wall?
Sanskar: is it? Actually i thought you became mad. That’s why started talking to wall.
Swara: you, wait I’ll teach you lesson.

She started to find something , she smirk looking in particular direction. He shifted his gaze towards it. He became horrified seeing vase, he remembered once how she was running behind kabir with vase in her hand .
Sanskar: are you thinking same what I thinking?
He was still looking at vase while she shifted his gaze at him and looked at his face. She again shifted her gaze in that direction where sanskar looking. She understood what he thinking, she turned towards him for saying she’s thinking something else. But seeing his horrible face she burst in laugh. He. Looked at her and again lost himself in her.
Swara: don’t worry I’ll not beat you with that vase it’s only for Bhai for you special treatment.
He breath out and smiled at his foolishness.
Sanskar: then fine, one minute what you said special treatment. Can i know what it’s?
Swara: I’ll make you my slave vo bhi for 10 days.
Sanskar: ( monologue) me toh ever ready , you just say once I’ll keep myself for you.
Swara: well, i thought let it be leave as it’s your first mistake.
Sanskar: glad you leave me.
He about to leave from there but stop listening her voice.
Swara; you really forgive me na. You’re not saying for keeping my heart. If you wanna take time you can but forgive me from heart.

It’s most amazing thing he likes about her that rather than thinking about herself she thinks about her loved ones. Really happy seeing that he is also in her list.
Without saying anything he went from there, she thought he still angry that’s he left without saying anything but next moment he came with two coffee mug in his hand . ( Don’t ask how he make it so fast)
He handed her one coffee mug, both sat on sofa.
Sanskar: yes i really not angry with you. I just wanted that you never talk rubbish things. It hurts those who loves you.
She saw towards him with some unknown feelings and some questions.
Sanskar: i mean i also love you like a friend love his other friend.
She slightly felt disappointed and looked down. She not showed it her face but failed to hide her emotions in eyes. He saw it and felt some happiness that she is also feeling same like him. He think soon he’ll propose her for marriage. Thinking that itself he smiled little and blush. His blushing session break by his angel itself.
Swara; from now onwards I’ll take care of it.
Sanskar nodded in yes, both started to talk randomly.
Days were like it only happiness was there in their life.

Kabir also came back after completing his all meetings. He still acting like he not know anything about her. Due to it he not able to enjoy his personal life like before whenever he used to see swara a guilt used to come like why he didn’t able to know about it, why sanskar come to know that she’s suffering that much. He used to curse himself. He started to ignore her thinking that she not need him anymore.
Swara who totally unaware of truth she don’t able to understand what is bothering her bother why he is ignoring her. A slight doubt came in mind that he knows truth is he also think she bad? Or killer? But later jerks it thinking sanskar will not tell him anything.
While Piya totally unaware of all this just enjoying functions but slight guilt used to disturb her.

Marriage day,
noww finally that day came when kabir and piya were going to tie in a beautiful knot while other hand sanskar planning to surprise her. He thinking to take her somewhere after kabir’s marriage.
Kabir was ready in his room. Swara knocked on room and ask permission. It made him more sad that before it she never did it.
She entered with Sherwani in his hand but seeing kabir already ready. She felt slight disappointment.
Kabir: What happen swara?
She blankly looked at him , a tears drop fell from her eyes.
Swara: Are you angry with me?
He looking everywhere except her.
Kabir: it’s nothing like that.
Swara: no I know my Bhai is angry from me that’s why he called me swara. You remember that day when i ask you call me shona that day you promised me that you always call me that.
Kabir: you also promised me something. If you can forget it then why I can’t ?
She looked at him guilty eyes and reminisces those moments.

Kabir sadly sitting on bed and were seeing his parents. In that pic his parents are just formal both were passing a smile which was not reaching at their eyes and in middle of pic a child standing holding toys in hand.
He carefully observing that pic and trying to find love and care in their eyes.
Swara came in room with food as he not ate it, she saw him looking at pics.
Swara: kabir can i ask you something ?
He sided pic and smiled looking at her.
Kabir: yeah
Swara: kamla ma told me about your parents how they ignored you, Don’t you felt like hating them?
Kabir: sometimes i feel like why i born in this house. For money they always kept ignoring me just used to send money for studies and other stuffs. You know i always wanted their love not money but i think love and care is not in my fate.
Swara: I just asked you, Don’t you feel like hate them.
Kabir: sometimes I hate them but next moment itself I realised it’s not if any use.
Swara: hmm
Kabir: don’t you feel like someone should be there for you.
Swara: sometimes i feel like that but next moment i also ignore.
He smiled at her.
Kabir: well i have a suggestion
Swara: what?
Kabir: from now onwards we will both are for each other. I always wanna sibling. You are so cute so do you wanna accept this idiot as your bro.
Swara: are you sure? You wanna trouble maker as your sis.
Kabir: 100%
Swara: then i have one condition.
Kabir: what?
Swara: call me shona as whoever i love they can call me shona. You toh my sweet bro na.
Kabir: accepted, you also promise whenever you have any problem you’ll first come to me.
Swara: accepted.
He sided hug her, later both fed each other.
Fb end

Swara understood he knows everything and he’s hurt that he comes to from someone else not by her.
Swara: how do you know?
She just able to ask this question with chocked voice her knees were turning weak she feeling like at any moment she’ll collapsed on floor.
Kabir: don’t worry sanskar didn’t told me, Moreover what it matters to you…
Swara: Bhai please don’t say like that. I wanna tell you but I don’t able understand how should I tell you. I just have fear that you will also think me as bad omen.
She started to cry hugging him.
Kabir: so you still not able to know me. You’re my lucky charms I can’t even think like that. So how could you thought that I’ll not understand you.
Swara: I am sry Bhai but please forgive me. I promise I’ll never hide anything from you.
Kabir: pakka promise, you’ll tell me everything even before that sanskar. I don’t liked when I come to know accidentally vo bhi you were telling him.
She nodded in yes, he hug her back and smiled.
Kabir: That’s like my shona.
Swara: yeah and you’re my jealous Bhai.
He makes faces, she smiled at him. From door sanskar was seeing it with teary eyes, he also smiled seeing them happy. He entered inside the room and make fake crying face.
Sanskar: both brother sister not love me, me alone in this world. Oh god now what will happen to this innocent soul.
Shobir looked at each other and smirked.
Swara: yeah Bhai now what will happen to him.
Kabir: serious problem , we need to think about it.
Both started acted to think.
Sanskar: see god, they’re making fun of me. It’s better you call me no not me call them. Then I’ll live alone.
Shobir: you ….
Both started to throw pillows at him.

He trying to save himself, after lots of struggling he finally out his hand down.
Sanskar; okay sry grt bro sis.
Kabir: what say shona should we forgive him or continue our work.
Swara: Bhai i think let’s give one chance to him.
Kabir: As you wanna.
Sanskar: Thanks for forgiving this poor soul.
Swara: you poor soul…
She looked at him and laugh fakely.
Sanskar: no, no me cruel soul.
Swara: sound better now let’s come we have to check arrangements.
She about to go with him.
Kabir: shona one minute.
Swara: ha bhai, do you need anything.
He took Sherwani from her hand.
Kabir; now you may go.
She smiled and left with sanskar.

After 3 hours
Both kabir and piya performing marriage rituals, swara seeing it with little tears in her eyes. Sanskar noticed it and came near her. He handed her hanky and sign him wipe tears. She took it and wipe it.
Sanskar: well never cry ,you not look good with tears.
Swara: always flirting.
Sanskar: only with you.
She smiled and still looking at kaIya now who are taking vows.
She turned towards him who was lovingly looking at her. She raised her eyebrows and passed hands before eyes he still lost in him.
Swara: sanskar
She little shakes him as result he came in sense.
Sanskar: vo sry i just…
Swara: it’s okay leave that. Now you check Bhai car na so nothing could go wrong. Till then i check other arrangements.
Sanskar: kk , if you need anything just call me.
She nodded in yes and went from there.

After completion of marriage and bidai rituals. All started to go, swasan were standing in parking area.
Aniket came near them seeing both are closely standing with each other.
Aniket; hii guys
Sanskar: hii
Aniket: hii shona
Listening shona from his mouth she became numb horrifiedy looked at him, a memory of harassing come in her heart. She tightly clutch lehanga.
Before sanskar could say anything she asked him.
Swara: do you know me before our meeting at Piya house.
He smirked little while sanskar was confusedly looking at them.
Aniket; well I don’t think so but why you asked.
She closed her eyes and face of that boy came in her mind which make her more frightened. She started to sweating and cheeks turned red.
Sanskar: swara what happened, you kk na.
Aniket: yeah shona what happened.
He touched her face which was full red, she step back.
Swara: sanskar we need to go.
She moved from there while sanskar feeling like punching him how dare he touched his angel but at this moment swara is important.
He held her hand and move with her. She suddenly stopped and turn back.
Swara: don’t call me shona and yeah maintain distance from me or else it’ll not good for you.
Saying it she went from there . Sanskar felt proud seeing her like it.
Aniket fume in anger and called someone.
Aniket: dad, that bird flying too much, now i can’t handle it.
Person: you wait i coming there itself.
After some time he came and hug Aniket.
Aniket: dad i will not leave her, only due to her i spent 6 years away from my house. I can’t forget those years which i spent in Juvenile house .

Scene shifted towards Swasan, sanskar driving while swara sitting with close eyes.
Sanskar: what happened swara, you looking disturb .
Swara: i don’t know but i feel he is same.
Sanskar stop the car and looked towards her.
Sanskar: You mean..
Swara: i am not sure but just feeling like that. Sanskar if he’s that only then.
Sanskar: then i know like today you answered him later you again show him his right place.
Swara: i will able do it na.
Sanskar: definitely you can.

Swara: well normally at these types of things boy tell I’ll handle him. You don’t need to worry.
Sanskar; because i know you’re strong enough for handling these things. So why i should interfere and waste my energy.
Swara smiled and looked at him with respect and of course with unknown feelings.
He started car and on FM. A sweet melodious song start playing. Both started humming it.
Sanskar: well swara i have something for you.
Swara: what? And give it na .
Sanskar: wait I am taking you there itself.
Swara ; means we’re not going home grt i also wanted some break .
He smiled and continue driving. After sometime he stopped car near park, she saw park.
Swara: sanskar this park, how do you come to know.
She again shifted her gaze towards park, seeing it her eyes sparkle with happiness.
Sanskar: this is not big thing , you come someone is waiting for you inside.
She confusingly looked at him, he come at her side and open door.
She came out from car and walk towards park. With every steps her heart beat started to raise.
She finally managed to enter in park while sanky smiling imagining her reaction how much she’ll happy after seeing his surprise.

Precap; ????? wait for next part.
Any idea about Aniket dad? Do Aniket know swara before itself?
Will swara like sanskar surprise?

And sry for mistakes. Don’t be confused due to title changed. It’s original title that’s why i changed it. Hope you liked this part , share your positive or negative reviews.

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