Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 19

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After some hours, she still lying on road unconscious. A lady came near her and picked her in arm. She called someone and told that she found her. Opposite person thanks her and about to cut call. But stop listening her voice.
Lady: well i can ask you something, why you are so worried about her and why you not keeping her with you? She not even have any kind of relation with you…
( Phone lady was janki)
Janki; long story , I’ll tell you someday else. You just drop her in some good orphanage. Yeah make sure check her once in week and she shouldn’t get even scratch. She’s very spcl to me. And most importantly your jiju shouldn’t come to know about it.
Lady nodded in yes and did same as janki told .

In starting days of orphanage swara used to be quiet neither she used to smile nor cry even for her mumma. It’s seems that her tears dried up. Just sometimes used to mummers plz mumma comeback, i missing you.
Orphanage head and that lady tried lot but nothing worked in their favour. They even tried to find shekhar so they can ask help but no use. It’s seems all gates were closed for them. They even tried to call janki but she used to denied saying if she’ll come there it could be danger for. Now they can only leave it at time so her wounds could heal with it.
After 5 years
There was lots of changes in her life, now she started to study and passes her most times in garden. She created a wall around her that was hard to break.
A fine day, she silently sitting in garden with drawing sheet and some paint brush.

Swara’s Monologue
Uff ma see again mistake i want to draw your and janki ma pic but every time i used to spoiled it. You know na i don’t have any photos. Even i tried going to our house but no use no one let me enter there. They thought me i am theif. But no worries one day I’ll do it. You know one more thing I am changed so much. Now i don’t trouble anyone. You’re happy na seeing it. If that day i silently drank you must be with me na. And Mumma once i thought to suicide because i don’t know what I have to do further but later I dropped this idea because i have to punish your murder na. I promise one day I’ll find her and punish her. Also i have to find janki ma i don’t know why she never came to meet me. One more thing I’ll never forgive your husband….
Her trances disturb by some voice.
Voice: shona

Listening it her eyes turned red and she stood from her place.
Swara: how many times i shall tell you that don’t call me from that name. Only my mumma and janki ma can call it, no one else.
Voice: but shona…
Swara: listen masi i don’t wanna be rude but from this name some memories attached. So please i request you call me swara.
Shomi: sometimes we should forget those things which hurts us.
Swara: i can’t, those memories are reason of my survival.
She angrily left from there.
Shomi : don’t know shona when you again started to live. Hope one day someone make you bubbly like before. When Janki told me about you i can’t able to believe that you were like it. That day i promise her that I’ll never leave you alone but i guess it’s next to impossible. Most of time you live alone. Hope someone come and make you again normal.
Saying it shomi went from there.
Like it days were passing, now she became 19 years old. Again one storm about to enter in her life which would broke her little courage also.
Fb end,

Her throat dried up and she slowly closed her eyes and faint. When he not listen her voice he separate her from himself and checked her.
Sanskar: i think she slept umm I’ll ask other things later.
He lift her in arms, took her inside house and makes her lay on bed and kissed her forehead. His eyes were red thinking from what she had gone but he gathered himself for her because he have strong enough so he can heal her with his love.
Sanskar: now no more tears angel, i promise I’ll fill your life with happiness.
She smiled little listening angel word, he caresses her hair and went back.
Outside someone was standing facing back, he astonished seeing someone at this time. He thought who might be there at past 2. He go closer to that person and put hand on his shoulder.
Before he could ask anything that person turned and hugged him.
Person: i am very bad brother, i don’t able to know that she’s went through this much pain. I used to thought she might have some love problem that’s why i never forced her to tell anything about past. I can’t even imagine that at age of 13 her father thrown her.
He hugged back that person.

Sanskar: Shh kabir don’t cry we have to strong for her. If we’ll broke down then how we’ll punish her culprits.
Kabir: you’re right we’ll not leave anyone neither her so called dadi, that boy not her spineless father who easily believe that she killed her mother.
Sanskar: that’s like my angel bro.
Kabir parted and smiled teasingly.
Kabir: oh your angel, imagine if I’ll tell that you loves her then?
Sanskar: what can I expect from my love story villain?
Kabir: me villain?
He pointed towards himself, sanskar nodded in yes.
Kabir: okay then i thinking make her married to someone else. I should be good villain na.
Sanskar angrily glare him but later smirked. Kabir became confused and little worried also.
Sanskar: think once again
Kabir: me sure

Sanskar: okay no problem, I’ll tell Piya that once you entered into professor home in girl get up and tried to seduce professor.
Saying it he started to laugh.
Kabir: stop laughing i had reason.
Sanskar: yeah so you could steal exams paper because before that day you were partying.
Kabir: oye don’t forget i was in your party itself.
Sanskar: whatever but i must tell Piya why only her your shona also have right to know about you.
Kabir: you moron today you’re gone.
Sanskar: first catch me.
Saying it he ran from there, kabir started to chase him but his bad luck sanskar entered in mansion and closed himself in room.

Kabir: huhh going to find boy for her.
He slightly opened the door and show him piya’s no.
Sanskar: go on, I’ll also tell her that be aware of her would be husband. He has more interest in boy vo bhi much elder than himself.
Kabir: arre Bhai i was kidding who could be better than you for my sis no no your angel.
Sanskar: arre no you go and start finding boy na. Even I’ll help you.
He about to call Piya, kabir fall in his feet and started crying fakely.
Kabir: Forgive me my best friend.
Sanskar; let me think.

Sanskar pretend to think while kabir smirked little and pull carpet which was beneath sanskar’s feet.
Kabir: now tell her.
Both started to fight but later laughed forgetting every tension.
Kabir: i am jealous from you.
Sanskar: why?
Both stood up and sat on bad.
Kabir: she never showed me her pain whenever i asked she just told nothing serious. But today i come to know accidentally.
Sanskar: you’re mad , she really loves you that’s why she never told you anything. Well leave it, tell me one thing where you met her.
Kabir: in police station.
He shockingly looked towards him.

Kabir: yeah i remember that day i lost my car and went there for there fir. But i don’t know there I will meet her. You know sanskar she was sitting in one corner with expression less face. Unknowingly I went near her and asked why she is her. She just glare me and looked down. After asking from inspector I come to know that she stolen money. I bailed her and forcefully took her with me. Because she was there since past 5-6 hours so i concluded she is orphan. It was hard for us ( he and kamla ) for manage her because she lots of time tried to do suicide. But when i make her understand suicide is not option she just saw me and started to cry saying she can’t able to live. But kamla ma slapped her and started to cry hugging her. She wiped her tears and hug her back. She asked sry from us and promise that she’ll give one chance to life.
Sanskar : but how do your bond became so strong. I can clearly see you both are like real bro sis.
Kabir: she understood my loneliness and I her. Well i also don’t know exact reason how our bond become so strong.
Sanskar: hmm, well do you have any idea about those 1 years. How she landed in police station.
Kabir; no but don’t worry we’ll ask her.
Sanskar: vo i wanna say
Kabir: i mean you ask her she’ll surely tell. Don’t worry I’ll not tell her that i know everything about her.
Sanskar: i don’t mean that just i wanna say give her time i am sure she’ll open herself in front of you also.
He smiled and went from there. It was true he’s little hurt that she not told him anything but happy that she is going close to sanskar.

After five days, evening
In these five days swasan were busy in arrangements while kabir busy in some meetings . Whenever swasan used to see each other they use to pass smile and greet each other. Sanskar tried to asking about rest 1 year but every time someone used to come over there which used to left their conversation in middle itself.
While other hand inauspicious activities also increased like Aniket tried to come close to her. Whenever she used to see him a fear + uncomfortableness used to came in her heart and eyes . While sanskar was trying to find about her family.

One fine day,
Swasan were sitting alone as kabir was outside due to some meeting. Both were silent and feeling nature. Sanskar thought to ask other things from her.
Sanskar: vo
Swara: some other day please, I’ll surely tell you everything.
Sanskar understood she needs time so just smiled and nodded in yes.
Swara: i thinking to tell everything to Bhai also. He also have right to know everything.
Sanskar: well i am with you.
Swara: Thanks
Sanskar: for what?

Swara: for listening me, for making me force so i can say everything to you.
Sanskar: i sry , i shouldn’t behave like it…
She held his hand, he saw towards her. She simply smiled and stood in front of him.
Swara: you shouldn’t be sorry i am happy that you did it. Even you can’t imagine how much i feeling good. I feeling like me a free bird who doesn’t have any boundaries.
Sanskar: ohh is it, so my reward.
Swara: ask anything.
Sanskar: sochlo i can ask anything ( think once again, i can ask anything)
Swara: really let me also know what the great sanskar want from me.
Sanskar: are you sure

He said with playful smirk and stood at his place. She still standing with holding his hand. He moved closer to her. She became numb and stood there itself. He slide her hair and move more closer to her. Her heart beat raise, she tightly held his hand.
Sanskar: your hand
Swara still lost in him.
Swara: my hand but why?
Sanskar: so i can hold it for forever like you holding it.
She looks at their hands, she immediately free his hand and turn other side.
Swara: vo i sry..
Sanskar: don’t be sry, in fact i love it i can hand for forever. In every situation I’ll be with you like your shadow….
He realised what he is blurting..
Sanskar: i mean…
Swara: don’t come so close to me it’ll hurt you when I’ll go from there. Leave all this you tell what you want ya this time seriously not joke okk
Sanskar: swara what do you mean?
She wiped her tears and turned towards him with smile on lips.
Swara: see your face oh god how much you became tensed.
Saying it she started to laugh..
He angrily pulled her closer.
Sanskar: enough swara, i hate these types of pranks. You listen if it was true also na then also i promise I’ll not let you.
He angrily left her and went from there.

Next day
Kabir was still out of station. Swara trying to talk to sanskar but he kept ignoring her.
Swara: sanskar listen na
Sanskar: any problem or any help you wanna?
Swara: why i can’t talk you randomly.
Sanskar: i have work I’ll meet you later.
He about to go , she angrily glare him and come in front of him.
Swara: sryyyyyyy na see me holding my ears, no no why my ears it’ll pain so umm i should hold your ear.
She hold his ear and cutely pout
Swara: i promise I’ll never leave you both, now forgive me na.
Sanskar: leave my way and don’t be childish.
He tried to make free himself.
Swara: huhh very bad I so cutely asking sorry but you ignoring it.
Sanskar: swara i seriously have…
Swara: ok go
She left his ear and looked down.

Precap : kabir piya marriage and teaser first part ( sanskar taking swara somewhere)

Remaining 1 years will be slowly reveal.

Sry for mistakes

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