Swasan – fell in love with ur eyes (os)

Hai guys I am back I know after a long time I taught to write a os, and thank you all for ur valuable comments. So let’s start d story.

DP and AP : parents of adarsh , sanskar , uttara.
ADARSH MAHESHWARI: elder son of dp and ap loves his family alot and got married to pari his childhood love and has a son who is 6yrs name Aarav.
PARI ADARSH MAHESHWARI: a good wife and love her family alot.
AARAV ADARSH MAHESHWARI: son of parish very naughty.
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: (age 25 ) second son of dp and ap loves his family alot very naughty, handsome hunk, loves his sister alot, and is waiting for his bride. He is a business tycoon stay in new York for his project.
UTTARA MAHESHWARI: daughter of dp and ap loves her family alot mainly her second bhai and Misses him alot as he is in new York.
SKEHAR AND SUMI : parents of swaragini
RAGINI LAKSH RAMPRASAD : wife of laksh elder daughter of garodia loves her younger sister swara and has a 3 yrs old daughter.
LAKSH RAMPRASAD: husband of ragini loves his wife and think swara as his own sister.
SWARA GARODIA : (age 23)very cute, lovely , sweet and naughty girl loves her family and mainly loves her jiju and di and loves to tease them and waiting for her groom she finished her college.
So intro over let’s start with d story
AP(to dp) : ji suniye
DP: what happened say na ?
AP : ji sanskar is now 25 and he is struggling alone in new York, if he get married atleast someone will be there with him na.
PARI: papa, ma is correct sanskar should get married.
ADARSH: but first sanskar should say okay na.
PARI: y he won’t say ok, he will say if maa ask him.
ADARSH: s mom if I ask he will say okay.
Ap nods

A boy around 25yrs was sleeping peacefully hugging a pillow tightly, he was looking hot even while sleeping, just than his peaceful sleep was disturb by a phone call.he attended d call
BOY: maa y r u calling me so soon ?
AP: sanskar it is 9 am for u ( s d boy is non other than sanskar)
SANSKAR: oh god maa I am late.
AP: if u would have got married ur wife would have asked u up but no u r alone struggling.
SANSKAR: maa daily same dialogue.
AP: than what can I do I want my son to be happy he should not struggle.
SANSKAR: maa I am happy I am not struggling.
Adarsh took d phone from ap and started talking.
ADARSH: sanskar how many days you are going to say d same reason y r u not marrying or say is like wat type of girl u want.
SANSKAR : I want a girl who will love my family like a hell

GIRL 1: ok tell me how will u take care of ur in-laws.
GIRL 2: I will love them like a hell, like I love my ma, papa, u and jiju.
SANSKAR : when I look at her I should feel some spark or some feeling which I still did not get with anyone.
GIRL 1 : what about d boy ?
GIRL 2 : di I should feel a spark when I see his eyes it should convey me that he will love me truly and will treat me as his princess.
SANSKAR : she should be naughty, sweet, loving, she should not be a shy type girl.
GIRL 2 : (naughty entered in d room and back hugged her di tightly )
GIRL 1 🙁 shyly sh taught it is her husband ) laksh leave me na. Saying this she turned and was shocked to see her sister. ( To d girl 2 ) swara u
SWARA ; oh di it’s me always romancing with jiju is bad ok.
(S girl 1 is ragini and girl 2 is swara)
SANSKAR : that’s all bhai I expect this things only
ADARSH : I think so sanskar u r going to be a sanyasi.
SANSKAR : I said my pov bhai.
ADARSH : sanskar when r u coming to kolkata?
SANSKAR : after two days.
ADARSH :ok than bye
RAGINI : we should find a groom for shona.
LAKSH : ok now we should find d unlucky guy.
SWARAGINI (angry) : laksh/ jiju.
LAKSH ( fake fear ) : bagwan mujhe bacho
Trio bursted into laughter.
LAKSH : but he is a lucky guy as our shona is very precious.
RAGINI (teases): laksh see a guy who is romantic so that we can tease our shona who always teases us.
LAKSH : of course my dr
Swara felt shy and went to her room whereas raglak smiled seeing her shyness.

SKEHAR ( to swara ) : we have seen a groom for u beta.
SWARA (shyly): ok papa
SKEHAR (gives a envelope ): this is his photo.
SWARA : ok papa I will after I come from temple.
AP was cooking all sanskar favorite food as he is coming whereas uttara and adarsh are really excited to see him and pari is helping ap and dp is also very excited to meet his son after a yr.
Sanskar just landed took his belongings and started driving and he is very much excited to meet his family after a yr while going he see his favorite temple which he daily goes when he was in kolkata so he stopped d car and went inside d temple. Just than swaragini came to d same temple.
SWARA : hey bagwan tomorrow grooms family is coming I am really feeling scared pls help me.
Sanskar opened his eyes when he heard a melodious voice saying hey bagwan he looked at d direction a spark entered into his body when he saw her eyes he was lost in that beautiful eyes which where shining he was just seeing her eyes which were twinkling like a star he was totally lost in her eyes which was pleading god he smiled listening her talks.
SWARA: bagwan will they like me, will I be a good bahu, will I be a good wife , bagwan pls help me , I will loves his family to d core will he love my family ?
RAGINI: if ur pleading is over shall we go.
SWARA (pout face): ok di. .
SANSKAR: oh my god what a girl and what happened to me when I was her eyes I was lost but who ever is going to marry her he is lucky.
SANSKAR said and left.
It has been two hours after sanskar arrival ap came to sanskar and said
AP: sanskar we have seen a girl for u
SANSKAR: maa so soon
AP: s see d girls photo u will surely like her.
Sanskar opened d envelope first he saw d eyes again he could feel a spark running over his body. He was shocked to see d girl who he saw in temple was his bride his lips curved into a big smile.
AP ( teases) : I think u did not like her.
SANSKAR ( understood his mom teasing and teased her back ): s maa I did not like
AP shocked sanky rocked
SANSKAR ( bursted into laughter): maa I did not like her but I loved her I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER EYES .
All smiled and ap said about her.
AP:her name is swara , finished her graduation, loves her family alot and of course she will love our family also.
SANSKAR: as ur wish maa
AP : tomorrow we r going to see her
SANSKAR: ok maa
Swara came home and went to her room and opened d envelope and when she saw her groom a spark ran through her body and when she looked into his eyes in d pic she was lost.
LAKSH: did u like ur groom shona ?
RAGINI (teases) : oh than love in d air. SWARA blushed hard and hugged ragini tightly.
SANSKAR ; what will I talk to her but when I see her OMG I get lost love her she is killing me.
SWARA : what should I talk I feel some magic when I see his pic oh god what is he doing to me.

Both MAHESHWARI and GARODIA were sitting ragini and sumi came with swara and swara took blessing from ap and dp all elders decided to make swara and sanskar talk so they left them alone
SANSKAR : hai I am sanskar maheshwari
SWARA (blushed a little): hai I am swara.
SANSKAR ( shyly): swara I want to say u a truth because relationship start with truth so I saw u yesterday in temple I FELL IN LOVE WITH UR EYES .
SWARA ( blushed ) : I ALSO FELL IN LOVE WITH UR EYES when I saw u in d pic.
Soon they both talked about there like and dislike and agreed to marry each other.
SWARA ( hugged sanskar from back ) : happy Valentine’s day hubby
SANSKAR ( pulled her and hugged her) : happy
Valentine’s day wifey.
SWARA: sanskar did u expect this yr you will celebrate valentine’s day.
SANSKAR : I never expected that even our marriage will be on Valentine’s day
SWARA: love u
SANSKAR: love u more and he placed his lips on her kissing her softly and started smooching her lips swara slowly started responding his kiss with d same passion showing her love to him sanskar hands slowly ran to her bare waist under her saree and swara hands on his hairs pulling him close to her sanskar was kissing her lower lips while swara was kissing his upper lips soon d kiss turned passionate and love filled kiss both were pouring there love in d kiss which they have for each other slowly they broke d kiss due to less oxygen. Sanskar looked st swara naughtly whereas swara was feeling shy thinking about his intension soon sanskar lifted her and made her lay on d bed and came over her and kissed her again showing his love to her and she responded showing her love to him and both were showing and making love with each other. Moon and stars were hiding and feeling shy to see d two soul which is becoming one.

Sorry if d story was horrible I wrote what ever came in my mind thank you for your valuable comments. And ya I will complete my story MY BILLONIARE LOVER.

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